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Prompt Post #1 [OPEN]

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Let's have a good game!

Kageyama/Team Karasuno, bondage, begging, powerplay

(Anonymous) 2014-11-09 02:38 am (UTC)(link)
The setter is the control tower of their team. If anything, Kageyama is use to having strict control during a game and over most parts of his life (and is terrified of losing it, as much as he hates to admit).

To connect to their new setter, the other members come together to show him that, if needed, he can give up control and trust them completely in turn. Cue the most heart-felt, encouraging, but undoubtedly strict gangbang ever.

Re: Kageyama/Team Karasuno, bondage, begging, powerplay

(Anonymous) 2017-09-06 12:43 pm (UTC)(link)
I know i'm replying to a 3 years old prompt, bUT GODDAMMIT WHY NO ONE FILLED THIS YET AFGJKL

Hinata/any, cross dressing, groping

(Anonymous) 2014-11-09 06:44 am (UTC)(link)
School festival, and French maid outfits need I say more?

KageYachiHina - Orgasm Denial, Nipple Play, DP

(Anonymous) 2014-11-09 07:39 am (UTC)(link)
Yachi and one of the boys are in an established relationship. Her birthday is coming up and he wants to do something she'll remember forever. After some subtle investigation (he read her diary), he discovers that one of her greatest fantasies is to be double penetrated.

While he would love nothing more than to make her fantasy a reality, he has a problem that needs to be solved first: who would Yachi be happy with that he be comfortable with too? The answer is obvious: if they make a scarily good team on the volleyball court, they'd make a scarily good team in the bedroom too.

Kuroken + Nekoma/Kenma, gangbang

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 03:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Kuroo already told it: Kenma is wat keeps the team togheter. And by this, he means that the team fucks Kenma after every match.

Bonus points if everybody fucks Kenma, but the only one that makes him come is Kuroo.

Re: Kuroken + Nekoma/Kenma, gangbang

(Anonymous) 2014-12-11 12:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Second this so hard wow

Re: Kuroken + Nekoma/Kenma, gangbang

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Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, jealousy, angst, friends to lovers

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 03:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Yamaguchi is spending less time with Tsukki and more with Shimada, practicing. Tsukki doesn't like this, but if he says something his friend might notice his feelings and no way in hell he is letting that happen. Of course, then Shiamada offers Yamaguchi a job in his market, besides being seen "too friendly" with Freckles.

Tsukki doesn't approves.

Basically, Tsukki is in love with his best friend and is pining after him. If Yamaguchi notices this by himself or if Tsukki can't take it anymore and tells him is up to you.

Re: Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, jealousy, angst, friends to lovers

(Anonymous) 2015-01-08 09:07 am (UTC)(link)
S E C O N D E D /screams

Kageyama/Hinata, D/s, praise kink, after care

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 04:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Hinata loves when Kageyama tells him he did well or that he is a good boy. Maybe he loves it a little too much. It's a good thing that Kageyama likes this too. Dom!Kageyama fucking sub!Hinata and teling him what a good boy he is, and after they're done some cute fluffy after care.

Re: Kageyama/Hinata, D/s, praise kink, after care

(Anonymous) 2015-03-10 04:13 am (UTC)(link)

KitaIchi characters gen or IwaOi, younger Oikawa AU

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
KitaIchi characters interacting in an AU where Oikawa is the same age as Kageyama, Kindaichi and Kunimi. Either gen or Oikawa crushing on his beloved Iwa-chan-sempai, who gets to keep his canon age!

tanaka/nishinoya, shibari experimenting

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
i always imagine the way nishinoya and tanaka end up together is because they want to try relationship things with each other (holding hands, kissing), and realize "shit i want to do this romance stuff with you all the time"

so naturally the next step is trying out wild sex stuff.

AsahiNoya, power bottom

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
Power bottom!Noya riding Asahi.

Re: AsahiNoya, power bottom

(Anonymous) 2015-01-08 05:30 am (UTC)(link)

Re: AsahiNoya, power bottom

(Anonymous) - 2015-01-08 09:10 (UTC) - Expand

Re: AsahiNoya, power bottom

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bokuto/kuroo, rule 63

(Anonymous) 2014-11-15 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
getting it on during training camp perhaps?? literally anything would be fine though. more than fine. please

sexswapped!iwaoi, 69ing

(Anonymous) 2014-11-15 09:20 pm (UTC)(link)
while we're on about volleygirls, how about it. i don't care if they're together or if it's experimentation or whatever i just want it. art fills especially appreciated but damn if i don't mind stories

Re: sexswapped!iwaoi, 69ing

(Anonymous) 2015-02-21 11:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, now you said sexswapped, and I was like "Awesomesauce!" and started writing a the fic with both of them as trans guys, but then I went back and saw volleygirls in the description....>_>" Is this okay op? Or no?? It's still p early in writing it, so....?

Re: sexswapped!iwaoi, 69ing

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yamatsuki, kissing

(Anonymous) 2014-11-16 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
I like kissing. lots of kissing!!! heavy kissing. heavy kissing with tongue. yamaguchi enjoying kissing tsukki a lot. tsukki being embarassed and awkward and trying to recirocate but also having a hard time both breathing and seeing without his glasses. kissing!!! very long kissing session. maybe more than that too, if you want. and then someone walks in on them. kissing

FILL: yamatsuki, kissing, dry humping, slight exibitionism?? (not really)

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
This is 600+ words of filth and the closest thing to smut I've ever written I'm sorry. I hope the prompter gets to see this one day since I literally had to wash my hands after writing this omg and they don't even do the do. I apologise if it's weird.

