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Let's have a good game!

tsukkiyama, bloodplay

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 06:45 pm (UTC)(link)
im just interested in bloodplay in general, but it might as well be for the ultimate firmament duo. whether it also involves knifeplay or external sources for blood; anything's welcomed.

FILL: "Blood and freckles" (Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, biting, bloodplay, handjob) (Violence I guess?)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-15 06:59 am (UTC)(link)
(I am so proud that the first fanfic I have ever written in my life is over two thousand two hundred words of weird fetish porn told from the point of view of a character I don't even like. This was so much more important than starting to study for my final that's the day after tomorrow. I was going to make this the second time that they had tried this so that they'd kind of know what they were doing and it would be really intense, but I needed Tsukishima to be uncomfortable. If OP comes back to check, I hope they enjoy Tsukishima getting in over his head with Yamacutie.)

As Yamaguchi's fingers twisted in Tsukishima's bedsheets, Tsukishima smirked.

Most of their peers saw Yamaguchi as a rather quiet, unassuming high school boy--the type to fret over his sub-par volleyball skills or dissolve into a panic upon seeing his teammates face down Oikawa's killer serves. He was certainly the gentler member of their partnership, and Tsukishima had occasionally faced accusations of corrupting that gentle nature with his admittedly frequent coarseness. Even though Yamaguchi sometimes tried to temper some of Tsukishima's blunt remarks, he would just as often join in riling up his teammates for no good reason so long as he was standing next to Tsukishima. So when Tsukishima started to introduce a little touching, a little kissing, a little groping in the club room after practice, a big part of him had expected his friend to simply bend to Tsukishima's growing adolescent desires.

Yamaguchi's breath hitched and the many freckles dotting his shoulder blades trembled. His cock must have been digging against the mattress by now, trapped inside his boxers and jeans. Restlessly, he turned his face to the left, away from the pillow, to fix one wide eye on the blond boy straddling him. Tsukishima saw a desperate intensity in his gaze, an intensity that had surprised him by dragging its fingernails down his back, sinking its teeth into his neck and pulling him into club rooms, supply closets, even empty stairwells. It seemed that Tsukishima's few simple touches had roused a different side of his friend. True, this new Yamaguchi would still whimper, stutter, and cling to him like a frightened animal, but his friend's need seemed so fierce that his submissiveness sometimes approached dominance from the other side. And to boot, Yamaguchi was one kinky motherfucker.


"Hm? What is it?" asked Tsukishima, coolly.

"You're--ah--you're really gonna do it..."

"Do what?"

The boy made a strangled noise in his throat and cast his eye down for a moment before bringing his gaze back up to the object in his friend's left hand. As it rotated slightly between his fingers its edge caught the light from the window, turning the blade a bright white.

“Does it have something to do with what’s in my hand?”

Tsukishima felt his friend shudder against his crotch and watched as he turned his face back to moan a tiny “Mm-hmm” into the pillow. Tsukishima’s smirk widened. With several weeks of holidays before school began again, it would be a long time before Yamaguchi would be exposed to the innocently prying eyes of the locker room and he had begged Tsukishima to make the most of it.

“You want me to use this on you?”

Yamaguchi shifted restlessly beneath him, pressing up against him and turning his head to the side again. “Yes...” he whispered achingly, “Please make me feel really good, Tsukki.”

Being sure to place his left hand at a safe distance on the bed, Tsukishima leaned down so that his face was almost touching his friend’s cheek. His weight pressed down on Yamaguchi’s bare back. Seizing the soft brown hair with his right hand, Tsukishima yanked the boy’s head to the side to expose the side of his neck before biting down on the fragile skin. Not too hard yet--he had learned that Yamaguchi needed to warm up to pain for it to be pleasurable for him--but hard enough to draw a choked gasp from his friend, who couldn’t help but wriggle under his weight.

“I think I can manage that,” said Tsukishima, running his tongue along his friend’s ear as the boy shivered.

Tsukishima set to work. He began by trailing his tongue teasingly across the faint red mark his teeth had left on Yamaguchi’s neck. His lips travelled down to where the boy’s neck met his shoulder and he focused his attention here, knowing it was one of his friend’s most sensitive spots. As he licked, bit and sucked at the tender skin, he could feel Yamaguchi stirring more and more and hear his breathing start to pick up irregularly. Snickering a little in amusement, Tsukishima took that as encouragement to move lower, kissing his way down onto the back of his friend’s left shoulder. There, with sturdier muscles and tougher skin to work with, he could be as rough as Yamaguchi needed him to be. Using his lips and tongue to heighten the anticipation and soothe the pain between bites, Tsukishima began to draw out little gasps and whines of “Tsukki!” and “Oh God!” and “Please…” from his friend. Soon, both his face and Yamaguchi’s shoulders were slick with saliva and Yamaguchi’s mouth was gaping as he panted against the pillow.

“M--More...harder please,” gasped Yamaguchi, his eyes beginning to glaze over.

Instead, Tsukishima pressed his hands down on the mattress as he sat up again, surveying the red marks blooming across his friend’s back. Yamaguchi whimpered as his sore muscles bunched under his skin.

“Do you want it now?” asked Tsukishima, wiping his face with the collar of his white t-shirt and adjusting his glasses.

