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Prompt Post #1 [OPEN]

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Let's have a good game!

daichi/suga, power play

(Anonymous) 2014-12-20 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
ive seen more dom!suga than dom!daichi and it's driving me crazy
i'd like a stablished relationship, with dom!daichi making suga beg, whine and moan. mess suga up. everyting must be consensual
bondage, orgasm-denial and/or sensory deprivation would be great
please NO bloodplay, breathplay, knifeplay, etc (nothing potentially dangerous)

Gen, Sudden cardiac death (Character death)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-21 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
one of the Karusano boys (except Tanaka) suddenly drops dead during practice from an undiagnosed heart problem

Fic centers on the team members reacting to the death, especially at the time.

Lots of screaming, please.

Re: Gen, Sudden cardiac death (Character death)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-23 10:12 am (UTC)(link)
Seconding for Suga to be the one to die.

(Don't get me wrong. I love Suga. I'd just really love to see how the team would handle losing him so suddenly.)

Re: Gen, Sudden cardiac death (Character death)

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Re: Gen, Sudden cardiac death (Character death)

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Re: Gen, Sudden cardiac death (Character death)

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kageyama/hinata - rimming

(Anonymous) 2014-12-22 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
kageyama rimming hinata for the first time and hinata loves it pls

FILL: "Planned and Unplanned" (Kageyama/Hinata, rimming) (enema-mention)

(Anonymous) 2015-01-22 04:53 am (UTC)(link)
Kageyama shifted on the futon, wearing only a robe and sitting on his knees as he awaited for Hinata to come out of the bathroom. He wasn't sure why he was anxious; they had sex before. It wasn't like this was their first time, but for some reason the planned sex made him more anxious than the spontaneous times. Perhaps it was just the fact that knowing what Hinata was doing in there and knowing what was to come made the excitement up.

Despite the anxious feeling, Kageyama definitely preferred the planned sex.

A lot less chance of an embarrassing mess.

The door opened, making Kageyama straighten his back and look at Hinata who trudged in, freshly showered and wearing only a robe as well. His face already looked a little exhausted and legs already twitching. Kaeyama noticed the way he sort of limped over.

“Did you actually do it?”

Hinata huffed, his already pink cheeks seemed to glow with a flush as he scowled at Kageyama. “Of course I did! Why do you think I took so long.”

Kageyama scowled right back but took Hinata's word. He had never cleaned himself for anal sex before, so he couldn't imagine Hinata's plight, but he had read up on it before.

It sounded unpleasant.

“My butt hurts now and my hole is all weird and achy.”

Kageyama blushed. “Do you even want to do it now or what!?”

Hinata puffed his cheeks. “I do! It's just a pain to clean, you asshole!”

“Do you want to shit all over my dick, stupid!?”


Kageyama growled, throwing a punch at Hinata, who easily dodged. Those impish brown eyes suddenly seemed to have a light bulb go off and Kageyama suddenly feared for his life.

“I think if you kiss it, it will make it feel better.”

Kiss it? Kiss what?

Kageyama felt himself go blue in the face. “Kiss your ass?”

Hinata's entire face turned red now. “I was joking! It's clean and all, but it was just a joke...”

Somehow the idea rolled around in Kageyama's head. Hinata was right, it was more than likely clean if Hinata had washed it properly and he cleared himself out too... it might not hurt. Kageyama swallowed an ounce of his pride and took hold of Hinata's arms, pulling him forward until he fell flat on his face, his knees still bent and his ass in the air.

“Hey! Be careful, I said my butt hurt-!!”

He was quickly silenced as Kageyama pushed the robe up, revealing Hinata's asscheeks. He parted them with his hands, his thumbs and forefingers using the most pressure. He eyed Hinata's pucker – noticing how it was a little red and still a little wet from the enema and shower.

As he leaned in closer he couldn't smell anything besides skin and soap, which was good too.

Hinata squirmed nervously now. “I was really kidding Kageyama, you don't have to kiss my ass.”

“Just shut up right now, ok?”

He swallowed the rest of his pride and leaned in completely.

The first lick wasn't so bad. A simple swipe across his pucker, barely caressing it. So he did it again, a little slower and a little longer this time. Hinata yelped, scrambling to move back, but Kageyama's grip on his hips and ass tightened, making him stay put.

Testing it again, Kageyama lapped at Hinata. The skin under his tongue would twitch and pulse each time he touched it, causing him to want to touch it more. He could barely register what Hinata was warbling as he took to pressing his tongue against the pucker, pointing his tongue and flickering it around the ring of muscles.

He grunted when Hinata suddenly pressed his hips closer. His face was now slightly buried between those pale cheeks. He was about to pull back when Hinata bounced his hips impatiently, thrusting gently against Kageyama.

Kageyama felt his arousal ache as he closed his eyes and angled his head slightly. He mouthed against Hinata's bottom, his tongue lashing against his hole before pulling back, holding Hinata's cheek apart.

Hinata's opening was spit-slick, wetness shined off of it and the little pink opening twitched and spasmed as Hinata panted.

“Why did you stop?” cried Hinata, who looked as if he didn't know which way was up. He parted his legs more, opening up his cheeks more. He bowed his back just right, causing his hole to twitch.

Kageyama swallowed before leaning back in.

Hinata cried out as Kageyama worked him with his tongue. His hot breath brushing over his heated skin and caressing his testes. Hinata sobbed as Kageyama's tongue pressed against his hole in a point, pushing past the ring of muscles to taste his inside.

“Kageyama” panted Hinata, his fists clenching against the futon's quilt as he swung his hips backward. “More!”

Kageyama let out a feral grunting growl noise as he moved his tongue in and out of Hinata, fucking him with just his tongue.

Hinata's legs trembled as his cock bounced between his thighs, his hands kept slipping until finally, he fell forward. He yelped as Kageyama followed him, his head still firmly planted between his cheeks and tongue diligently licking his bowels. Hinata keened as he tried to simultaneously grind his dick against the quilt and thrust his ass against Kageyama's tongue.

“Oh god... more! Kageyama, more!”

Kageyama felt his head spin as he licked harder and deeper, his own hips grinding down on the quilt, his fingers clenching and rubbing against Hinata's asscheeks. He moaned against Hinata's opening as his cock twitched, precum oozing out.

Hinata rubbed his head against the cover, wiping sweat off as he thrust back and forth, pleasuring both of his ends. He trembled as Kageyama ate him voraciously. He felt that tongue start to recede and he whined. It was replaced with lips that sucked around his pucker, making Hinata cry out harder, arching his back.

Kageyama licked his lips as he pulled back to look at Hinata. His hole had turned a reddish-pink color with his ministrations and a slight dark opening was obscenely visible – it twitched and gaped, as if it was begging for Kageyama to enter it.

Hinata lifted his head from the bed, ignoring the drool he felt on the side of his mouth and cheek, and was about to ask Kageyama what he was waiting for when that tongue re-entered him, spearing im. Kageyama pulled Hinata's asscheeks apart as far as they would go and pressed against his crack.Je flicked his tongue downward, stroking Hinata's insides and managing to press against his prostate.

Hinata cried out as he orgasmed against the bed and himself, spurting a couple of thick ropes of come. He heard and felt Kageyama's muffled moans as well as the sound of the futon shifting as Kageyama humped out his own climax against the quilt.

Kageyama pulled back, working his jaw for a moment. Hinata rolled over and held out his arms for Kageyama, who was more than willing to fall into them, his jaw and boy already exhausted.

“That was amazing....”

Kageyama grunted, aware of both of them thinking the along the same lines as they always did with sex. Sex and stuff was awesome, but not as awesome as volleyball. Though... if Kageyama was honest with himself, he'd admit that volleyball was becoming second to Hinata. But he wouldn't tell him that.

Kageyama felt Hinata shuffle against him, making him look up to see a mouth puckered toward him. His nose wrinkled and shoved Hinata away.

“My tongue was just up your ass, dumbass!!”

“So? I don't care! Just kiss me you jerk!” said Hinata as he tried to move back in with lips puckered, Kageyama scrambled and pushed his arms away, but Hinata clung to him instead.

“Let me brush my teeth first, quit it – let me go!”

Hinata huffed, letting Kageyama go. Kageyama was so weird. He had no problem with eating his ass out but wanted to brush his teeth before kissing so Hinata wouldn't taste himself or something weird like that.

Once Kageyama returned, teeth freshly brushed and face washed, Hinata propped his head up on one arm as he lay on his side.

“You know Kageyama, I would kiss your ass too, if you want me to.”

Hinata enjoyed the red that cascaded across Kageyama's cheeks and the way those dark eyes squinted at him.

“Do you want a kiss or not!?”

“Yes please!”

Hinata puckered and waited for Kageyama to get back in the futon with him. Kageyama lightly patted Hinata's cheeks, grunting at him to quit messing around. Hinata rolled his eyes and relaxed his lips and felt Kageyama's slide against his. He sighed against those pliant lips and let his eyes flutter shut.

Despite willing to kiss Kageyama earlier, he was glad he brushed his teeth.

A King's love (oikawa/hinata, Dub-con)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-23 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
Hinata has a one-sided love towards Kageyama, enter Oikawa Tooru, The Grand King of Aobajousai. Ever since that practice match between Karasuno and Aobajousai, Oikawa has been infatuated with Hinata. He'll do anything to make Hinata his....anything.

Brownie points for slightly yandere!Oikawa

Re: A King's love (oikawa/hinata, Dub-con)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-23 12:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconding with a burning passion

[IwaOi + Underclassman] [Getting caught in the act]

(Anonymous) 2014-12-24 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Really craving for a fic where someone catches Iwaizumi fucking Oikawa - and keeps watching. Whether IwaOi notices them watching is up to the writer, but if they do, it'd be nice if they were totally into it.

The voyeur can look but not touch. Don't really care who it is, but biggest suggestions are Kyoutani, Kageyama or Kindaichi!

Happenstance (IwaOi + Watari, Voyeurism)

(Anonymous) 2015-01-09 07:11 am (UTC)(link)
Iwaizumi fucks Oikawa in an empty classroom for the third time this week. It's routine now - go to practice, shower, pull on their uniforms, then find somewhere for Iwaizumi to stick his dick in Oikawa.

Oikawa bites his lip to stop him laughing - last time he laughed as Iwaizumi fucked him, he pulled out, fastened his belt and left Oikawa, weak kneed, alone in the classroom with only a mumbled comment about assholes who don't even let him get off before ruining everything. It would have been funny with Iwaizmi's dick still tenting his trousers as Oikawa called after him, if Oikawa hadn't wanted to get off too.

"Iwa-chan you should-" Oikawa's voice hitches as Iwaizumi pushes in deep and hits the sweet spot inside of him. "You should move faster, you're an athlete, aren't you?"

This position is Oikawa's favourite - braced, forearm pressed to the desk with Iwaizumi pushing into him from behind so, if he wants, he can graze his dick over the edge. He hasn't mentioned that part of the appeal to Iwaizumi but he might have worked it out, he's not stupid and Oikawa never pretended to be anything other than a masochist.

"Shut the fuck up, asshole," Iwaizumi says with another thrust.

"My asshole's busy rig-" Iwaizumi cuts him off with a hand over his mouth. Oikawa pretends to finish his sentence but really he's trying not to laugh as Iwaizumi's finger presses dangerously close to his nose. He twists his head out of Iwaizumi's grip and catches sight of the doorway.


He's frozen there. And it makes sense - this is a second year classroom. Oikawa insisted this was far enough and no respectable second year would come in this late after class. But he has been wrong from time to time. Iwaizumi hasn't noticed, of course. Or he'd be red as a beetroot right now not- Oikawa's eyes flutter shut as he hits just the right angle. Watari inhales loud enough for Oikawa to hear.


Oikawa shoots him a look with a wink and moans, full pornstar style. If he has an audience, he might as well put on a show.

No hint of the door closing but Iwaizumi cups his hand over Oikawa's dick with a mutter of, "You know you don't need to do that for me, Tooru," hopefully too quiet for Watari to hear.