Tsukishima's head was pressed against a wall, and he couldn't see shit, but for all that he couldn't see, Tsukishima certainly made up for it with touching. Kei's hands were gripping roughly at Tadashi's waist, sliding lower and lower down the other boys back and closer to his ass. Tadashi certanly didn't seem to mind, mashing his mouth against Kei's with fierce energy, his own hands thrown around Kei's neck. They were pressed right up close to one another, chest to chest, and Tadashi had made himself quite at home in Tsukki's lap, his (honestly fucking amazing) ass bucking against Tsukki every now and again.

Kei felt lightheaded as he made out with Tadashi, licking into the brunette's mouth with heady fervour. He could barely remember what it was like to fumble around with Yamaguchi anymore. How hesitant and awkward their first few kisses had been. Teeth clacking together painfully and accidental biting. Now they had it down to a fine art.

Tadashi sucked on Kei's lip softly. Tsukki groaned into Tadashi's mouth and bucked upwards, already half-hard and straining. Tadashi whined low in the back of his throat and pushed even further forward, tonguing Kei's mouth as if possessed. Kei was pretty sure there was drool dripping down his chin they were kissing so sloppily, but he couldn't seem to stop himself. The sound of heir mouths smacking together was obscene and it filled the room, alongside their groans. Tadashi's presence was making him dizzy and he couldn't breath properly. Whether that was because they hadn't parted for too long or whether it was just how turned on he was he didn't know.

He opened his eyes as he pulled back for air, but all he saw was a blurred image of Yamaguchi. He was panting loudly, the sound echoing in the small space of the supply closet. Tsukki surged forwards, unable to deal with the lack of contact for more than a few seconds. His mouth latched on to the side of Tadashi's neck and he sucked against the other boy's pulse. Yamaguchi arched backwards, with a soft murmur of 'ah's in succession.

"Tsukki, Tsukki-"

Yamaguchi repeatd his name like a mantra as Tsukishima nipped marks into the tanned skin at Tadashi's neck. He loved the sound of Yamaguchi's voice. Loved hearing him say his name. Both boys were becoming more frantic as Tsukishima made a mess of Yamaguchis throat. Tadashi ground down against Tsukki's hard-on as Kei bucked upwards. The edge of his shirt rucked up in the process, as Yamaguchi managed to tug it out of his pants, settling his hands on Tsukki's stomach.

"Fuck," Tsukishima muttered, voice rough and deep with arousal. Yamaguchi let out a keening wail, throwing his head back and exposing the freckled line of his throat, dotted with the bite marks Kei had left on his skin. Yamaguchi's eyes were watering, and he moved with more desperation against his boyfriend. Tsukishima struggled to keep his hands from shaking as he unbuttoned Yamaguchi's shirt to get at more of the boy's collarbone. He lost the button he was undoing, and cursed his lack of foresight in the taking off of his glasses. If he could just find that button...

The door to the supply room slammed open, light flooding the place and making Tsukki squint. He could't see the face of whoever the fuck just walked in on him and Tadashi, but judging from the height it was probably that idiot Kageyama. Yamaguchi froze, embarrassment colouring his already red face.

"S-sorry!" Kageyama shouted and slammed the door shut. Tadashi trembled in Tsukki's arms and Kei was still ridiculously hard, but now they knew someone was still there and they had been caught and this was a train smash.

"T-tsukki?" Yamaguchi whimpered, voice unstable.


"I still need to- to-" Tadashi whined as Kei ground upwards, ignoring the fact that Kageyama could still be on the other side of the door.

"Fine." Kei said.

They didn't stop.

oikawa/suga, slight D/s

(Anonymous) 2014-11-20 11:11 am (UTC)(link)
let's have Sweet-Talking Suga dominating the fuck out of Pillow Princess Oikawa Tooru (100% consensually)


FILL: pretty girls don't know the things that I do (SugaOi, d/s, bondage, humiliation, crotchs)(1/?)

(Anonymous) 2016-06-29 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
this will be chopped up into two or three places,depending on my 3DS and it's cooperation center.

The games start with you flirting your hands over some innocent part of Oikawa's body, his back, his shoulder, putting a hand around his hip. Because against all odds, you're dating, and you're allowed to do such things as brush an affectionate hand over him. But those touches always come over a place covered, where the bruises you had left before are beginning to yellow-green and fade.

And you can't have that, there needs to be one of those sharp little points that will remind him he's yours somewhere on his body at all times. So when he's not expecting it, whether it's in the accidental bump of his side on a table in qn exam hall or being punched by his Iwa-chan during a rare visit, Oikawa will be reminded who he belongs to.

He once jokingly suggested that he get a tattoo of your name on him instead, but ypu didn't like the idea. This way, it's a lot more fun. And you can't give tattoos. These marks are personal.

Oikawa knows exactly what to do with himself when you give him these subtle summons. Right now his skin is flushed under you in shame and desperate arousal, his eyes a little unfocused and his erection curving up to his stomach. Even you don't play volleyball anymore, your sense of precise analysis is still there. You know exactly what he needs...and what to do to get there.

tsukishima/yamaguchi, one-sided attraction leading to sex/conditioning [dubcon]

(Anonymous) 2014-11-23 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
Tsukishima and Yamaguchi have always been best friends, but for all that Yamaguchi adores and idolizes the other boy, he himself is not attracted to men. Tsukishima is, though; and eventually he reveals to Yamaguchi that he loves him and wants him badly. Yamaguchi, though unhappy, loves Tsuki so much as a friend (platonically) that he's unable to refuse him when he asks for sex and/or a physical relationship.

Bonus if Tsukishima knows that Yamaguchi's totally undesiring of his advances and feels remorse over it, but instead of making himself stop, Tsuki instead resolves that he'll become good enough at pleasuring Yamaguchi in bed so that the other boy eventually starts enjoying it and wanting more despite himself. (Working in Karasuno/other players into the story is also love!)

