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Accidental (Kageyama/Hinata, biting, hairpulling, frot)

He's not sure how they ended up like this, Hinata sitting on his lap and rubbing them both through their clothes. He doesn't know how this happened, but he can't say he isn't enjoying it. The thin material of their shorts and their boxers are hardly enough to hide either one of their erections.

But like hell he's about to let Hinata control their first time. Kageyama grips Hinata's shoulders and pushes him onto the floor, claiming the spot of in control.

"Hinata," he manages to growl out, annoyed at Hinata for the entire situation. Because of course it was Hinata's fault, how could it be anybody else's. He's the clumsy one who got them into this mess- sprawled out over the equipment shed floor, a few brooms knocked onto the ground with them.

"K-Kageyama," Hinata whines, reaching his hands up and tugging Kageyama's face closer to his. They manage a biting, bruising kiss before they pull away for air, and somehow Kageyama's hands have ended up in Hinata's hair, tangling in the soft strands and tugging his head back to expose the other's sensitive neck.

For a brief moment he considers not biting. It's not as though anybody knew they were a couple. It's only a brief moment, before the need to mark his boyfriend up overwhelms him. To hell with it, he thinks before he nips at the side of Hinata's neck and sucks, managing to draw a pleased groan out of Hinata. He doesn't stop moving his hips against the other's, muffling his moaning in Hinata's skin.

They're already doing this somewhere that anybody could potentially walk into. What's a bite mark really going to do? Other than potentially embarrassing Hinata, but he does that to himself enough that it probably doesn't matter.

"Gnn- Not fair, Kageyama-" he moans as Kageyama continues. And with that he bucks up against Kageyama, drawing out a low groan from the setter. In retaliation Kageyama bites down harder. "Quit it, you jerk!" With that insult, Kageyama lets go, glaring down at Hinata.

"We wouldn't be doing this if you weren't so clumsy, dumbass!" Kageyama pulls Hinata's hair and bites down on the other side of his neck, fully determined to leave another mark.

"Shut up, stupid! Don't call me a dumbass when we're doing this!" He growls, annoyed at having to take the blame for this. "You're the one that didn't get up!" He runs his hands through Kageyama's hair and pulls, trying to get the other to stop and instead evoking a low pleased moan from his setter. A broad smirk makes its way across Hinata's face before he tugs again, bucking up into Kageyama's warmth and is rewarded with Kageyama's moan, loud enough it barely even sounds muffled.

An annoyed and incredibly turned on Kageyama is one that doesn't have much mercy. Hinata watches his boyfriend's flushed face make his way down to Hinata's collar and bites down again, rubbing his length against Hinata's. "I bet I can make you come first."


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