"But what if you like it," he replies, definitely too quiet for Watari to make out the words, "what if you think it's hot for me to moan like I'm paid for it?"

He can hear the smile in Iwaizumi's voice more than anything else, "Idiot, don't put on an act for me."

Oikawa nods instead of replying but lifts his head. Watari's still standing transfixed in the doorway, mouth open like his vice captain thrusting into his captain is the most miraculous thing he's seen all day. Which it should be.

"Hey, Iwa-chan?"

Iwaizumi's getting close because he presses his forehead against the shoulder of Oikawa's sweater to reply even though all he says is, "Shut up."

"I love you, Iwa-chan," he says, looking straight at Watari.

Heat floods Watari's face and he stumbles back. Iwaizumi shudders and comes, warmth flooding inside Oikawa.

He laughs as Iwaizumi finishes him off. He can't wait to see Watari's face tomorrow.

((short but I hope you like it, anon!))

Re: Happenstance (IwaOi + Watari, Voyeurism)

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Re: Happenstance (IwaOi + Watari, Voyeurism)

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Re: Happenstance (IwaOi + Watari, Voyeurism)

(Anonymous) - 2015-09-24 19:39 (UTC) - Expand

Kyoutani/Tanaka, dom/sub undertones, dirty talking

(Anonymous) 2014-12-30 10:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Tanaka keeps goading Kyoutani into wrecking him in the bedroom, and Kyoutani falls for it 1000%, with enthusiastic consent.

Would prefer Tanaka to go between provoking Kyoutani and totally letting go of control, and/or for Kyoutani to be impressively hung but hey! You do you.

[tsukki/yams] [public sex]

(Anonymous) 2015-01-08 05:43 am (UTC)(link)
ok so it can be like right in the middle of the court idc and yamaguchi is freaking out all nervous and shit but tsukki is like shut it imma get it ......and he gets it

little giant/hinata, dom/sub

(Anonymous) 2015-01-08 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
I think Hinata has such an obsession with the little giant that he would let him do anything to him and he'd ask for more. I'd love the older boy straight up thrashing hinata.

Bonus points if Hinata smiles/laughs/comments on his happiness while getting dicked.

Re: little giant/hinata, dom/sub

(Anonymous) 2015-04-20 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)
god yes! seconded!!

sex!swapped yamaguchi/tsukkishima, rubbing

(Anonymous) 2015-01-08 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
I so need girl yams and kei rubbing and cumming together all drained and cute !!!!!

FILL: "Cute" (Yamaguchi/Tsukishima)(Sex!Swapped, rubbing) 1/2

(Anonymous) 2015-06-02 06:59 pm (UTC)(link)
She’s been horny all day. Literally, all day. Because her girlfriend’s too stinking cute for her own good, and she’s too apathetically unobservant to notice it until it smacks her in the face like this.

It started during morning practice, when she looked over and Tadashi was stretching on the side of the court for warm up—nothing new, but Tadashi’d forgotten her leggings at home (something which Kei had listened to her lament over the entire walk to school—Kei had offered to wait so Tadashi could double back to get them, she knew how much the other girl hated wearing just shorts, but Tadashi just shook her head and pursed her lips and promised to suffer through it—Kei’s not sure why she can’t just wear her tights under her practice shorts, but that had elicited an eye roll and sigh combo from Tadashi that Kei thinks the brunette’s picked up from her or Daichi).

Their practice shorts are really short. Kei’s never before thought about just how short the practice shorts are on Tadashi—she’s always wearing leggings under them. She finds herself staring at the way the shorts hang just right against Tadashi’s thighs, looser than their official uniform’s shorts, and are tight against the curve of her hips and ass.

She can’t stop staring at Tadashi and her freckled thighs; Kei should be warming up, but she’s just holding the ball she just fetched from the cart as she stares at Tadashi on the other side of the court, flat on the ground doing warm-up stretches. Tadashi’s got one leg stretched out, the other folded in and foot pressed flat to the inside of her thigh. She leans forward and grabs her ankle, hair and… oh.

When Tadashi leant forward, Kei caught sight of all of Tadashi’s bright pink sports bra, and down to the way her stomach curved against itself. Kei can even see the lone dark mole right next to Tadashi’s belly button. She drops the volleyball she was about to serve and power-walks her way over to her girlfriend.

“That’s my sweatshirt, isn’t it?” Kei demands, eyeing the overlarge collar and the way the fabric pools against Tadashi’s wrists.

Tadashi blinks up at Kei, “Um. Maybe? You said I could borrow it?”

Kei wants to haul Tadashi up and shout at her. Or maybe just eat her out on a desk. She’s not sure, and it’s not fair. “I can see your bra,” Kei hisses.

“…It’s not like Tanaka-senpai doesn’t run around in her sports bra all the time?” Tadashi says slowly, tipping her head to the side. Says the girl who wears thick leggings and tights nearly year-round because she doesn’t want to flash anyone! It’s the same thing, Kei wants to shout.

Kei groans and resists the urge to shake Tadashi. Or, rather, she resists the urge to haul Tadashi to her feet and drag her off to the nearest private place.

She resists the urge all day. Instead, she keeps note of all the things that are distinctly not fair about her girlfriend: the cute tuft of hair that always escapes from her pigtails to stand up straight at the top of her head, the way her face crinkles up and how she snorts when she laughs, lips that are always soft and pink without the help of lip gloss (that Kei can tell, and she’s watched Tadashi hurriedly get ready in the morning so many times), the way her breasts curve underneath the uniform’s sweaters and how soft they are when Tadashi pastes herself to Kei’s back during break. Her legs, which are long and powerful but oh-so-easily dismissed because Tadashi keeps them covered. How soft and curvy she is despite how much she works out, and how Tadashi always, always wears the cutest matching bra and underwear sets just because she likes them, not to impress Kei or the rest of their teammates when they go to change.

And for some ungodly reason, Tadashi likes Kei, wants her, adores her, and treats her like she’s the cute one. The knowledge that Tadashi likes her enough to pass her notes in class, wrap her arms around Kei’s waist when they’re eating lunch, kisses her shyly on the cheek when no one’s looking makes Kei want Tadashi even more, until it’s a heavy pit of desire that won’t leave her mind or stomach.

Kei thinks it’s a miracle she even lasts, though she knows Tadashi’s pretty concerned when she starts squirming in her seat at the end of the day.
Tadashi doesn’t say anything, though, just eyes Kei thoughtfully, head tipped just so to the side as she tugs at the end of one of her pigtails. Kei wishes she could talk Tadashi into skipping practice, but she knows it’s not worth her effort, so she doesn’t even try.

Evening practice goes with far less successful blocks than usual and a hot, gnawing ache between her thighs when Tadashi steps up to serve, the lines of her back and arms graceful as she floats the ball just right. The grin that splits across her face makes Kei go hot and fluttery and she wonders idly how she can go for such long periods forgetting just how cute Tadashi really is.

Kei takes out her frustrations on Kageyama and Hinata, setting a wave of bickering between the other two first years that’s so strong that it shifts all of the attention focused on her absent-minded playing to them. It’s rather satisfying until she catches Tadashi’s skeptical look. Tadashi purses her lips at Kei and raises an eyebrow, a very silent question of ‘what is even up with you’. Kei shrugs and starts dumping balls into the cart.

Tadashi asks her, verbally, on the way home. Her voice is quiet and shy, and she’s peering up at Kei through her lashes, just like she does when they’re kissing and have their hands all over each other.

She doesn’t say anything; not about how much she wants Tadashi, or how she’s wanted her all day, or how she thinks that all Tadashi would have to do is just barely touch her and she’d come. Instead, she just grabs Tadashi’s hand when they reach the usual place they part, and marches onwards.

There’s a soft knowing murmur that sounds like an “Oh” before Tadashi giggles and slips her fingers through Kei’s and bounces alongside her, a sly grin curling across her lips. Kei feels herself flush to the tips of her ears, a burn that doesn’t fade, even once they’ve locked themselves up in Kei’s bedroom. If anything, it gets worse, because she’s got Tadashi pinned to her door, bodies pushed up together as they kiss.

Tadashi’s mouth is soft and hot and it’s minty from the gum she’s been chewing since practice ended and only just spat out. Kei kisses her hungrily, hands pressing firmly against Tadashi’s sides as she drags them down over every arc and dip of the brunette’s silhouette. The way Tadashi quivers and squirms and wiggles herself so Kei can slot a thigh between her legs makes Kei go even hotter. She lifts her knee slightly and rubs up, hands going up Tadashi’s sweater. “God,” she pants as Tadashi’s hips twitch against her, her girlfriend’s face flushing dark as she whines. Kei tugs up at the sweater and Tadashi untangles her arms from around Kei and raises her arms.

Kei makes short work of it, tossing it behind her. The next thing to go is that pretty little ribbon—Kei tugs on it until the clips pop off of the inside of Tadashi’s collar and the elastic snaps against her fingers. It joins the sweater. Kei kisses down Tadashi’s neck to the cluster of dark freckles on the crook of her neck; she bites down and sucks and Tadashi tips her head back and her hips slide forward against Kei’s knee.
Kei’d have her up against the door if her legs weren’t tired already from two practices and a day of clenching her thighs and waiting. She drops to her knees between Tadashi’s quivering legs and reaches up her skirt, tugging down her tights. She kisses each inch of exposed skin as she rolls the thick material down. “Step,” she instructs, voice rough.

Tadashi does as she’s told, daintily stepping out of her tights before Kei balls them up and tosses them over her shoulder. She peers up through her lashes from behind her glasses at Tadashi, grinning as the other girl blushes and tries to cover herself.

“Ah, um, Tsukki—D-don’t look up my skirt like that,” Tadashi whines. Kei reaches up, smoothing her hands over the back of Tadashi’s thighs to her ass, tipping Tadashi’s hips forwards as she leans up onto her knees. The fabric of Tadashi’s uniform skirt pools against her neck and shoulders and she slides her fingers just slightly under the elastic of the brunette’s panties, rucking up the lace edging on the black boyshorts as she tips her head back to nuzzle her nose just so between Tadashi’s parted legs. Her glasses bite into her nose with the movement, but it’s worth brushing her mouth against the growing damp patch on Tadashi’s panties and the scent of her girlfriend heavy in her nose and the sound of Tadashi’s whimpering loud in her ears.

“It’s not as if I won’t see this part of you,” Kei mumbles into Tadashi’s thigh. She squeezes her fingers, kneading into Tadashi’s ass.

Tadashi gives a squeaky moan, thighs trembling against Kei’s cheeks. “Ts-tsukki!” she gasps, “What—what’s with you—?” she asks for the second time that evening.

Kei leans back, emerging from underneath the material of Tadashi’s skirt before deciding to grace Tadashi with an answer.

Tsukki/Yamaguchi, petplay

(Anonymous) 2015-01-08 05:59 am (UTC)(link)
With Yama as the pet, pretty please?

FILL: "Collared" (Yamaguchi/Tsukishima, petplay) (toys, role reversal, D/S, breathplay,)

(Anonymous) 2015-07-04 05:46 pm (UTC)(link)
(Also: spanking, praise kink)

Their evening had started innocently enough: a quiet dinner and a bit of idle touching as they washed up and tidied their little apartment up after their chaotic week. The touching had slowly devolved from brushing fingers and bumping shoulders to hands slipping into jeans and back pockets, fingers groping at flesh. They’d given up any pretense of languid innocence the moment their lips met, and now Tadashi finds himself on his knees, face pressed down into the sheets, hands reaching behind himself to part his cheeks for Kei, whose cold fingers are slowly parting him open.

He rocks back a little onto his knees, breath coming out unsteady and hot against the sheets.

“Keep still,” Kei orders. He twists his fingers inside of Tadashi and Tadashi’s hips jolt. “I said, keep still,” the blond hisses. His fingers retreat and Tadashi whines, the sound swallowed up by the sheets where his mouth is mashed into them.