Re: tsukishima/yamaguchi, one-sided attraction leading to sex/conditioning [dubcon]

(Anonymous) 2015-01-08 09:08 am (UTC)(link)
This is utter genius. Let me kiss the op! Seconded!

tsukishima bros (incest w), body worship

(Anonymous) 2014-11-26 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
i just need akiteru showing tsukki just how much he really cares about him by kissing/touching him all over and tsukki being a wrecked mess
+20 for rimming
i'm sorry for everything

kagehina, oral

(Anonymous) 2014-11-27 07:52 am (UTC)(link)
tbh kageyama gives the shittiest blowjobs but when hinata says as much his competitive spirit flares and now he's very determined to prove his skill

Ushijima/Oikawa - Kinky sex

(Anonymous) 2014-11-30 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
I am in desperate need of more Ushijima fucking the daylights out of Oikawa. I will gleefully accept any of the following kinks: rough sex, biting, facefucking, finger sucking, toys, orgasm denial, dirty talking, bondage, s&m, gags, hair pulling. I would also be thrilled to see any fills contain any of your own kinks or fetishes. I just really need super kinky sex between these two. Ushijima on top pretty please.

Brownie points for Oikawa stubbornly refusing to beg, and then begging like mad, no matter what. UwU

HUGE brownie points for power dynamics/power struggle between the two (especially if Oikawa is tied up omggg).

Noya/Yachi, Cunnilingus

(Anonymous) 2014-12-01 11:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Yuu Nishinoya eats pussy the same way he plays volleyball: with enthusiasm and innate talent.

Vaginal sex as a follow up is ok, too. But, Noya going down on Yachi is non-negotiable.

In Yachi's opinion, if oral sex were an Olympic sport, Nishinoya would take the gold every time. Not even kidding, every time. 15/10 Would recommend.

i like it when you kiss me downtown (Noya/Yachi, Cunnilingus)

(Anonymous) 2015-04-17 06:19 am (UTC)(link)
When the third years graduated, the team dynamic became much different. Ennoshita stepped up and became captain, with Narita as his vice-captain. Tanaka became recognized as their team’s ace, and Yachi became the sole manager. But the dynamic changed on a more personal level. With Kiyoko gone, Yachi’s crush died down a little. Tanaka and Nishinoya’s crushes seem to have died down a little too, although they said that Kiyoko would always have a special place in their heart. Tanaka started chasing after a young local shopkeeper, a friend of Ukai’s and Shimada’s. Nishinoya started to hang out with Yachi more often.

Yachi didn’t even realize that this was anything more than platonic until Noya asked her on a date. She was a bit taken aback, but he was pretty cute and she liked spending time with him, and she wasn’t interested in anyone else now that Kiyoko’s gone, so why not?

They decided not to tell the rest of the team because their relationship was so lowkey, and neither of them expressed any desire to put a label on it. Yachi thought of it more like a “friends with benefits” situation, and found that she doesn’t mind.

A few months after they start dating, they were in Yachi’s bedroom, making out on her bed. Her mom was often busy at work, so Noya would come over a lot, and they’d make out. Sometimes they’d dry hump a little, but not always.

But this time, after making out for a while, Noya pulled away and stared intently down at Yachi.

“Hey, can I go down on you?”

“What?” Yachi asked, startled. She could feel her face turn bright red. “Don’t girls usually go down on guys?”

Noya scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah, I guess? But guys can go down on girls, and I really want to go down on you. You can say no and I’m definitely not expecting you to go down on me! I just really wanna go down on you and I think you may like it.” By the end, Noya was visibly flustered and he refused to look Yachi in the eye.

She found this really endearing, and she trusted Noya, more than she trusted anyone else on the team. Except for maybe Kiyoko, but Kiyoko wasn’t here, she was at university.

“Yeah, okay, you can go down on me,” she said, feeling her cheeks heat up.

Noya smiled broadly at her. “Great! Uh, if you want me to stop at any time, just tell me, okay?”

Yachi nodded and Noya bent down to take off her skirt.

“Wait!” She yelped, and Noya froze. “Can you leave my skirt on and just take off my underwear? I’d feel too embarrassed with them both off.”

Noya nodded and gently raised the hem of her skirt so that he could hook his fingers under the waistband of her panties.

Yachi immediately felt embarrassment that she wasn’t wearing anything that could be considered sexy, just a pair of plain blue cotton underwear. That embarrassment immediately ceded to embarrassment of a guy seeing her most intimate parts.

But Nishinoya did not seem grossed out or at all hesitant. He gently spread Yachi’s legs and pressed his mouth against her vulva in an open-mouthed kiss. He started lapping at her inner lips and Yachi couldn’t help a sigh escaping from her lips. This was so much wetter than when she had snuck a few fingers down her skirt and thought of beautiful girls and defiant boys.

Yachi hiked up her skirt a little more so she could watch Noya. She could barely see his mouth, as he had his face buried in her pussy. He was eagerly licking and sucking, and any self-doubting thought that Yachi had flew out the window. Noya looked like there wasn’t anything he’d rather be doing in the world.

Yachi let a hand drift to the back of his head. His hair was a little hard from the gel, but she could still thread her fingers through it. She stroked Noya’s head a little bit, causing him to moan right against her. Yachi’s toes curled in pleasure and she allowed her eyes to flutter shut. Without her sight, she was free to focus on the sensation of Noya’s tongue taking her apart. After a few minutes, his grip on her legs tightened and he pushed them further apart, as if that would allow him to get closer to her.

Noya’s tongue started to focus in on Yachi’s clit, tracing shapes and making her shift restlessly beneath him. She felt the pressure of an impending orgasm gather in her lower stomach. She wanted to squeeze her legs shut and rub them together, but Noya’s hands on her thighs were stopping her from moving. He squeezed her thighs again, and quickened his pace. Yachi groaned, and tried to push herself against Noya’s face, seeking release.