Kei’s fingers wind into Tadashi’s hair, combing through dark strands slowly. He keeps stroking Tadashi’s hair even as he leans forward and whispers into the brunet’s ear, “Are you going to be a good little bitch tonight or are you going to have to be retrained?”

The harshness of Kei’s voice tempered by the feeling of breath against his ear and Kei’s fingers petting his hair makes his stomach go hot and his mouth go dry. He nods silently.

Kei’s hand retreats from his hair and reaches for their toys for the night. Tadashi turns his head and watches from the corner of his eye as Kei plucks the headband from the sheets. Kei sets it onto his head with care, adjusting it just so. The edges of it bite into the flesh behind Tadashi’s ears and he makes an unhappy noise. Kei tucks a strand of Tadashi’s hair behind his ear and pulls the plastic bits back a bit so settle the dog eared headband more comfortably on his lover’s head.

Kei flicks one of the ears. “Maybe now you’ll listen,” he sneers. He reaches for the tail next.

The ears and tail are a foreign experience for Tadashi; it’s not the first time they’ve played this game, not at all. But the accessories are new and thrilling and he can’t help but moan into the sheets as Kei eases the plug inside of him, faux-fur of the tail tickling the back of his thighs. He wiggles a bit at the intrusion, Kei’s hands firm at the base of his spine as he pants and arches his back upwards.

“How lewd,” Kei snickers. He takes his hands off of Tadashi and watches as the brunet’s hips twitch and arch before reaching out to take the collar and leash set into his fingers. “Already wagging your tail for me.”

The collar Tadashi’s at least used to. They’ve used it before, as well as the leash that’s wound through Kei’s fingers. The shiny leather and the soft metallic jingles of the catch and the little tag make his stomach flutter and his thighs quiver with arousal. Kei has a way of fastening it just so around his neck that makes him go a bit lightheaded, all gentle, tickling fingers and quick tugs to fasten the catch. The leash brushes against his neck and shoulders as Kei tests its strength, Tadashi feels it all, feels it as a physical connection with the man behind him and loves it.

Tadashi licks his lips and shudders as Kei yanks back on the leash, no longer testing. He tips his head back with the motion, feeling the collar push at his throat; it’s hard to breathe like this and his heart hammers. He whines again. Kei tugs just a little harder, only to let go just as black starts to eat at Tadashi’s vision.

Air rushes down his throat and he sags onto his hands and knees, shivering and keening with arousal. The rush is euphoric, as is the feeling of Kei’s fingers raking through his hair.

“Now, let’s get an answer: Are you going to be a good dog for me tonight?” Kei hums, voice low and rough and close against Tadashi’s ear as he leans over the arch of the brunet’s back. He rubs his fingers through Tadashi’s hair, pausing to push one floppy ditch-water brown and cream dog ear out of Tadashi’s face where it had fallen over his eye. As Kei bends over Tadashi’s body, he slots one high between Tadashi’s legs, nudging the tail plug just a bit deeper in.


Kei leans back and clicks his tongue. “Bad,” he sighs, “Bad boy.” There’s a rustling and Tadashi swallows hard. “That’s not how we use our voice. How do we use our voice? Show me,” Kei demands. There’s a hollow noise that Tadashi recognizes as Kei smacking the flat of his hand with rolled up newspaper.

Tadashi rocks back onto his knees a bit, muscles clenching a bit helplessly around the plug his tail was attached to. “Ahnn—mnm,” he mumbles, stumbling over his pitiful attempt at barking. He can never get it right the first time and Kei knows it.

The newspaper comes down quickly against his ass. “Bad boy,” Kei repeats. “Speak.”

Tadashi shivers and gives a soft groan instead of barking. Kei yanks on the leash and brings the newspaper against his skin once more. Tadashi feels his cock twitch at the dual sensation; he twists his fingers into the sheets and opens his mouth to give a proper woof.

Kei snickers softly. “Is that all?” he laughs. He drops the newspaper and tugs on the leash just enough to make Tadashi bend his head back, body arching to ease the tension. “What a pathetic little doggie you are.”

Tadashi lets his head loll back, mouth parting to pant against the pressure of the collar on his throat. He shudders and moans as Kei slips a hand around his front, palming at his erection.

“Is that it, little doggie?” he murmurs, nuzzling against Tadashi’s ear. He gives Tadashi a languid stroke with loose fingers, “Is that why you’re being pathetic?”

Tadashi rocks his hips into Kei’s hand, giving a half-moaned bark in response.

Kei drapes his body over Tadashi’s back, still pumping him with relaxed fingers and no rhythm. Most of the movement is driven by Tadashi rolling his hips into the touch. Kei snickers against Tadashi’s neck. “Filthy little bitch,” he murmurs against the junction of Tadashi’s neck and shoulders. “Such a poorly trained thing, to just hump at whatever’s closest. You’d fuck the sheets if I let you, wouldn’t you?” he continues, removing his hand. He pushes Tadashi down onto the sheets, hand firm at the small of Tadashi’s back. “Let’s see, then.”

Tadashi groans and rolls his hips down. It wasn’t as nice as Kei’s hand, but the pressure was more and the friction made it hard to still his downward grinding. He can feel Kei’s eyes on him from where the blond is sitting on his calves; the tags of his collar chime with the movement and his tail tickles his skin.

Kei pushes his hips down harder and Tadashi yelps. Kei gives a nasty snicker of delight at the sound. “Pathetic little bitch, look how happy you are humping the sheets like that,” he murmurs, carding his fingers through the fur of Tadashi’s tail. “Your tail is just wagging away.”

Kei lets go of Tadashi’s tail and runs his fingers against the insides of the brunet’s thighs. Tadashi parts them and moans hips grinding into the sheets as Kei runs a feather-light finger against his balls, then over the perineum and up to circle around his hole, idly flicking the base of the plug in thought. “How about you wag your tail a little harder for me, puppy?” he murmurs, voice sticky with false sweetness and absolute gloating.

“Ah—?” Tadashi twists his head slightly to peek at Kei; the combination of the more human-sounding noise and a change in position earns him a sharp slap to the rear. He groans and brings his knees closer to his body, lifting his ass higher in the air.

“Now let’s see it,” Kei muses. He pushes past the fur at the base of the tail plug and presses on it.

Tadashi gasps and nearly chokes on the moan that bubbles out from the pit of his stomach. He squirms against the new sensation of the plug vibrating in him, nudging against his prostate. His hips twitch and Kei makes a very satisfied noise, hands stroking against Tadashi’s trembling back. Kei continues to pet him for a few moments before pulling away.

Kei shifts up to the head of the bed, settling against the headboard; he sprawls his legs out, and lets his thighs fall open. He watches Tadashi twitch and fuck the matress, muscles taut and straining; it’s a sight to see, all flushed cheeks and drool-slicked mouth, face red and lined from being mashed into the sheets. His lover’s ass jiggles with the movements, tail swinging back and forth to tickle freckled thighs. He undoes his zipper and starts to palm himself lazily.

He tugs on the leash still wrapped loosely in his fingers. “Here, boy,” he says sharply.

Tadashi looks up at him through his lashes, eyes dark and questioning.

“Here,” he says again, jerking on the leash.

Tadashi’s throat convulses with the movement, and the hazy look of pleasure that crosses the brunet’s face at being manhandled makes Kei’s dick twitch.

Tadashi crawls to him, settling between Kei’s sprawled legs; he sits on his calves, the perfect picture of an obedient, waiting dog. Kei raises an eyebrow and smirks, watching the way Tadashi’s stomach trembles with the strain of sitting still. The brunet’s mouth hangs open, still panting roughly, his flushed and leaking cock bobbing with each inhale-exhale.

Kei reaches forward and rubs his knuckles against Tadashi’s cheek before turning his hand to thumb away smears of saliva against his partner’s cheek. “Good boy,” he murmurs as he caresses Tadashi’s face, petting over skin.

Tadashi’s eyes flutter shut and he whimpers, euphoric from praise. He leans his face into the touch, leaning forward onto his hands.

“Yes,” Kei coos, crooking his fingers under Tadashi’s chin, tipping the brunet’s head up as he scritches at soft skin. “Yes. See, you can be a good boy after all,” he continues, tracing his fingers up against the line of Tadashi’s jaw, cupping his lover’s face. “Good boy, Yamaguchi. You just needed to be reminded how to be good, isn’t that right?”

Tadashi nuzzles Kei’s palm, breath harsh against the skin. He lets his tongue loll out briefly before lapping at Kei’s fingers, tongue tracing patterns against the flat of the blond’s palm. Pleasure bubbles hot in his gut and threatens to spill over with each new line of praise Kei murmurs at him, whose fingers continue petting over his face and hair and against his neck, and with each shift of his own body against the tail plug.

“Undress me, Yamaguchi,” Kei murmurs demurely, having grown bored of just idly petting the other man. “Good dogs get rewards, after all, don’t they?” He gives a twich of his hips upward, fingers dragging from Tadashi’s neck downward, over the brunet’s chest and stomach to slide lazily against the mess of precum on Tadashi’s cock.

Tadashi rises to his knees without even the slightest bit of hesitation. He makes short work of divesting Kei of his clothes, quickly draping himself against the blond, lapping at every inch of pale skin he can reach. He rubs himself against Kei’s thigh, groaning low in his throat.

The noise is cut short by a tug at the leash. Kei looks up at him, face flushed and hazy. “Mmn, no we don’t,” he murmurs, reaching up to hook a finger underneath Tadashi’s collar. He pulls his lover forward, languidly wrapping his legs around Tadashi’s hips. He pulls until his and Tadashi’s lips brush; he tips his head slightly, “Good dogs don’t just hump their owners. And you’re a good dog, aren’t you?”

Tadashi chases the feeling of Kei’s lips moving against his own, licking slowly into the blond’s mouth. Kei opens his lips easily, rolling his tongue against Tadashi’s. Tadashi feels his leash go slack, and before he can register that Kei’s let go of it, Kei’s pushing the bottle of lube into his twitching fingers.

Tadashi whines softly and leans back onto his heels. Kei tugs him forward again. “No, no, I said I’d reward you for being a good boy,” Kei purrs. He reaches up, breath coming out unevenly, ears turning red even as he keeps a steady voice. “I want you to fuck me, doggie. Bark if you want to fuck me.”

Tadashi feels his stomach swoop and he swallows hard, fumbling with the bottle in his hands as the noise spills from his mouth. It’s the loudest all night, and Kei groans with delight at it. Tadashi spills lube over his fingers, and it smears across Kei’s thighs as the blond spreads and lifts his knees up. Tadashi doesn’t waste time—he’s already unsteadily close to finishing, and Kei urges him on with spat out curses and cooed praise as Tadashi works his fingers into the blond.

Soon enough, he pushes inside of his lover, collar tags chiming with the movement. His ears slip down his hair and rest on his forehead, and Kei reaches up to tangle his hands into Tadashi’s hair. His ankles cross behind Tadashi, tail tickling them with every rough thrust his lover makes.

Tadashi pushes and grinds hard and fast into Kei, one hand sliding down to clumsily jerk the blond off.

It doesn’t take a lot for Tadashi to reach his peak. He shudders and tries to hold back, but Kei pets his cheek with a shaking hand and groans, “Good—you’re so good, Tadashi—” and he cums with his teeth sinking into Kei’s neck to muffle his own moan.

Kei comes into his hand not soon after, back arching off the sheets. He falls back onto the bed, panting as Tadashi slips out of him and collapses limply against him.

Kei pants and tries to steady himself and control his breathing. He strokes over Tadashi’s shoulders until the brunet starts shuddering as the vibrator in his ass pushes him into mewling oversensitivity, nails digging into Kei’s stomach. “I’ve got you,” Kei soothes, as Tadashi’s voice rises in pitch and he starts writhing. “I’ve got you, you’re doing so good.”

A strained sob leaves his throat at Kei runs his hands down his back, sitting them both up for easier maneuverability.

Kei reaches back and eases the plug out as Tadashi arches back onto his knees, ass perking back as his thighs shake with effort. Tadashi gasps and claws at Kei who holds him down as he shakes, hips rutting up against Kei’s stomach.

“See? You did so good,” Kei whispers, brushing soft kisses against Tadashi’s temples.

Tadashi sags against Kei as Kei works at the catch of the collar, dropping it and the leash to the sheets with the tail plug. Kei leans forward and nuzzles against the pink line of skin where the collar had been, covering the marks with kisses. He reaches up and removes the headband and combs through Tadashi’s hair.

Tadashi nestles into Kei, letting the blonde wrap his arms around his waist and smother him with kisses and gentle nuzzling. He works to find his voice, “Hhgh,” is all that comes out.

“I know,” Kei murmurs, amusement light in his voice. He lets them fall back into the sheets, curling his body around Tadashi. He smirks into the brunet’s hair, “You were good,” he says, a hint of teasing in his voice.

Tadashi pinches him in retaliation, too spent to do much else.

oikawa/his fangirls, gangbang (rape, non-con)

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Oikawas fangirls have the same "disgusting personality" and are equally intimidating and smart. Well, maybe they got tired of him not really paying attention to them, or want to show him how fiercely they love him.

[asahi/yuu] [shower sex]

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basically that but I mean their heigh difference makes it awkward as hell? oh yah but they work it out, idk make yuu sit on the soap holding thingy or somthn thanks
dokuhan: (pink magical boy)

Fill: "the beat" (AsaNoya, shower sex)

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(Yoyoyo, here I am from SWAG2016 to fill your prompt. Also never use just spit and water as lube, kiddos, it doesn't work out. Fic logic right here.)

tags: underage, orgasm denial, barebacking/unsafe sex, overstimulation.

Admittedly, Yuu hadn't had the most innocent of intentions when he invited himself over to Asahi's place after practice. Sure there had been the pretext of homework when anybody asked, but they both knew pretty damn well they were just going to spend the time before Asahi's parents got home to fool around.

But somehow, he hadn't been expecting this.

The glass walls of the Azumane family's enclosed shower felt cool along his back and the steam made his head feel a little woozy. At least, it could have been the steam - or it could have been Asahi's tongue shoved up his ass. It could have gone either way, really.

His legs dangled lamely over Asahi's shoulders, as the much bigger, much stronger boy held him up. His left hand was strong against Yuu's hips, keeping him steady while his right hand squeezed at a cheek to hold him open. His tongue traced around the rim in between rough trusts, and Yuu couldn't help but feel totally helpless to it.

His hands scrabbled for purchase in Asahi's hair, fingers tangling into the wet locks. "F-fuck...Asahi-san. Don't st-stop, please," he keened between pants.

Asahi couldn't really answer around a mouth full of ass but, if the low growl and increased pace were anything to go by, it was pretty obvious that he agreed. His right hand tightened, nails digging into soft flesh and making marks that probably wouldn't fade for at least a day.

Just as Yuu thought he was going to burst, Asahi's mouth trailed away, making it's way up his thigh. "Yuu...Yuu..." he said gently, nipping at the skin.

"I-I...I'm not done," he whimpered, feeling just a little pathetic, but he was so close and if Asahi would just go a little bit more...well, "come on Asahi-san, please."

"I know, I know. I just...I want..." he groaned and pressed his face into Yuu's hip, which was also way too close to his dick and he'd probably come with just a little bit of friction, "I wanna fuck you. I really, really want to."


Oh well that...that was totally okay. Better, even. Yuu was totally, one-hundred-percent, absolutely okay with that.

Yuu tightened his fingers in Asahi's hair. "God, yes, fuck yes. Just hurry up."

When Asahi stood Yuu back on his legs, they felt like jelly. If it wasn't for Asahi's hands on his arms and they extra support they brought, he probably would have slid down onto the floor. The steam in the shower covered the decently sized, Nishinoya Yuu-shaped space on the glass and Yuu wanted to apologize to the beating the Azumane's water heater must have been taking because of their shenanigans. All thoughts about appliances and their feelings left his head, though, as Asahi ducked down to press their lips together. He opened his mouth so their tongues could meet, taking his own initiative as he sucked on Asahi's. His hands reached up and spread across the taller boy's firm pectoral muscles.

It all honesty, Yuu could have stayed there for hours. Sure, the taste wasn't anything super appealing at the moment (of course), but kissing Asahi was probably one of his favorite things in the world. Still he was painfully hard and this closeness was doing nothing to solve that. He figured Asahi was probably feeling the same way too, since he was taking the utmost care to make sure their erections wouldn't brush up against each other.

So, Yuu was the one to break them apart - ignoring the line of spit between them. "Asahi-saaaan."

Asahi swallowed and nodded, "Y-yeah, right, um...can you turn around? I mean, I probably should stretch you out a little, I don't have lube but—"

"It's fine! I trust you." With that, Yuu turned his back to Asahi and braced his hands against the glass.

One of Asahi's hands went back to his hip and his lips pressed against his shoulder, "Thank you." His free hand ghosted over the small of Yuu's back for just a moment, before reaching lower.

As Asahi's index finger pressed inside of him, slowly, achingly, Yuu's hips pushed forward reflexively. The head of his cock gently pressed against the glass and wow. It wasn't the friction he'd been craving since Asahi stopped rimming him, but it still felt amazing, especially considering the fact it hadn't been touched since they'd first gotten into the shower. He thrusted his hips experimentally and moaned as shock waves traveled down his body.

Just as suddenly though, Asahi's hand moved away from his hip and wrapped around his dick. It gently squeezed and Asahi used the force of his hand to push Yuu's hips away from the wall. "No. Not yet," he said firmly, with a bite in his voice that Yuu didn't hear often. Whenever he did hear it, it was admittedly a major turn on. It was gone just as quickly though, "Um, I mean, uh...I want us to do it together, so, could y-"

"Asahi-san, boss me around more, please." He trusted his hips shallowly into Asahi's hand.

Luckily Asahi seemed to get the message right away, and squeezed again. "Don't come until I say so," he said in that previous tone, and Yuu shivered, "okay?"

He moaned and nodded his head, closing his eyes as he did so.

With that, Asahi pressed a second finger into him, scissoring in a steady rhythm. His hand moved back to Yuu's hip, keeping him firmly in place for the duration.

"Do you think you need a third one?"

He leaned back against Asahi's fingers "N-no, I'm fine..." he made a breathy noise and leaned back again, "I think. I don't know. I just want to do it already."

"Y-yeah, same..." Asahi removed his fingers and patted Yuu's hip, "Turn around, I'll pick you up again."

Normally, he would have huffed and asked if that was a comment about his height, but by that point he was too keyed up to even think about it. He turned and laughed sheepishly, looking up at Asahi, "Maybe next time we should do this in the bathtub, huh? Then I can lean over and you can have your way with me without screwing up your knees."

Asahi wrapped his arms around Yuu, cupping his ass as he lifted him up, "I like seeing your face better," he pressed him up against the glass, "wrap your legs around me."

He followed the instructions, and wrapped his arms around Asahi's neck as well, for good measure. "I like seeing your face too." He pressed a kiss to his forehead, "I like you."

It didn't hurt too much when Asahi pushed inside, but Yuu definitely could have used more prep than the shower allowed. Nevertheless, the tightness felt satisfying enough to overshadow any pain. He tangled his hands back into Asahi's hair, "Oh god...move please."

Asahi's hips drew back and came forward with a snap, pushing Yuu upwards. On the next thrust he pushed down in time with it, and eventually the two of them found a steady pace that, hopefully, wouldn't end in bodily harm.

As Yuu got closer and closer still to his climax, he tried to bring one of his hands down to his now straining erection.

Before he could do that, Asahi pressed him harder into the glass. He buried his face into Yuu's next, biting out a, "not yet" as he increased his speed.

He whimpered at that. He honest to god actually whimpered at that. It was mortifying and he'd never admit it outside of the situation, but it was seriously all he could do. It wasn't out of pain or fear either. No, it was a whimper of pure anticipation.

His head began to spin and it was hard to keep his eyes open. His skin tingled and his lungs burned as he tried to catch his breath, while his legs tightened around Asahi's waist. The sound of water falling around them thrummed in his ears and Asahi's breath made his neck feel dry. It was overwhelming, overstimulating, and addicting.

Just when Yuu felt like he was going to pass out (or die, but wow, what a way to go), Asahi's hand wrapped around his cock and started pumping furiously. This time instead of a whimper, a groan, or even a moan - Yuu screamed. His head tipped back and the bump made him feel woozy, but he couldn't even give a rat's ass at that point. "Asahi! Asahi!" Pleasure shot through his whole body, shooting through his fingers and toes, and it felt like all of his muscles were tightening like a guitar string.

As Yuu came down from his high, he felt the warm, sloppy sensation of Asahi slipping out of him. He sighed and rested his head on Asahi's shoulder, "Wow..."

"Yeah...wow," Asahi quietly agreed, nosing along his hairline.

They stood there for just a little while, taking no mind of the freezing cold water or sticky feeling of jizz on their skin. Eventually, though, Asahi had to put Yuu down and while the other boy needed help standing, they cleaned up as best as they could.

When they stepped out of the shower, Asahi sat Yuu down on the edge of the tub - taking the time to wrap a towel around him before putting on around his own waist. They exchanged a few kisses, chaste, quick, and comforting, as they dried off.

"Do you need help getting back to my room?" Asahi asked as he finished getting dressed.

"Hmmm...I'm not sure, you were pretty rough with me." Yuu laughed as Asahi's expression, "I'm fine, Asahi-san, chill...but I wouldn't mind if you carried. me."

Asahi rolled his eyes, but still leaned down for Yuu to climb on his back, "Don't worry me like that, you know I can't take it."

"I know, I know." He situated himself on Asahi's back as the taller boy stood up. He nuzzled his face behind his ear, "But I think that's what I like best about you."

"O-oh...um...thanks, I guess." Even though Yuu couldn't see it, he could still tell that there was a smile on Asahi's face.

"No problem. Now come on, I need a nap."

shimada/yamaguchi, age kink (underage)

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Ohhhhmyyygoood I want Yams fucked hard by Shimada while he calls him DADDY and BEGS maybe orgasm denial bro idk do your worst I just want the older man wanting payment for his jump float lessons
((Added warning, sorry 'bout that!))

fill: creature fear (shimada/yamaguchi, underage, daddy kink)(1/2)

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mom, i'm so sorry
op, i'm so sorry


When Shimada had asked him how old he was, Yamaguchi hadn't thought much of it.

It made sense, after all. He was going to teach Yamaguchi in private, which meant he had no information about him save for what he told Shimada himself.

Yamaguchi had stared down at his feet with some modicum of embarrassment, scuffing the ground with the toe of his shoe before muttering 'sixteen,' voice low.

And that had been that. Shimada had smiled, and the lessons had begun.

Shimada was always kind. Pushy at times, perhaps, but never once did he raise his voice with anger or annoyance. It'd taken some coaxing from him, but eventually Yamaguchi had relaxed in his presence, finally letting some of his anxiety go in favor of improvement.

He liked Shimada. He was funny, and kind, always patient and caring enough to walk Yamaguchi through the steps of their lessons, no matter how long it took. That, he appreciated: the softness in Shimada's voice, the gentleness of his hands as he showed Yamaguchi just how to move - 'no, not there, move your stance like this - good, now square your shoulders' - and it wasn't long until Shimada's praise made him glow with pride.

It'd been forever since he'd felt that way. Tsukishima, as much as Yamaguchi liked him, often put a damper on his excitement whenever he got too fired up - and given that Tsukishima was his constant companion, it was almost instinctual for him to hide his energy, by now.

Shimada, though - Shimada made him feel special.

He'd seen nothing wrong with his attraction, at first. Shimada was handsome, what with his smile and gentle eyes, glasses perched on strong features (Yamaguchi had always had a thing for glasses, the origin of his attraction being something he'd always refuse to admit), voice soft and encouraging.

It was just a crush on his end. Nothing more. Yamaguchi was used to unrequited affections, having trailed after Tsukishima for so many years, so he'd brushed it off as a passing fancy with a brief pang in his heart.