Finally, she felt her orgasm crest over her. She shuddered against Noya’s mouth and her toes curled again. Noya was still licking her clit as she came against his face, which drew out her orgasm longer. When she finally stopped shaking, he pulled away from her. His face was slick from his nose to his chin.

“Would it embarrass you if I said you tasted really good?” he asked, licking his lips.

Yachi felt her face flush bright red. “Yes.”

“Sorry,” Noya said, laughing. “But it’s true.” He used his sleeve to wipe off his face and threw himself down on her bed, facing her. Yachi flipped her skirt back down to cover herself, and was glad that she had asked him to leave it on.

“D-do you want me to return the favor?” Yachi asked, not meeting his eyes. She didn’t really want to, but she didn’t want to be selfish.

“Nah,” Noya said, tucking his arm under his head. “I’m good.”

“Really?” Yachi asked, turning over to face him. “You aren’t hard? Won’t your dick fall off or something if you don’t get off?” She was pretty sure she read somewhere that that happened to guys who didn’t orgasm.

“Well… I am hard,” Noya said casually, “but none of that is gonna happen! It’ll go down by itself. Besides, you look sick just thinking about it so I’m not gonna make you do anything.”

“Oh. Okay.” Yachi tried hard not to sound relieved but she was pretty sure she failed.

“Hey, would you wanna do this again sometime?” Noya asked.

Yachi stared at him incredulously. He almost sounded nervous. As if she would refuse another round after that.

“Of course. That was amazing,” she gushed.

Noya blushed faintly. “Hey, Yachi? Can I kiss you?”

Yachi nodded, and Noya pressed his lips against hers. She could taste herself on his lips, but he was right, it wasn’t a bad taste, and she couldn’t bring herself to mind it.

Oikawa/Tsukishima (Humiliation)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-06 05:26 pm (UTC)(link)
There is literally nothing for these two and that needs to change. I'd love to see these two just trying to out trash talk each other during sex, bonus points if one of them caves and lets the other humiliate them (I have a slight preference for Tsuki caving but either way goes!). Other than that, free reign to add what you want!

tsukishima/yamaguchi/anyone, threesome

(Anonymous) 2014-12-10 07:59 am (UTC)(link)
I am just thirsting over a fic where yama is being body worshipped by tsukki and any other character. Double penetration is a bonus.

KuroKen, Dirty talk

(Anonymous) 2014-12-12 05:23 am (UTC)(link)
kenma is into dirty talking but kuroo doesnt know until he gets curious and looks at kenma's laptop and within one of the many tabs he finds something interesting (tbh it can be a fanfiction or even porn i guess??) pertaining to dirty talk. kenma comes back into the room and it all goes down hill from there.

sorry if this makes no sense :c

FILL: Specifics (Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou; dirty talk)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-03 01:03 pm (UTC)(link)
SWAG2016 participant #47

Kuroo doesn't feel too bad for going through Kenma's laptop while he's out of the room because honestly, if Kenma didn't want him going through his laptop, he'd leave it locked like he does when he's feeling cautious.

Kenma says he's going to the bathroom, and Kuroo waits until he's completely walked out of the room, then pulls the laptop over onto his lap with a soft hum. He isn't even in the mood to cause shit right now, and maybe Kenma had picked that up from him before, maybe that's why Kenma felt safe enough leaving his laptop open and still logged in.

Right now, Kuroo's just curious. He wants to poke around and so he does, opening Kenma's browser and snorting with disbelief at the sheer number of tabs he has open. He doesn't know how Kenma's poor laptop handles it, or how Kenma can even tell the tabs apart, for that matter. They're all squished really close together and most of them don't even have their complete page titles showing. Kuroo clicks some at random, wondering what kind of websites Kenma visits often enough that he needs to keep it open. There's a lot, apparently.

His third click brings him to a tumblr page, and Kuroo pauses when he realises exactly what kind of tumblr page it is.

It's completely dedicated to audio recordings of people having sex, or jerking off. The specific tag that Kenma has opened in this tab is the one for dirty talk. Kuroo's palms sweat as he immediately conjures the mental image of Kenma jerking off with his headphones in, listening to an audio recording of a stranger talking dirty to him. He probably does it in this bed and fuck, Kuroo's hard just thinking about it.

He's still stuck on the same tab, lost in his thoughts, as Kenma walks back into the room.

"What are you doing?" Kenma asks softly, his eyes going wide, not when he sees his laptop in Kuroo's lap, but when he realises which tab Kuroo has found.

"I didn't know you were into this," Kuroo mururs, and fuck, his voice sounds a little rougher than usual already. It's embarrassing just how much this is getting to him.

Kenma blinks, trying to figure out how to reply. Finally, he says, "I am."

"How do you like it?" Kuroo asks. "Do you like being told what to do? Do you like being told how good it feels, how gorgeous you look?"

"Kuroo," Kenma says, his voice even quieter now. He doesn't say anything else and he doesn't need to. Kuroo puts the laptop back down on the bed and shuffles closer to Kenma, until he's sitting at the very edge of the bed, hands curling into fists on his legs as he watches Kenma, as Kenma watches him.

"Do you jerk off to it, Kenma?" he asks, pitching his voice lower on purpose this time because if he isn't going to be able to maintain an even tone, he might as well milk this situation for what it's worth. Especially with the way Kenma's licking his lips, watching Kuroo with a gaze so intense that there can only be one explanation behind it. "Do you think about me telling you those things? My lips against your ear, telling you how good your cock feels in my hand? How hard I'm going to fuck you later?"

Kenma makes a soft, needy sound, stepping closer until he's standing between Kuroo's legs, trembling hands resting on his shoulders.

"I bet you're already hard," Kuroo murmurs, leaning forward to kiss Kenma, sliding one hand down to the front of his pants. He rubs Kenma's clothed cock, pleased to find that he's right. "Me too. I can't stop thinking about you lying in this bed and jerking off to this, kitten. You must make the prettiest little noises."