It wasn't a passing fancy, though. Every time Shimada's hands brushed his he felt heat rise to his face, skin suddenly prickling under his scrutiny. He'd thought Shimada wouldn't notice - the hitches in his breath, the stumbling words, the tensing of his shoulders whenever Shimada drew near - Yamaguchi had thought he'd hidden it well.

That hadn't been the case, apparently.

The night was warm, pressing in indigo around Yamaguchi as the solid weight of a volleyball nestled between his palms.

"That's not right," he hears Shimada say from behind him, a gentle tsk as he draws in close behind Yamaguchi. He tenses without realizing it, heartbeat ratcheting up a few notches as Shimada's hands reach around him.

"Your fingers," he hears him say, distantly, "should be like this."

Yamaguchi's attention suddenly zeroes in on the feel of Shimada's fingers against his, warm and guiding his hands along the soft cloth of the volleyball's surface. He swallows hard. Shimada's hovering just behind his shoulder, chest pressed against his back, arms brushing against his, palms smoothing against the back of his hands - it sends a rush of heat through him, the proximity, and he barely manages to not shiver.

"Tadashi?" Shimada says, questioning. Yamaguchi does shiver, then, hair standing on end as he hears that voice so close to his ear. Without thinking, he grips the volleyball tight, head turning ever-so-slowly towards the sound of Shimada's voice.

He freezes, breath stopping as he realizes just how close they are - Shimada's face is barely centimeters away, glasses glinting briefly in the light emanating from the shop's front.

Yamaguchi feels heat rise to his cheeks, eyes dropping conspicuously to Shimada's mouth. He wants to kiss him - he's right there, so close, body almost caging him in - but before he can make any sort of decision on the matter, Shimada clears his throat and pulls back.

For a moment, Yamaguchi doesn't look at him, face burning with humiliation.

"I think," Shimada says delicately, and Yamaguchi's gaze flicks to him, "we should continue this tomorrow, Tadashi." His expression is thoughtful, but otherwise unreadable, eyes boring into Yamaguchi's.

"O-- okay," Yamaguchi squeaks. With a sudden movement, he shoves the volleyball back into Shimada's arms before pivoting on his heel and bolting, trying very hard not to think of the intensity of Shimada's gaze on him.


When he returns the next evening, Shimada is as kind as ever, as if nothing had happened. And perhaps nothing had happened - perhaps Yamaguchi was overthinking things, as usual. He relaxes as he draws close, hand lifted in a wave.

"Tadashi," Shimada calls, smile friendly, "let's pick up where we were yesterday, okay?"

And they do. It's normal at first, how it usually is, Shimada walking him through the steps with dutiful patience. Yamaguchi almost forgets about the incident, until Shimada circles behind him once more, audibly fretting.

"I thought we went over this." he reprimands, though there's no real fire to it. Again, Yamaguchi goes stock still as he feels Shimada grow close once more, sweeping in behind him. Just like the other night, he presses in close, hand smoothing down Yamaguchi's arm and down to his hand once more.

His other hand, however - it doesn't follow suit. Instead, Shimada's hand skims down over his elbow, passing over his arm entirely to settle at Yamaguchi's hip. His breath catches at the steady weight there, firm at his waist, and his heart kicks up a staccato rhythm.

"Um," Yamaguchi stutters, tongue thick with sudden nerves, "um, Shimada- Shimada-sensei, your hand..." he finally manages weakly, shuddering as Shimada digs his fingers into his hip.

"My hand?" Shimada repeats quietly, lips pressed against Yamaguchi's ear - he wants to whine, almost, slow heat curling in his chest as he shivers. "Is there a problem, Tadashi?"

Yamaguchi swallows hard, racking his brain for an answer - but before he can respond, Shimada presses a kiss just under his ear, and he utters a soft whimper instead. The volleyball falls from his hands, forgotten, arms frozen in place as Shimada's lips brush the side of his neck.

"N - no." he stammers, breath catching as Shimada grips his waist with both hands. When Shimada slides a palm smoothly over his torso and down, skimming past his navel to rub slow circles against Yamaguchi's thigh, he moans outright, starting with the sudden wave of aching heat that hits him.

Yamaguchi still doesn't know what to do with his hands, but Shimada doesn't seem to mind, preoccupied as he is with kissing down Yamaguchi's throat, breath washing hot over his skin as he palms Yamaguchi through the front of his jeans.

"Was I wrong?" Shimada murmurs against his skin, hand finding the outline of Yamaguchi's dick and squeezing gently, relishing in the gasp that follows, "that you were looking at me? And thinking of this?"

Yamaguchi lets his head fall back, hips jerking forward into Shimada's touch. He feels dirty like this, frozen as Shimada toys with him, making him shiver and moan, but he - he likes it, almost, relinquishing control to an adult.

Fuck. An adult. Shimada is ten years older than him, a full decade - and that thought, more than any of the others, makes his cock twitch. He bites back a whimper.

"Tadashi." Shimada speaks again, his name low on his lips, "go inside the shop."

And then he pulls his hands away, leaving Yamaguchi hot and flustered. For a moment, he flounders, before casting a glance over his shoulder - Shimada looks composed as ever, a smile quirking his mouth as he stares down at Yamaguchi.

"Okay," he manages, voice cracking, before turning and darting into the shop's side door.

It's quiet inside. Yamaguchi can hear his heart hammering in his ears even over the sound of Shimada following, door clicking as it closes behind them.

He turns slowly, apprehensive, and then Shimada's on him.

It's more domineering than it is rough - he pushes Yamaguchi back against the counter, hands firm on his waist, a thigh shifting between Yamaguchi's legs. Then, he kisses him, hot and rough, palm sliding under Yamaguchi's shirt and up the curve of his spine. Without thinking, Yamaguchi's hips jerk forward, rocking down against him, and he lets out a soft noise.

"Do you," Shimada begins, kissing Yamaguchi breathless between words, "want this, Tadashi? Do you want me to fuck you?"

Yamaguchi's knees go weak, and he utters a broken noise, seemingly incapable of forming sentences. Yes, he wants, wants so badly something he'd never had before, so much that he forgets his inhibitions and reaches up, curling clumsy fingers into Shimada's hair to yank him down into another kiss.

Shimada laughs into his mouth, taking a lip between his teeth and tugging, hands shifting down to fumble with Yamaguchi's pants. It takes him only a moment, licking into Yamaguchi's mouth as he unfastens the button and pushes his jeans and briefs down, letting the fabric pool around his knees.

Yamaguchi pants as Shimada pulls away, feeling hot, stomach and chest aching and tight with want.

"Turn around." Shimada orders, eyes snapping back up to Yamaguchi's face. He swallows, and complies, turning uncertainly so his back is to Shimada.

He hears the click of some sort of cap, then a wet noise - and then he jumps about a foot in the air, squeaking as Shimada trails slick fingers down his ass - then he's spreading him apart, fingertip finding the furl of muscle there before pushing in, gentle but insistent.

Yamaguchi's mouth falls open, skin burning as he focuses on the foreign sensation - it's not overwhelmingly pleasurable in itself, but when Shimada places a firm hand on his back and pins him down against the counter, he lets his head fall forward with a helpless groan.

"You're so good," Shimada breathes, working the single digit in and out of him in steady motions, "such a good boy, Tadashi, listening so well -" Yamaguchi shivers again, biting his lip to keep another noise back.

He can feel himself shaking, knees almost buckling as Shimada tentatively presses another fingertip alongside the first - then he's nudging both in, slick and insistent, and Yamaguchi lets himself whine, heat briefly overwhelming him.

Shimada's fingers make him feel full as they pump steadily in and out of him, dragging along his insides, sparking pleasure along his nerves. Shimada leans forward again, mouthing against his jaw as he fucks him with his fingers.

"Shima-- Shimada-sensei," Yamaguchi finally manages, panting as his head falls to the side, "please-- please. Put it in me." The words come out before he can stop them, and he flushes a dark red, lip quivering with embarrassment.

"Polite." Shimada breathes against his throat, fingers never once stopping as they thrust into him, "just one thing, Tadashi-san." Yamaguchi nods jerkily, body suddenly convulsing with a whimper as Shimada crooks his fingers and pushes in hard, hitting something achingly deep and sweet.

"I want you to call me... daddy. Is that okay with you?" With that, he bites down at the juncture of Yamaguchi's neck and shoulder, tongue laving at the resulting mark. He cries out.

Daddy? It sounds like some bad porno, but as Yamaguchi goes over the prospect in his head, it sounds... hot, almost, and he gasps, eyelashes fluttering as Shimada's fingers keep pumping in and out of him.

"Okay." he finally manages, biting his lip in sudden disappointment as Shimada suddenly shifts back, fingers pulling out of him.

"Okay... what?" Shimada prompts, a hand grabbing his hip once more. Yamaguchi feels the blunt head of his cock slide over him, then, slick and hard, and he shudders again, head clouding his thoughts and vision.

"Okay... daddy." he answers, voice shaking with embarrassment.

Shimada's breath catches, and he grabs Yamaguchi's hips with renewed vigor, dick pressing against tight heat and wet --

-- and then he pushes in, sinking into Yamaguchi, mindful of his wail of surprise and want. Shimada pulls him back, forcing him down onto his cock and bottoming out, Yamaguchi quivering tight and wet around him.


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[Kageyama/Hinata/Oikawa, three way] No warning

(Anonymous) 2015-01-13 05:51 am (UTC)(link)
So its obvious to everyone that Kageyama and Hinata like each other a lot but the two are just to stubborn to admit it to themselves.

It gets to the point where Oikawa notices it and tries gives them a little push. But that goes without him getting something in return.

Bonus if Oikawa tries to make Kageyama jealous by giving Hinata more attention

tanaka/nishinoya, dry humping

(Anonymous) 2015-02-05 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
tananoya discovering dry humping while making out in the locker room and coming in their pants cause they're stupid inexperienced teenagers. bonus for lotsa communication and just them being best bros who love each other a lot

HinaKage, underage

(Anonymous) 2015-02-07 10:54 am (UTC)(link)
accidental-time-travelling, college-aged hinata meets the cute younger version of his boyfriend kageyama and thinks its time to top his setter

bonus: hina slowly prepares kage while whispering sweet things

Re: HinaKage, underage

(Anonymous) 2016-03-27 05:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Yasssss. Seconding that, someone do that, PLS.

Hinata / ushijima

(Anonymous) 2015-02-11 06:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Basically, Ushijima sort of starts obsessing over Hinata after what happened in chapter 77
Because that face:

*spoiler chapter 108

Bonus if there's an allusion to this:

( where Ushijima was either heading towards Hinata before Hinata tried running off, or if he put himself in Hinata's path on purpose after Hinata had already started to run)

[oikawa/iwaizumi (in that order)] [dom!oikawa]

(Anonymous) 2015-02-12 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
I just need oikawa topping the fuck out of iwaizumi in bed. Rough sex is a bonus.
ukaijr: (Default)

fill: rationed breaths (oiiwa, rimming, dirty talk)(no warnings)(1/3)

[personal profile] ukaijr 2015-07-03 02:51 am (UTC)(link)
de-anoned for this one
i hope you see this, op


Iwaizumi forgets how strong Oikawa is, sometimes.

That wasn't to say that his physical prowess on the court wasn't admirable - it was hard to ignore how effortlessly in control Oikawa always was, eyes quick and body straining. Iwaizumi watches him when Oikawa thinks he isn't looking.

Of course, Oikawa's always looking, but it's nice to pretend he can ogle him in peace.

Iwaizumi knows the arch of his back when he stretches, knows the smooth muscles of his thighs, knows how his shirt sticks to him after a long summer practice: he knows it all. He thinks about it a lot. More than he should, probably.

Still, it's easy to forget that Oikawa's strength extends beyond the walls of the gym. When he goes doe-eyed for his many admirers' sake, Iwaizumi can pretend that there are no muscles under his uniform, just lean limbs and a massive ego.

There's power in his body, though, and Iwaizumi curses himself for forgetting it.

The fabric of his comforter is scratchy against his cheek, warm where his breath comes in irritated puffs. He'd shift positions if he could, but with Oikawa perching on his thighs, it's all he can do just to lie there and let him have his way.

'His way' had started as it usually did - Oikawa had pounced on him just as he'd come out of the shower, all smiles and wicked intent - and Iwaizumi was used to that, at least. What he wasn't used to was suddenly insistent hands, pushing him back even as they pulled his towel from around his hips, smooth palms finding the still-damp skin of his stomach.

He also hadn't expected Oikawa to manhandle - manhandle! Oikawa, of all people, Oikawa 'please do all the work and fuck me Iwa-chan while I lie here and moan prettily' Tooru - him back into his bedroom, mouth suddenly hot against his, fingers dragging down his thighs.

Then, without warning, Oikawa had shoved him down onto his bed, and that had been that.

Iwaizumi doesn't really have any complaints, not with the way Oikawa's currently preoccupied with kissing down his spine, hands firmly pinning Iwaizumi's wrists against the mattress. Iwaizumi tugs at his grip experimentally. Oikawa bites him.

"Ow." Iwaizumi grumbles, casting an unfocused look at Oikawa over his shoulder. His irritation quickly fades, however, as Oikawa licks the tender mark, tongue flat against his skin. Despite himself, he shudders, and Oikawa's grip tightens.

"Don't complain, Iwa-chan," he scolds, lips brushing against a fading bruise - from some fall during practice, likely - before he drags his tongue along Iwaizumi's skin once more, goosebumps rising under the wet trail it leaves. "I'm taking care of you, okay?"

It's kind of gross. But Iwaizumi's already half-hard against the mattress, lips parted ever-so-slightly. The cold air chills his still-damp skin, but Oikawa's solid weight on his thighs is warm and familiar, mouth hot and open against his ribs. He grunts.

All his attention zeroes in on Oikawa's mouth as he trails kisses ever downwards, shifting to accommodate the new position, fingers flexing around Iwaizumi's wrists. When his lips linger at the base of his spine, breath washing just over his tailbone, Iwaizumi jerks.

"Oikawa." he says, voice rough with the sudden heat rolling through his stomach. "Are you gonna--" He cuts himself off with a groan as Oikawa drags his teeth down and over his hip, sensation thrilling up his spine. Despite himself, he rocks down against the mattress, breath stuttering in his throat.

The friction against his cock (now fully hard) combined with Oikawa's tongue, his thumbs digging into Iwaizumi's wrists, his insistent weight holding Iwaizumi down - is enough to wring a noise of want from him, low and gravelly.

"That's dirty, Iwa-chan." Oikawa says gleefully. "Is that what you want?" He hums, shifting to press another kiss to the back of his thigh. Iwaizumi tenses. "Look at you. You're already hard!" he laughs, breath ghosting over Iwaizumi's skin.

"You're dirty." Iwaizumi grouses against the comforter, stomach flip-flopping at the warmth of his breath. Even as he speaks, his breath hitches, fingers curling into his palms as Oikawa nips at him again. "You and your-- mouth. Fuck." he hisses, squirming down against the mattress once more. Anything to alleviate the pressure slowly building behind his navel.

Oikawa laughs again, fingers slowly uncurling from Iwaizumi's wrists. He pauses, flexing his hands before grabbing Iwaizumi's thighs, sudden and insistent, pushing them apart.

"I think you like me and my dirty mouth." Oikawa croons, fingertips digging into his legs. Iwaizumi takes that into consideration, body automatically drawing tense at the sudden rush of air against his inner thighs. He feels exposed like this, with Oikawa's gaze hot over his body. Without dignifying Oikawa with an answer, he brings his own hands up, curling them in the bedspread by his sides.

Oikawa smacks the side of his thigh, then, and he jumps, shifting to shoot him a dirty look. Hard or not, Oikawa was still a dick, the grin on his face infuriatingly smug - but the gleam in his eye quells the protest in Iwaizumi's throat, chest suddenly tight with heat.

"Move up onto your knees, okay?" Oikawa says. It's not a request. Slowly, mindful of how Oikawa gives him room, Iwaizumi shifts up onto his knees, skin suddenly crawling with prickling embarrassment. Oikawa makes a pleased noise, pressing a kiss to his hip, before his hands are back on his ass, spreading him open.

If Iwaizumi felt exposed before, he doesn't know what he is now - he pushes himself up onto his elbows, breath coming fast, face and neck burning. Everything fades into silence save for Oikawa's touch, his mouth, his voice - when he sneaks a hand around to palm Iwaizumi's cock, he jumps, uttering a muffled curse.

"You really want this, huh?" Oikawa says, bright and casual. Iwaizumi can hear the smile in his voice, but he's too preoccupied with how Oikawa wraps his fingers around his dick, pumping slowly. "You really are dirty. You were humping the mattress like a dog. Are you a dog, Hajime?"

The sound of Iwaizumi's name pulls a breathless groan from him, and he bites his lip, head falling forwards. "No." he says, voice cracking as he feels Oikawa's breath over him. "No, fuck-- Jesus." He curls his fingers into his own hair, grabbing for purchase as Oikawa kisses him, dry and quick.

"Hm." Oikawa seems to consider that, fingers rubbing circles into Iwaizumi's hips before digging in, firm and insistent. Iwaizumi can hear himself breathe, faster than he'd realized, heat flaring deep in his belly with every brush of Oikawa's hands against his skin.

Then, without warning, Oikawa's mouth is on him, hot and filthy, and Iwaizumi shouts out a curse, legs shaking as Oikawa's tongue drags up his ass, slick and wet.

bokuroo, others. rimming/voyeurism

(Anonymous) 2015-02-19 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
bokuto and kuroo have a nasty habit of getting it on during training camps, both teams are very aware and always try and catch them in the act as a joke, but when they do....

[our private spectacle, 1/5] - bokuto/kuroo, akaashi/bokuto

(Anonymous) 2016-03-14 07:55 am (UTC)(link)
anon. I love your prompt but it got away from me. I hope you are not too disappointed with the direction that this goes, but I couldn't help it. bokuto/kuroo is the start, but not really the focus... akaashi was too tempted. 8|

trying something new and posting as I go. I write slowly but, I think, steadily. :)

[THIS TIME: voyeurism, discovery, rimming]


Akaashi is reading a novel in his futon, blissfully concerned only with the author's unfortunately florid prose, when Konoha pokes his head in and asks, "Where's Bokuto?"

"It's not my job to know where he is at all times," Akaashi says near-automatically, flipping the page.

"Bad news," Konoha calls back out into the hallway, "He's not with Akaashi. That means Bokuto and Kuroo are both missing... which, as I'm sure you all know, means they're probably—"

"Whoever finds them fucking gets free popsicles for the rest of camp, on me!" shouts Nekoma's Yamamoto, muffled. There is a chorus of cheers from what sounds like the first-years.

"Taking bets now for what position they'll be in," comes Komi's voice.

"Blowjobs, Bokuto receiving," says Sarukui immediately.

"No way, it's gonna be a sixty-nine!"

Akaashi sighs, putting the book over his face.

"You wanna come?" Konoha asks him. "It's always a good time."

"Every time you all do this, it just gets more ridiculous," Akaashi says, into the pages of his book. "You've never found them, as far as I've heard."

"That's what makes it fun," Konoha says. Akaashi hears footsteps, and then Konoha is lifting the book off his face. He's grinning. "It's low risk. We're mainly out just to have a fun time, but if we do find them it'll be hilarious. They think they're so subtle."

Akaashi squints; he's not sure if even Kuroo and Bokuto could possibly believe they were, in fact, subtle. More likely, they simply didn't care if they were caught (Kuroo) or didn't realize that their behavior was in any way suspicious (Bokuto).

Konoha prods him with his foot. "Come on Akaashi. My number one wish is to see you not be a spoilsport before I graduate."

"I've never been a spoilsport when you all get up to this," Akaashi says. "I've just never joined in."

"I'm specially inviting you this time," Konoha says, his grin widening. "My favorite vice-captain kouhai. Come on, just once?"

Akaashi sighs, weighing the options. Low risk, Konoha said; hopefully that was true.

"Fine," he says, cautious. "Just this once. But if we do find them, I reserve the right to leave immediately."

"Sure, whatever," Konoha says, giving him a hand up. "This is about the journey anyway, not the potential treasure at the end of the road."

"Treasure," Akaashi mutters, mouth twisting.

"Or whatever you'd like to call embarrassing those two," Konoha says, eyes gleaming. "They've had it coming for a long time."

Akaashi has his private doubts about whether Kuroo and Bokuto would be embarrassed to be interrupted during an intimate encounter. Kuroo is tricky; he tends to hide the things that bother him most. It's highly likely that Bokuto wouldn't care in the slightest. Though, based on his surprisingly modest behavior in the changeroom, there remains a possibility that he would be completely mortified.

Konoha ushers him out into the hall before he can decide to change his mind. Nekoma's vice-captain is at the end of the corridor, pointing some of his team members down to a different branch of classrooms.

"You guys got this floor?" Konoha asks, pulling Akaashi by the wrist.

"Yup," Kai says. His normally solemn face is relaxed, the corners of his mouth perked up as he glances back at them. "The others have probably got upstairs covered too."

"Great, then we'll start scouting the outside," Konoha says, and promptly tows Akaashi down the nearest staircase.

"You all seem to have worked out a system for this," Akaashi says, trying not to sound overly judgmental.

"Of course we have," Konoha says, "it's one of the best parts of training camp. We usually search the school floor by floor, and then work our way out around the grounds."

"You seriously search every closet in the school? Every bathroom?"

"We even try the teacher's offices," Konoha says, looking back with a devious grin. He lets go of Akaashi's wrist, probably deeming him unlikely to go running back to his futon now that they're a floor away and nearly outside. "We try to stay away from the areas where the coaches and other schools are staying, but everywhere else is fair game. We've got a good search crew."

"And yet you've never found them," Akaashi says.

"I honestly don't know how they do it," Konoha says. "They must know some secret spots."

He pushes open the door and they step out into the humid dark. The lights illuminating the pathways to the detached buildings have already been shut off, but they're at Fukuroudani this year; Akaashi feels confident in his step even in the near-black. The familiarity of the setting makes him pause.

"I guess it would make sense to try the secret make-out spot near the back west fence," Konoha is murmuring, just ahead.

Akaashi's eyes flicker over to the line of gymnasiums, tantalizingly near. "Have you ever looked in the gyms, Konoha-san?"

"They're locked after practice," Konoha says, pausing with him. "We can't get in there."

"This is our school," Akaashi says. "Bokuto-san has a key to our regular gym, if you'd forgotten."

"Oh shit," Konoha says, "Akaashi, you're brilliant. You've got a key too, right?"

He swallows, a feeling of dread welling suddenly up. Still, he says, "I do." It's zipped in his pocket.

"Fuck yeah!" Konoha says, immediately turning to head for the line of gyms. "We're totally gonna find them this year! Akaashi, you're my lucky charm."

"I still don't see why this is exciting," Akaashi says, trotting behind. "If those two actually are up to something private, I don't want to see it."

"I told you, I won't make you look," Konoha says.

Akaashi should probably respect the heavy feeling in his chest and turn around right now. Konoha is humming to himself as they approach the third gym: their regular practice site during the school day. Just hours ago Akaashi was in here, with Bokuto and Kuroo and the motley crew they'd collected. Now the high windows of the gym are all dark. It's as silent as everything else.

"We'll just check it out quick," Konoha says, evaluating the place just as Akaashi is. "If they're not here, there are still plenty of other places to look."

Akaashi's hands are steady as he unlocks the door. He pushes it open carefully, knowing just how it tends to creak. He's done this many times this year; getting here earlier than Bokuto, and starting to set up in the hush of morning. He leaves the door cracked behind them, and they pad in on socked feet.

The gym is dark, but a light is on in the back storage area. Konoha leads the way, Akaashi slow and silent behind him. The closer they get, the more Akaashi is sure that he can hear some kind of noise, the softest high echo.