Kenma whimpers burying his face in Kuroo's hair.

"Just like that," Kuroo murmurs, sliding his hand into Kenma's pants and stroking him firmly. "Is this how you want it, Kenma? You must be liking it, I can feel how wet the tip of your dick is already."

Kenma makes another soft noise into Kuroo's hair, his hips jerking into Kuroo's fist.

"Yeah, just like that," Kuroo encourages. "Fuck into my hand for me, just like that. I'll make you feel so good."

Kenma wraps his arms around Kuroo's shoulders, doing as he's told, making little sobbing noises of pleasure as he goes, as Kuroo gives him a running account of just how good he feels, how cute his little noises are. Kenma keeps going, desperate for release, and Kuroo murmurs praise as Kenma finally spills into his hand, panting softly.

"Fuck yeah," Kuroo says with an appreciative grin. "I'm going to do that more often."

"Please," Kenma replies quietly, getting to his knees to take care of Kuroo's erection in return. "All the time. Please."

There's no possible way Kuroo can deny a request like that.

BokuAkaa, body worship

(Anonymous) 2014-12-13 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
I need Bokuto just overwhelming Akaashi beyond all belief and letting him know just how beautiful he is in private or in public mom holy fuck

a temple in your flesh (bokuakaa, body worship)

(Anonymous) 2015-01-24 06:01 am (UTC)(link)
Hot breath passed between his lips, his back arching up away from the green cotton sheets on Bokuto's bed, now a mess after his captain had planted the sixteenth kiss on his body.

(Akaashi was always observant, the fact that Bokuto was staring so much at practice didn't go unnoticed, but this--)

"Your skin is so soft, Akaashi." he speaks with a low voice, something about it gravely but sure, making his hair stand on end. "And so pretty, all of it, I'm serious."


The rest of his words are stopped with the seventeenth kiss, pressed against his lips.

"This is about you tonight, okay? Just let me."

Bokuto says like it's so simple like that, but Akaashi is only able to huff quietly and nod. It's not the first time they've come back to Bokuto's place, not the first time they've had it all to themselves until the early hours of the morning, not the first time Bokuto kissed him over and over again until he couldn't think straight. But that tone in his captain's voice, the sure set of his shoulder's matched with the curious gleam in his eyes, Akaashi knows something tonight isn't quite the same.

The eighteenth and nineteenth kisses are on the curve of Akaashi's jaw, the twentieth just below his chin, and kisses twenty-one through twenty-four trace the line of his neck.

(He's not sure when he started counting kisses, but it gives Akaashi something to think about besides the warm, calloused hands caressing his bare sides, well worn fingers slotting along the spaces of his ribcage like they belong there, making his breath hitch.)

Bokuto catches it though, of course he does, he is always so much more aware when they're close like this than he seems to be on the court. "You look amazing like this, Akaashi." a twenty-fifth kiss, wet between his collarbones, "Even better than you do in practice, which I didn't know was a thing, cause like, you look amazing during practice. Sweating and concentrating and--"

"Bokuto-san." Akaashi cuts him off, he has to, or else the pink that's starting on his cheeks threatens to cover every inch of him. "Please don't say such things."

For the first time that evening, Bokuto stares at him in honest surprise. "Why?"

Akaashi furrows his eyebrows, picking his words carefully so Bokuto stops talking but doesn't stop kissing. "You don't have to go out of your way to say things like that, about me. It's unnecessary."

"No it's not!!" Bokuto whines, making a pouting face with those kiss red lips as he rests his chin high on Akaashi's chest. "You're the most beautiful, amazing, cool person I've ever met! You deserve all the compliments!"


"Nope!" Bokuto cuts Akaashi off again, putting kiss twenty-six right on his cheek. "No more talking from you okay? I mean, your voice is super smooth, and I love hearing it, but let me do the talking."

That same sureness from before is back in his voice, leaving Akaashi squirming with the pink rising over his cheeks again. "Alright, Bokuto-san."

Akaashi can feel the smile on his shoulder from kiss twenty-seven, feels how it lingers all the way until kiss thirty, when it changes into something open mouthed on his nipple. The setter shudders at the way Bokuto rolls his tongue over the soft flesh until it becomes hard and sensitive, humming until Akaashi is sucking in breath between his teeth and moves to the other nipple, making kiss thirty one very much the same.

He wonders what in the world got Bokuto like this and not sure if he wants it to stop or to continue for hours.

A brush of teeth makes him gasp out, and finally, Bokuto gives Akaashi some much needed mercy as he pulls back, just a few inches to taken in a full view of Akaashi, shirtless and his erection straining against his pants.

"It's no fair," he mumbles, "you look even better when you're blushing, pink and aroused and stuff."

Akaashi makes a small, strangled noise, trying to hide his embarrassment by cupping Bokuto's face in his hands, trying to pull him close for a kiss of his own, but no, of course not, Bokuto takes hold of his wrists and runs his thumbs down slowly the line of his pulse.

"Your hands are the best though."


Bokuto pulls Akaashi's hands forward, pressing a kiss into the softest flesh in his wrist and Akaashi can feel the fault-grinding tremor shake him to the core. Was he always so sensitive there? Or was it just because of Bokuto, pushing kiss thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six against his wrist, his palms, soft soft lips caressing his rough callouses, kiss thirty-seven? thirty-eight? No, it must be in the forties by now, and oh, fuck it, Akaashi thinks. Counting kisses to keep him sane won't do any good when the number is uncountable, when it's not just the kisses on every single knuckle of his hand that does him in as much as the weight of Bokuto's liquid gold stare, the sheer weight of that gold could crush him.

Of course, just when the setter doesn't think this could get worse Bokuto does the unthinkable.