"Fuck, shit, yes," Konoha whispers, when they get to the half-open equipment room door. From here it's obvious that there is indeed a noise, quiet though it is, and that the noise is coming from a person. Konoha peers around the door, and then, judging it clear, slips inside.

Akaashi squints against the light, hesitating. Slowly, he takes one step forward, then two, and lets himself peek.

The noise—the moaning, for that's what it is—is coming from the little-used coach's office off the equipment room, where he and Bokuto sometimes sit after club to fill out paperwork. More specifically, Akaashi fills out the paperwork and Bokuto sits on a chair next to him, chattering away about various topics usually at least somewhat related to volleyball. The door to the office has a small inset window; it's this that Konoha is looking through, holding a hand to his mouth to muffle his cackle. Akaashi moves inside before consciously deciding to, but stops halfway, amidst the carts full of volleyballs, once he's realized what he's done.

"I've gotta get the others here quick," Konoha whispers, pulling away from the window. He wipes at his eye. "I have no idea when these guys are going to be done."

Akaashi tenses. "So... they're in the middle of..."

Konoha snorts, pulling out his phone. "Very in the middle of it. You know, this whole time I almost didn't really believe they were doing the deed. But honestly, I don't know if you'll be able to work in there again, Akaashi," he laughs, shaking his head.

Maybe Akaashi won't be able to work in there again. Certainly not in close proximity to Bokuto. Even here, three good steps away from being able to see anything, the idea of it feels uncomfortable, hot.

There's a sort of ringing in his ears, not quite harmonizing with the intermittent whines and groans filtering through the door. Without meaning to, his brain connects the dots: The whines are coming from Bokuto. Kuroo is—silent.

Sarukui could be right, Akaashi thinks, looking carefully at the floor. Blowjobs, Bokuto receiving. But even a blowjob should make a little noise, he thinks, and Akaashi really can't hear a thing. The air is thick with Bokuto's soft, helpless noises, muffled and high. Maybe, if he listens closely underneath that, he can catch... the tiniest, wet sounds.

"I won't make you look," Konoha whispers suddenly, "but to be honest, it kind of seems like you want to."

He's smirking down at his phone, fingers working; texting the others, probably.

"Really," he says. glancing up. "I won't tell anyone. If you want to, go ahead."

Akaashi glares at him a little, automatic, before he can stop himself. Konoha is a bit of a dick, but he's also a man of his word. If Akaashi does want to look—which, maybe, in the smallest way, he does—he shouldn't be ungrateful for the chance. For just this moment, it could be safe to indulge himself.

Still, he can't move for another long second.

After three breaths, he steps forward beside Konoha, steeling himself as he peers slowly through the little window. It'll just be for a second, he tells himself.


Bokuto is bent over the desk. That desk, covered in bus receipts and Akaashi's leftover scrap paper—

Akaashi takes in a long, silent breath through his mouth.

The miscellany of papers crumples underneath Bokuto's elbows. He's braced on his forearms, head hanging low. Kuroo is on his knees behind him, face buried in Bokuto's ass. He's—licking him.

Akaashi's eyes drink up the little divots where Kuroo's fingers press into Bokuto's cheeks. He's spreading them wide to make room for his mouth. His mouth. With his gaze Akaashi traces the line of Bokuto's arm as it stretches back, every muscle in it hard and taut as he pulls at Kuroo's hair.

Akaashi feels hot. His fingers curl into his palms, blunt nails biting in hard.

This explains the hush, that unobtrusive stillness broken only by Bokuto's occasional moans. A noise bursts from him even as Akaashi watches, triggered by the shift of Kuroo's face, the working of his jaw. Bokuto arches and moves as he groans, turning his neck until Akaashi can see his red face, the way his teeth dig into his lip. He can even see the shine of sweat on Bokuto's forehead, the fierce scrunch of his screwed-up eyes.

Belatedly, he pulls away from the window and remembers to breathe again.

It's just in time too, as that moment is precisely when Komi, Sarukui, and half of Nekoma burst in not-quite-silently from the gym. He jumps at their appearance, unwillingly flustered. Luckily, they pay him very little mind.

"Seriously?" Komi hisses to Konoha. "We actually got them? The cat's in the bag?"

"The cat and the owl," Yaku corrects.

Konoha just grins, jerking a thumb to the window. Akaashi, head still spinning, shrugs a bit when they look to him. The Nekoma/Fukuroudani contingent seem to take that as a joint cue to scuffle their way over to peek.

It's through the sudden cacophony of giggles, and little whispers of Are you fucking kidding me? and Did anyone bet on ass-eating? that Akaashi meets Konoha's eyes. It's a moment of brief but clear understanding; Konoha smiles and waves Akaashi out, in that leave-it-to-me attitude of his. Akaashi nods, ashamed and grateful at once, and goes.

Behind him, Bokuto's thin moan abruptly cuts off and turns into a shriek.

[our private spectacle, 2/5] - akaashi/bokuto

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[our private spectacle, 4/5] - akaashi/bokuto

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[our private spectacle, 4/5 - END] - akaashi/bokuto

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[our private spectacle, 5/5 - END]

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tsukkiyama,nipple play

(Anonymous) 2015-02-20 12:14 am (UTC)(link)
tsukki has the most sensitive nipples ever, they're small and pink and super soft. prob have yamaguchi playing with them and watching tsukki squirm and moan under his touch please??

Re: tsukkiyama,nipple play

(Anonymous) 2016-09-11 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconding wow

Kagehina, Hinata being the dominant one, bondage maybe?

(Anonymous) 2015-02-20 01:21 am (UTC)(link)
I just want Hinata being the dominant one for once. Any situation, anything, just want Kags being submissive to his spiker huehueuhue I have a weakness for bondage so it'd be awesome if you add some too, TY!

[Bokuto/Akaashi, Kuroo/Akaashi, Bokuto/Akaashi/Kuroo] [partner sharing, voyeurism, + 3some?]

(Anonymous) 2015-02-20 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
Bokuto's a pretty generous dude, if he does say so himself, and Kuroo's only his best bro in the universe. It makes total sense for Bokuto to share everything that belongs to him with his best bro, right?

And naturally, that extends to Bokuto's oh so pretty kouhai-slash-boyfriend, Akaashi. After all, man, what are friends for??

FILL: Sharing (Bokuto/Akaashi, Kuroo/Akaashi, Bokuto/Akaashi/Kuroo; partner sharing, voyeurism)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-06 08:22 am (UTC)(link)
SWAG2016 participant #47

"I really love you," Bokuto murmurs against Akaashi's throat, before he kisses it. "So much. You know that, right?"

"Yeah," Akaashi breathes, tilting his head further back. "I do."

"I just…" Bokuto pulls back, so he can look Akaashi in the eyes, absently licking his lips because his boyfriend is just so pretty, so amazing. "I want to share how great you are. With him."

Akaashi swallows, and Bokuto watches his adams apple bob. He sucks in a short breath and says. "Yeah. I want that."


"Are you sure?" is the first thing Kuroo asks, because he's a good friend like that. He doesn't direct his question at Bokuto, but at Akaashi, who simply nods in reply.

"He's so amazing," Bokuto tells Kuroo, with full sincerity.

"I know that," Kuroo chuckles. "You don't shut up about it."

"I just want you to understand it," Bokuto urges, as Akaashi gets out of his lap, walking over to where Kuroo is sitting on his single-seater. He watches the way Kuroo looks up at him, the way his legs spread in a silent invitation for Akaashi to get onto his lap.

Akaashi does, kneeling over him, hands settling on the back of the seat for balance. They drop to Kuroo's shoulders, and Bokuto watches as Kuroo's arms circle Akaashi's waist, holding him securely.

It's a pretty hot sight, Bokuto thinks to himself. He wasn't even considering how good they'd look together but now he can't look away. He watches as Kuroo and Akaashi lean in towards each other, hears the way Akaashi takes a breath right before they lips touch.

Akaashi melts against Kuroo, the way he does into a really good kiss. Bokuto is glad, and a little turned on by it. He palms at his cock, biting his lip as he sees Akaashi deepen the kiss, pressing himself against Kuroo firmly.

"Fuck, Bokuto," Kuroo moans, as they pull apart from each other. "Your boyfriend's good."

"Right?" Bokuto grins, watching the way the back of Akaashi's neck starts to turn pink, the way it does when he's embarrassed. "He's so perfect."

"Yeah he is," Kuroo murmurs, smiling up at Akaashi as they wrap their arms around each other a little tighter.

They're rocking against each other, Bokuto realises, pushing their hips together, gasping softly at the friction. Bokuto rests his hand against his cock, just so he has a bit of pressure against it as he watches. Akaashi's making those pretty little noises that Bokuto loves so much and it's nice when he can listen to them without his own panting drowning it out.

Kuroo has his head pressed back against the soft cushion behind him, teeth grit together, the pleasure clear on his face. Bokuto is so glad that his two favourite people in the world are making each other feel so good, gladder still that he's allowed to watch it. He wants to join in too, but he stays right where he is. That's going to take a little bit more negotiation, and Bokuto's honestly not all that confident about his chances at stringing together a coherent sentence right now. Akaashi and Kuroo are probably even worse.

"Akaashi," Kuroo growls out, his voice deep, husky, sending a shiver through Bokuto. "You're gonna make me come."

"Do it," Akaashi replies, grinding against Kuroo a little harder. "Right in your pants, Kuroo-san. Please."

Kuroo moans loudly and Bokuto echoes it, watching his best friend and boyfriend come together, clutching at each other, panting with their heads resting against each other. They stay like that for a bit. Bokuto's pleased at the way Kuroo idly rubs circles into Akaashi's back before he finally pulls away.

"Well," Kuroo breathes, as Akaashi gets off his lap. "Better take care of your boy."

"I will," Akaashi murmurs, his fingers trailing against Kuroo before he returns to the couch where Bokuto is siting, then kneels in front of him. He undoes Bokuto's jeans, looking up at him through his long, beautiful lashes. "Just sit back. I'll take care of you too."

He's good at it. As Bokuto finds out, not long afterwards, Akaashi is very good at taking care of both of them.

[Kuroo/Kenma] [Kuroo records them having sex and jacks of on the tape later]

(Anonymous) 2015-02-20 07:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Bonus: Kenma finds out and pouts about him using that stuff instead than the real one

FILL: The Real Thing (Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou)

(Anonymous) 2015-12-31 11:35 am (UTC)(link)
SWAG2016 participant #11

Kuroo knows things about Kenma that nobody else does and he hoards them to himself jealously, things like the expression he makes when he struggles to figure their coffee machine out in the morning, the way he actually stretches like a cat when he moves from their couch to their bed for the night.

One of Kuroo's favourite secrets about Kenma, however, is the fact that he's incredibly vocal in bed.

He has a recording of it on his phone, because he'd asked Kenma once, waiting for him to nod before resting the phone between their pillows with an audio recording running. He fucked Kenma from behind that night, he still remembers it clearly, remembers the beautiful sounds that Kenma had made, right into the microphone.

Kuroo uses it, when Kenma's busy playing games and he doesn't want to disturb him. He doesn't want to drag Kenma to bed when there are other things that he'd rather be doing and so Kuroo just settles for this instead, settling into their bed alone, putting earphones into his phone and listening to the audio recording as he jerks off.

It starts slowly, while they're still getting everything sorted, and all Kuroo can hear at first is the rustling, his own muffled voice checking with Kenma that this is okay, double-checking that it's really okay. He never edits that bit out, because it gives him time to settle in as he listens, pulling his shorts off, then his boxers, grabbing their bottle of lube and rubbing it into his palms.

He wraps his fingers around his cock around the time that, in the recording, he starts fucking Kenma. He can tell by the way Kenma's breath hitches, the rush of air that comes out of him as a soft whine, the way it always does when Kuroo is all the way inside him. He listens to way Kenma breathes loudly, taking short, sharp breaths. The way he hums, a wordless request for Kuroo to keep going.