"Akaashi..." he says, his voice low, almost desperate, as he rolls his tongue against the first two fingers of Akaashi's right hand and sucks them into his mouth, leaving Akaashi so weak all he can do is gasp and stare dumbfounded.

On any other day, during any other time, Akaashi knew how to deal with Bokuto, his quirks, his mood swings. But this, this Akaashi didn't know how to deal with, and even if he did, his mouth was dry and all rational thought seemed to be exiting out the back of his skull at the sight of Bokuto sucking and licking away at his fingers like they were all his favorite flavors wrapped in one. It didn't help that he kept glancing up to stare right into Akaashi's eyes, murmuring Akaashi's name like a prayer. The overwhelming presence of Bokuto's affections was brutal, not even playing in Nationals felt this intense, and it certainly didn't leave him as breathless.

Bokuto threatening to take a third finger into his mouth is what snaps Akaashi into action, knowing he physically cannot take this show a second longer. He pulls his hand away, and that second of surprise is all he needs to lunge forward and kiss Bokuto on the lips with everything he could muster. Bokuto makes a high pitched noise, but sinks into it fast enough, large hands carding through black hair as they kiss, all tongue and teeth.

"Akaashi, your hair's like, silk or something," Bokuto mumbles when they break apart to breathe, and Akaashi is sure at this point he is red from so many compliments.

The setter can't stand this, he's been lathered in the golden stares of attention and it was high time he did something besides bask in it. So as he kisses Bokuto again his hands shoot straight down, going to fumble with pants buttons when suddenly his wrists are in his captain's hold, tighter this time.

"No." Bokuto's voice is ragged up against his ear, deep like it was earlier, "I told you, this is about you Akaashi, let me, please."

Akaashi shivers again, slowly letting go of the buttons at Bokuto's demand. Bokuto was just as hard, if not harder than Akaashi was, he must needed some relief, but didn't seem to stop his captain. He was too busy popping open the buttons of Akaashi's pants and shoving them down to his knees. It was maddening, really, to have Bokuto so in control as he pushed Akaashi back down into the sheets and kissed down the line of his chest, tiny pecks and long lavished marks across his body, over his hips, and into the inner flesh of his thighs.

"So gorgeous," a kiss, (should he guess a number?), "'nd strong,", another, edged with teeth, (it must be in the eighties by now), "I don't wanna stop kissing you, Akaashi." Bokuto leans his cheek against Akaashi's thigh, the heat of his face nothing compared to the heat in his stare, like he's drinking in every detail of Akaashi's messy figure on his bed, licking his lips as his eyes fall to the strained boxer briefs, clearly stained with precum.

"Then don't."

He hardly recognizes his own voice, cracking with arousal and desperation that Bokuto just keeps doing that and stops staring with those all too sharp eyes.

Bokuto's eyes go wide for a second, before they crinkle from his mischievous grin. "Yeah, you're right. Okay."

He's off the bed only for a second, pulling lube out of his nightstand drawer, and Akaashi thinks he could cry with relief. Finally. Bokuto drops it to the side, and pulls off Akaashi's boxer briefs, making the setter sigh with relief, and his partner sucking in the breath from something else entirely. It's something Akaashi doesn't get to mull over, because just like that Bokuto is back to it, kissing his calf, behind his knee, down his thigh, before moving to do the same to his other leg. By the time Bokuto was nosing at the v-line of his hips again, Akaashi was shivering at every touch. The weight of that golden gaze seemed to light every nerve ending in him on fire, each kiss just adding more fuel to it, and really, it's a miracle he hasn't come yet.

But he knows it won't take much.

Bokuto kisses his deepest part of his thigh one more time, and Akaashi swears he hears something about no bruises, but it's a thought that loses importance as soon as Bokuto runs his from the very base of Akaashi's cock to the tip, lapping up precum, and oh, god, Bokuto might not be great with words but he is fantastic with his mouth, wet lick shooting through him. The setter doesn't even hear the lube bottle open, doesn't fully register the sound of Bokuto rubbing it on his fingers, not until those same fingers are rubbing against his entrance.

"Shit..." Akaashi hisses out through gritted teeth, and Bokuto replies with a moan.

"Keiji", he says, and the next noises from his mouth is the sound of his lips wrapping around his cock, sucking as far down as Bokuto could take him. It's maddening, Akaashi thinks his lungs will cave in on him from it, his hands shooting into Bokuto's gelled hair in hopes of getting himself stable for just a moment.

But it's useless, of course it is, he should've seen the way Bokuto easily slips a finger into him coming from a mile away, still sucking on his cock with all the fervor he had when sucking on his fingers. Akaashi's legs fall open and not thinking anymore, only reacting, his body arching taut and mouth hanging open, trying to breathe but Bokuto, Bokuto's mouth was all over him. He can still feel every kiss, feel the way Bokuto is watching him and sucking him, working a second finger into him, searching for the best spots to touch. The sensations make him push his hips up into Bokuto's mouth, unthinking of any consequences. Especially not when Bokuto takes it eagerly, swallowing around him while the head of his cock is against his throat.

Akaashi can't take it anymore.

His voice cracks open from every little thing Bokuto has done, moaning out random nothing's and Bokuto, Bokuto, Bokuto, and it's the only warning his partner gets before he's bow-string taut, unsure if he wants more to slam back against his fingers or push up into the heat of his mouth as he comes. The orgasm drags through him, resonating on every spot of touched skin, to the point where he distantly wonders if it's actually too much, and not so distantly thinks he doesn't care, as long as he can remember this feeling forever.

Akaashi blearily blinks, once, twice, and realizes he might have actually blacked out for a second there because Bokuto is staring down at him, cum still dripping out of the corner of his mouth and looking surprisingly concerned.


"Are you okay!?"

Akaashi frowns, weakly reaching up to wipe Bokuto's face with his thumb. "I'm fine." Then it hits him, that through all of that, he didn't touch Bokuto once, and Akaashi feels suddenly guilty about it.

"What about you?" He sits up so fast his head reels a little.

"No! I mean, I-I'm fine, really!" Bokuto doesn't look him, face starting to tinge pink, and Akaashi's frown deepens. There's no way. He pushes forward, too fast for Bokuto to stop him from putting his hand on his crotch and--

It was soft. and wet.

"Oh." Akaashi says dumbly, his mouth feeling dry and words failing him all over again.

Bokuto tries to laugh it off, lightly shooing Akaashi's hands away, but the signs of embarrassment are all there. "Um! So! How about we get cleaned up, okay, you stay here! Good!"

The captain gets up and makes his escape from the bathroom, and Akaashi can only watch, stare, overwhelmed with the realization that Bokuto came without being touched at all.

He came back in quick time, recovered from his embarrassment of thirty seconds ago and holding a damp washcloth in one hand and clean boxers in the other. Bokuto sits down next to Akaashi, wiping away a small line of saliva drying on his leg before Akaashi holds his wrist to stop him.

"I can take care of myself, Bokuto-san."

"I know." Bokuto says, warmly smiling at Akaashi. "But let me take care of you this time too, okay?"

And Akaashi can only say yes.

Re: a temple in your flesh (bokuakaa, body worship)

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Re: a temple in your flesh (bokuakaa, body worship)

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spectrumslide oikawa/iwaizumi - sex in a pool

(Anonymous) 2014-12-14 02:19 am (UTC)(link)
iwaoi getting busy in a pool. don't care if it's someone's or the school's like you're turning them swimming team!verse. i just need lady iwaizumi and oikawa making out in the pool (oikawa's fault) that leads to more.

+10000 for rubbing/touching eachother through the swimming suits

FILL: "spectrumslide oikawa/iwaizumi - sex in a pool"

(Anonymous) 2014-12-16 07:13 pm (UTC)(link)
i caught fire when i saw this prompt. i really hope you like this op. i'm sorry.


“What are you doing here?” Iwaizumi scowls like she is talking to something that belongs to only be scrubbed off the bottom of her shoes. Which, when describing Oikawa, isn’t far off.

Oikawa calms her breathing to normal and lifts her hands to remove her hazelnut hair from her face so that it elegantly falls behind her in one smooth move, she grins at Iwaizumi and opens her mouth ready to reply.

“-and if you say swimming, you will drown.” Oikawa decidedly chooses to close her mouth. Only to look up and see Iwazumi still glaring down at her, expecting an answer.

“I was looking for you, Iwa-chan! But you weren’t home and your mother was so kind. She invited me inside and insisted I wait for you in your room,” Oikawa nods along to her own explanation, because she did nothing wrong. “Ah and your mother made me a really nice ice tea, if it’s not too much trouble could I have another one?”

“She left. She had to go see her friend down the road about something.”

“Oh,” Oikawa slums. “I really want one, mhm….” She looks up, “Iwa-chan coul-”

“Also, you are not in my room.” Iwaizumi states blankly.

“That’s cuz it’s hot today,” Oikawa says in that what-else-was-I-suppose-to-do voice. “And to be honest, I don’t know why you are surprised since it looks like you had the same thought,” she motions at Iwaizumi who is wearing a black one piece swimming suit beneath her shorts and open shirt. “The only difference is, I don’t have a pool in my house.”

“So you came for the swimming pool, Bakakawa” Iwaizumi accuses. Then hurriedly swallows her reaction to the face Oikawa makes at the accusation.

“No! I told you I came here for you. Plus if I did come for the pool wouldn’t I bring my own swimming suit? That’s right.” She raises her right hand and gestures at the wet dark blue swim suit she is wearing. “This is yours.”

Iwaizumi swallows harder at that. “It’s kind of tight in some areas though,” Oikawa continues, her hands feeling the wet suit. A smirk forms on her lips when she notices Iwaizumi is flinching intensly following the movements of her hands. “Especially here,” she fondles her boobs and looks straight up at Iwaizumi, her nipples are more noticeable now, perking out of the material.

When Iwaizumi doesn’t reply, Oikawa decides to push some more, “Alright I know you are angry. I’ll get out now. Give me a hand,” she batters her eyelashes and stretches her hand up towards Iwaizumi.

Iwaizumi raises an eyebrow, “I’m not angry. And I already know what you are going to do.”

“Then hurry up and get in, Iwa-chan.”

She takes off her shirt and pants. Slowly. Not to come across seductive, nono it is simply to make it look like she isn’t rushing to follow Oikawa’s orders. So what if her hair looks really nice wet and tangled on her shoulders and Iwaizumi wants to run her fingers through it and maybe pull it. So what if her old swimming suit makes Oikawa’s boobs look like they are begging for her to touch and lick them. We can’t have the hazelnut haired airhead think she has some special strings she can just pull to make Iwaizumi do whatever she likes.

Iwaizumi bites back a smile. shit.

Oikawa is still stationed by the edge of the pool, watching Iwaizumi. Making good use of the advantage she has of Iwaizumi not being able to see her smiling face. She knew the first day Iwaizumi introduced herself; bruises and mud patches marking her skin, to Oikawa’s teary eyed and snotty self; that this girl will be the end of her.

The raven haired girl, collects her hair into her hands and ties it up with a hair band to make a bun at the top of her head. She fixes the short fringe above her eyebrows, combing it with her fingernails. Now the black backless swimming suit Iwaizumi is wearing is more endearing. Every move her arms make, brings her wing bones to life, making it look as if they are attempting to break through skin. Oikawa licks her lips and runs her eyes down the spine that descends to Iwaizumi’s cute ass. She whistles.