The first few thrusts have Kenma making soft noises at the back of his throat, but then Kuroo finds his prostate and there's a loud, "Oh!"

Kenma only gets louder from there. Kuroo listens to it, biting his lip as he strokes himself harder. Kenma pleads, gasps, moans, but Kuroo knows that his favourite bit is coming soon and he slows his strokes, waiting for it.

"Ah, ah, ah, there, yes, there," Kenma is panting, pleading, "That feels so good, yes, more, yes—"

Kenma cuts himself off with a loud moan, and Kuroo starts stroking himself harder again, knowing it's coming.

"T-Te-Testu—mmmmhh—Tetsur-r-rou," Kenma stammers out as he comes, and it gets Kuroo every single time, has him coming too, thick ropes of it over his stomach. He groans, his head falling back against the wall, hips jerking.

He licks his lips, letting his breath out in one long exhale as he relaxes. He blinks his eyes open, not even realising he had them screwed shut, and finds Kenma standing there in the doorway, arms folded across his chest.

"I heard you from the lounge," Kenma murmurs, walking closer. "I wanted to come and investigate. What are you listening to?"

Kuroo smiles sheepishly, wiping his hand clean against the bedsheet and picking his phone up, handing it over.

Kenma accepts it gingerly, holding it between two fingers as he looks at the screen. He has the audio track simply titled Kenma, but he immediately figures out exactly what it is.

He gives Kuroo an unimpressed look, like he's trying not to pout. He isn't doing too well. "You had the real thing sitting on the couch just a few steps away."

"You were playing your game, Mr. Real Thing," Kuroo replies, reaching out for Kenma and pulling him onto the bed. "I didn't want to interrupt you for sex."

"You can do that, though, you know," Kenma tells him. He fixes Kuroo with a serious look. "I'm not going to mind if you ask. I'd mind if you picked me up and carried me to bed without asking first, but that's completely different. Okay?"

"Yeah." Kuroo nods. "Okay."

"But you have to make up for this," Kenma says, and Kuroo can see the gears turning behind Kenma's eyes already. "You're going to make me a recording of you, too."

Kuroo grins, pulling Kenma into a kiss. "That can definitely be arranged."

[Iwaizumi/Oikawa] [Oikawa likes slow, intense sex while he's facing the pillow]

(Anonymous) 2015-02-20 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Iwaizumi knows it and pounds him slowly but with a certain strenght until he's a sobbing mess and asks for release. Also kudos if Iwa lets him come from his ass only~
kiyala: TEAM ZONE GREATER ZONE (Aomine Zone)

FILL: What you Want (Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru)

[personal profile] kiyala 2016-01-02 03:00 am (UTC)(link)
Iwaizumi grabs the back of Oikawa's head, shoving his face into the pillow, and he grins to himself at the muffled moan that he hears, at the way Oikawa spreads his legs eagerly.

Oikawa is, as always, far too easy for Iwaizumi to read. Iwaizumi's had a suspicion that Oikawa might be into this for a while, and he thought that he'd just test it out, see what he could figure out. He honestly wasn't expecting Oikawa to just make it plain just how much he likes it, right from the beginning.

He pushes a slick finger into Oikawa, thrusting it deep and slow, the same way he's going to fuck him. He murmurs as much to Oikawa, and gets another moan for it, louder, desperate, as Oikawa presses back against him.

"You're going to love it, aren't you? You're going to make the best little nosies for me," Iwaizumi breathes, because he always loves how vocal Oikawa gets in bed, it always encourages him to find just the right thing to say, until Oikawa isn't coherent any more.

If things go according to plan, Iwaizumi thinks to himself, he's going to reduce Oikawa to an incoherent wreck really quickly tonight. He's already looking forward to it.

He pushes two fingers into Oikawa now, scissoring them, stretching him open. He's patient about this bit, careful, as much as he just wants to be inside Oikawa already. He's going to make sure that Oikawa is nice and ready for him, make sure he's relaxed, because Iwaizumi's planning on going hard tonight, going rough, and he's going to make sure Oikawa enjoys it too.

With three fingers in Oikawa, Iwaizumi starts thrusting deep and slow again, until Oikawa's ready and begging into the pillow to be fucked already, and Iwaizumi can't say no, not when he's so desperate for it too.

He sinks into Oikawa in one smooth movement, all the way in until he's bending over Oikawa, pressing him down against the bed a little more. His hands are on Oikawa's wrists, pinning them down, making it so that Oikawa doesn't have the leverage to do anything but let Iwaizumi fuck him.

"Is this what you want?" Iwaizumi murmurs into Oikawa's ear. "Is this how you wanted me to fuck you?"

Oikawa sucks in a deep breath, but his only reply to Iwaizumi is a soft whine. Iwaizumi grins, understanding him anyway, and starts thrusting.

Just as he's promised, he fucks Oikawa nice and slow, pulling nearly the entire way out and then thrusting back into him, putting his strength into it, making Oikawa whimper with each thrust.

It's difficult to keep his pace slow. When Oikawa is being this vocal, it's tempting to just fuck into him with short, shallow thrusts, to listen to his pitch rise as he gets closer and closer to coming. This is going to be worth it though, Iwaizumi reminds himself, and he continues, enjoying the way Oikawa always sounds like his breath's being punched out of him, like he's truly enjoying himself. It's just as satisfying as making Oikawa moan.

Iwaizumi angles himself carefully to hit Oikawa's prostate on the next thrust. Oikawa cries out against his pillow, hips jerking back to press himself against Iwaizumi even more. Iwaizumi holds him still, fucking into him at that same angle, until Oikawa is trembling with pleasure, gasping with it, his voice breathy as he says, there, right there, ohh Hajime, please, yes—

Iwaizumi keeps going, until Oikawa is sobbing against the pillow, chanting, please please please, over and over again.

"You could probably come just from this, couldn't you?" Iwaizumi asks breathlessly, keeping his pace steady. "I don't need to touch you or anything, not when you love this so much. I could just make you come on my cock."

"Yes," Oikawa gasps out. "Please, Hajime, do it."

Iwaizumi thrusts deeply, pressing himself against Oikawa, face against his shoulder blade. Oikawa tenses around him as he comes, moaning against the pillow, and Iwaizumi's pulls out, jerking himself to completion soon after.

Oikawa is lying against the bed, face turned to the side as he pants, boneless and sated. He hums as Iwaizumi strokes his side, reaching out to take his hand.

"You always know what I like," he murmurs, smiling as Iwaizumi leans in to kiss him. "You're so good to me, Hajime."

With a fond smile, Iwaizumi kisses Oikawa's forehead and holds him close. Oikawa's easy to please but more than that, he's fun to please. Iwaizumi likes giving him what he wants. Especially when most of the time, Iwaizumi wants it too.

[Akaashi/Bokuto] [Redeem stome stress after the drift] [Pacific Rim!AU]

(Anonymous) 2015-02-20 07:41 pm (UTC)(link)
In which they stop touching before a Kaiju attacks and after that they run to their room because the urge is too strong. Wall sex and lots of cuddles.
kiyala: TEAM ZONE GREATER ZONE (Aomine Zone)

Connected (Akaashi/Bokuto)

[personal profile] kiyala 2015-12-27 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
Akaashi is straddling Bokuto on the floor, grinding against him and sucking a mark just under his collarbone when the sirens go off. They break apart, cursing under their breath as they scramble to their feet, getting out of their room and making their way over to the pilot bay.

Bokuto is thrumming with anticipation, the desire from before easily translating itself over to excitement to face the next Kaiju. It's a Category III, they're told as they're fitted into their suits. Akaashi's face, flushed before when they were in their room, is blank as it always is when they're being given their orders. There are no boats out in the water, so the mission is simple enough: destroy the Kaiju, as far away from the shore as possible.

Bokuto turns to Akaashi and they nod at each other, getting into their jaeger. Golden Owl is one of the best jaegers in the shatterdome. It's not new, but it's gone through enough upgrades to keep it functioning beautifully and most of its success comes from just how deep the connection is between its pilots. Bokuto and Akaashi have known each other ever since they went through the training program. When it was time to find a drift partner, they knew they would be compatible even before entering the Kwoon Room.

The Drift is a familiar place between them now, and Bokuto shuts his eyes as he's pulled through their combined memories. He isn't expecting the wall of pure desire that hits him, making his eyes snap open. He's thrown headfirst into Akaashi's thoughts and Bokuto's always known that he burns silently under the surface despite his calm expression, but even he isn't ready for thought after thought of how much Akaashi wants him, of how much he's looking forward to dispatching this Kaiju so they can get back to their room and finish what they started.

"Keiji," he says weakly, but then he steels himself and pushes it out of his mind. They have work to do here. They can focus on the rest later.

"That's how it feels getting into your head," Akaashi says quietly, as they walk Golden Owl out into the ocean. "Every single time. Your thoughts are always so loud, Koutarou."

"I'm a loud person," Bokuto replies, grinning as he gets mutters of agreement from LOCCENT over the intercom. "Come on, let's bag ourselves a Kaiju."

They follow the directions their given, cautious as they look around. It's late at night and the only light they have to go by is the one on top of Golden Owl's head. They've long since gotten used to navigating with it, though, and they have the radar in front of them to help.

The Kaiju leaps out of the waves to attack them, jaw opened to bite. They turn to face it, plasma gun already charged. Bokuto punches it from one side to disorient it and Akaashi takes advantage of the moment to unload the clip right into the Kaiju's head.

It's quick and easy and they step back to avoid the spray of Kaiju blue. Akaashi glances over at Bokuto, lips quirked into a small smile. Bokuto grins back, and they both wait a moment, just to make sure the Kaiju's really dead. LOCCENT gives them the order to return to base and they turn back to shore, trudging through the waves.

Golden Owl's fighting style has always been praised for its efficiency. The credit goes to Akaashi, who analyses their possible attacks and chooses the right one. Bokuto responds instinctively, bringing the force behind their attacks. They've racked up the most Kaiju kills in the thunderdome, regarded as something like heroes. Bokuto likes the attention, even if Akaashi doesn't.

They go through their debriefing, before they're finally free to return back to their room. The moment the door is shut behind them, Bokuto picks Akaashi up and holds him against the wall.

They don't need to speak for this. Akaashi's legs wrap around Bokuto's waist as they kiss, hard enough for their lips to bruise. They're tearing at each other's clothes, just for the feel of their skin against each other, and they stumble towards the desk, where they keep their lube.

They have their pants pulled just far enough down and Bokuto presses Akaashi against the wall to keep him up as he lets go with one hand, reaching for the lube and slicking his fingers with it. Akaashi grunts as he bears down on Bokuto's fingers, impatient, desperate, all of it playing out across his face, in the back of Bokuto's mind as the Drift clings to them.

Bokuto is rough, because he knows Akaashi won't accept anything else. He's claiming, he's pressed so closely against Akaashi that it feels like they're going to combine, like they're just the one person.

Akaashi moans as Bokuto strokes him firmly, head falling back against the wall. Bokuto bites the junction of his neck and shoulder, sucks on it until he leaves a mark behind. Akaashi is trembling, close to coming, and Bokuto changes the angle of his thrusts, fucking into him until he makes Akaashi tense up with a whimper.

The wall must be digging into Akaashi's back, but his grip on Bokuto's shoulders is firm, tugging him closer, closer, closer still, sweat mingling, breaths coming out in sync. They come together, shaking and clutching at each other as it wracks through them both. They lean against the wall, panting softly, trading lazy kisses as they wipe themselves down.

Bokuto has the bottom bunk in their room, and it's not the most spacious of sleeping areas, but it's enough for them both when they're pressed together, arms wrapped around each other, still clinging like they're resisting being separated. Bokuto nuzzles Akaashi's face with a soft smile that grows as he feels Akaashi's lips against his nose, against his lips, against his chin.

They don't have to say that they love each other, when they're so connected that they sometimes can't tell where one ends and the other begins. They don't have to put it into words when it's their in their smiles, their touches, the way they hold each other close. Not when they already know.
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