Iwaizumi turns around with a frown Oikawa can’t help but smile at. She sits down at the edge and pushes herself into the pool, with hopes that the splash is big enough to hit Oikawa. It is, but it didn’t really bother Oikawa since she was already wet, of course. Furthermore, she is too focused on guiding Iwaizumi back against the wall of the pool, pinning her between her arms.

“You look so good, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa breathes.

Up close and under the summer shine the droplets of water traveling down Oikawa’s skin and hair look like tiny colonies of stars. Iwaizumi is stumped for words.

“So good,” Oikawa repeats into Iwaizumi’s left ear, she sucks the bottom lobe making Iwaizumi whimper. Oikawa trails kisses down the side of her neck and Iwaizumi’s hands wrap themselves around Oikawa’s back, this time she is doing the guiding, melding their bodies closer.

“Oikawa,” Iwaizumi’s call is answered immediately with Oikawa’s mouth on hers. The pressure of the collision knocks the air out of Iwaizumi’s lungs and gears her on to return the favour. Glistening lips merge, tongues succeed their break in and try to overpower the other. Their breaths mingle and the wet sounds they are making mixed with desperate heartbeats is overwhelming. Iwaizumi’s fingers creep up to gently play with Oikawa’s perky nipples. She takes a hold of them between her index finger and thumb and starts making circular movements. Oikawa whines into Iwaizumi’s mouth and Iwaizumi takes it all in.

Oikawa is the first to break for air and Iwaizumi mentally pats her own back, because she won. Her smirk is however swiftly replaced with a loud moan thanks to Oikawa licking and tucking at her left nipple through her swimming suit. Her other hand is groping her right breast and Iwaizumi instantly grabs a lock of Oikawa’s wet hair tightly. Encouraging her to suck the nipple between her lips, holding it there, swirling her tongue around it and then letting go with a ‘pop’. She licks again and with every shiver that runs through Iwaizumi, Oikawa can feel the shiver run through herself too.

Oikawa moves to continue her assault on the right nipple, but Iwaizumi pulls her face up and sticks her tongue into her mouth; licks the slick roof and back teeth. She begins rubbing against Oikawa’s thighs, relieving the burning between her legs. Oikawa’s hands grab Iwaizumi legs and spreads them to her sides. She takes her place in between the thighs, sucks Iwaizumi’s tongue into her mouth and rubs her front up against Iwaizumi’s. Eliciting a breathy shudder from the dark haired girl.

“D-Do it again,” Iwaizumi pleads.

“A please goes a long way, Iwa-chan,” she stops and teases. Then receives a wave of water to her face from the side. “Iwa-cha-” Iwaizumi’s mouth covers hers and the next thing she is being pushed under the water. She holds Oikawa’s arms down relaxing her into the kiss. Their bodies don’t move, the only movement being the press of their lips. They simply allow the water to envelope them. Floating for what feels like hours. However, the underwater kiss was really just minutes and didn’t last long, with both girls jumping up to breathe.

“We could’ve died!” Oikawa cries.

“You know that’s not true,” Iwaizumi spits. Going from being insanely turned on to arguing about stupid stuff within the space of seconds has become some sort of routine for them since, what seems like forever now. She glides through the water towards Oikawa and takes her cheeks in her palms. She slides her thumb over the plump pink and worn out bottom lip, “Ahokawa” she says as she resumes to kissing her. Iwaizumi drapes her arms around Oikawa’s neck, pulling her closer, which she responds to by groping Iwaizumi’s ass. Her fingers dig into the firm plums kneading them and pulling them apart. A whimper escapes the raven haired girl and Oikawa begins tasting Iwaizumi’s blushing neck and shoulders.

When Oikawa pulls the front at the bottom of the swimming suit to one side, Iwaizumi is as turned on as she was before. Three moist fingers rub against Iwaizumi’s folds; enticingly slow and with a lot of pressure on the clit. Just how she likes it. After a few more strokes and Iwaizumi pleading for more in her ear Oikawa decides it’s the right time to insert a finger. The sudden penetration causing Iwaizumi's legs to twitch beneath the water.

Iwaizumi sobs, nails digging into the back of Oikawa’s suit as she picks up a steady pace, teasing the finger in and out. Oikawa’s thumb massages her clit when she inserts a second finger and immediately crooks them up, stroking her insides. She nibbles on Iwaizumi’s right shoulder, picking up her pace og going in and out, applying more force on the clit. Iwaizumi purrs.

The burning builds, “I-I’m gonna c-” is all Iwaizumi manages, before Oikawa swirls the fingers at an angle that has Iwaizumi silently scream, coming hard. Its feels like ages until Iwaizumi’s head or soul or maybe both re-join her body from wherever it flew too. She mumbles something akin to it being amazing or awesome and Oikawa knows she is.

Iwaizumi begins grazing her teeth on Oikawa's neck, biting her pulse and licking. She picks her head up and looks straight at Oikawa. “I want to eat you out,” Iwaizumi is blushing shades of red all over, yet still looking absolute.

Oikawa catches her breath, “you are too much, Iwa-chan.”

They casually leave the pool and then speed walk towards Iwaizumi’s room.


again i'm sorry.

Suga, chikan (possible dubcon warning?)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-18 04:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Pretty much what it says on the tin. Suga getting molested on a crowded train and liking it.


(Anonymous) 2016-09-11 11:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconding so hard oml

[Ukai/Kageyama] [Ni-Chome, Underage]

(Anonymous) 2014-12-19 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Ukai is hanging out with his friends in 2-Chome and spots Kageyama trying to sneak into gay bars. Being a Good Guy, he takes the setter home and tries to give him a stern lecture, only to have Kageyama insist that he'll go back no matter what Ukai does, because it's the only way he can get satisfied.

Ukai decides, hey, if he can't stop the kid, better that it's him than some random creep who might hurt him and won't take care of the kid....right?