Yamaguchi’s eye rolled up for a moment before coming down and locking with Tsukishima’s questioning stare. He held up the razor blade again, and Yamaguchi’s eye darted to it and remained there with an indecipherable expression.

“Yes...I do. Please, Tsukki.” Yamaguchi’s eyes dropped again and his hands and feet shifted anxiously on the bed. “If...if it’s okay.”

“Of--Of course.” Tsukishima swallowed, an odd jumping sensation in his belly. Mentally, he shook himself. Frankly, though he was all for making Yamaguchi feel so good he could barely speak, now that they were here the thought of actually really injuring him made Tsukishima a little queasy. He knew that they both risked bruises and broken bones every time they leapt for an awkward toss or a tricky receive, but the deliberateness of what Yamaguchi had asked him to do felt totally different. He looked down at his friend, pressed into the bed underneath him, eagerly, shyly twisting the sheets in his fists. Damn it. What is wrong with this kid?

Tsukishima placed his right hand on the boy’s right shoulder blade, pressing on it slightly as he leaned forward. Yamaguchi drew in one slow breath that made his back rise gently, toward the blade Tsukishima was clutching about a foot above. The blond boy brought it down gingerly until one corner was just touching his friend’s back. The muscles underneath his skin were tense--Yamaguchi’s feet squirmed briefly against the mattress before his whole body went stock-still. Gritting his teeth, Tsukishima leaned down a little further, not too close to the blade, and tried to take a deep breath.

The corner of the blade bit into his friend’s skin, initially leaving no visible trace. Yamaguchi let out a tiny wail and pressed his forehead and arms into the mattress as though he was trying to curl away from the pain. His body jerked and Tsukishima tried his best to follow so that he wouldn’t lose control of the blade embedded in his friend’s shoulder. Yamaguchi was whimpering into the pillow again.

“Hey! Yamaguchi! Are you okay?” Both young men had broken into a sweat, and Tsukishima realized that even his breathing was picking up.

“Ah, Tsukki--Tsukki, keep going....” Yamaguchi’s voice had taken on an odd, strained quality, like his voice had gone hoarse from moaning.

Tsukishima steadied his nerves and dragged the razor blade slowly through the boy’s skin, not too deep. His friend couldn’t seem to decide whether to hold his breath or cry out against the pain, nor whether to flail his limbs or freeze up. He leaned back, pulling the blade out, and only then did he see a few beads of bright red blood springing up along the three-centimetre wound. He felt faint.

“Ah, Tsukki....”

“What?” Maybe if he said it abruptly enough his voice wouldn’t shake. Yamaguchi turned his head to look at him directly, his eyes looking dazed but somehow firm. He was smiling, but faintly.

“Touch me again...like before.”

His shoulders relaxing a little, Tsukishima put the razor blade down on his bedside table and laid down again on top of Yamaguchi, feeling his friend's body warmth seep into the front of his shirt. He resumed his licking and biting from before, noticing how some of the old marks had lightened while others were clearly on their way to becoming full-on bruises. As Yamaguchi gasped his name over and over, he also noticed how the drops of blood stood out starkly on his friend’s freckled skin.

“Ts--Tsukki,” moaned Yamaguchi desperately, “do it...do it where you hurt me....”

Tsukishima felt that strange jolt in his belly again. He could say no. He could admit that he was just too squeamish. Yamaguchi would have to put up with the fact that best friends don’t exist just to indulge each other's weird-ass masochistic fetishes. As he paused, Yamaguchi whined again and writhed under him, trying to grind his hard and probably leaking dick against the blankets.

Tsukki, do it now!

Shocked, Tsukishima looked up and met his friend’s ferocious gaze. His eyes were wide but the firmness he had seen before had hardened to the point that Tsukishima wondered whether his ordinary, passive Yamaguchi, the boy who worried over his serves and was prone to stage fright, was still in there somewhere. His mouth was open and he was panting like a wild animal. An exhilarating thought suddenly struck Tsukishima: I did this?

Grinning mischievously, Tsukishima complied, hearing his friend cry out as he scraped his teeth across the wound. He pulled back, licking the heavy, metallic taste of the Yamaguchi’s blood off of his teeth. It’s not really too bad. His friend was shaking and twitching under him and clawing the sheets. The cut was oozing more now that he had disturbed it, and the bright red line glistened as the boy’s chest heaved. Yamaguchi let out a noise that almost sounded like a sob.


“Oh God please, more! More!”

Tsukishima kept working him over for several minutes, listening to his friend’s breath catch and feeling him squirm every time he tasted the wound or if he took too long to come back to it. It didn’t take long before--

“Tsukki, another one....”

“Huh?” Tsukishima paused and looked up. Yamaguchi wasn’t looking back at him this time. His eyes were fixed on the wall and sweaty strands of hair were sticking to his temple.

“I want you to hurt me again. A...a few more times.”

This time, Tsukishima didn’t feel faint. Yamaguchi shuddered and wailed and kicked his feet but the blade moved through his skin almost too easily now and soon those shiny little dots of blood were blossoming from several more cuts on his shoulders. Tossing the stained blade away, Tsukishima pinned the gasping Yamaguchi down and made to abuse the new wounds too.

“Tsukki, stop!”

“What?! What is it?” Tsukishima was thrown. What if he had gone too far this time? A few red drops were trailing down the sides of his friend’s heaving chest, threatening to drip on Tsukishima’s sheets.



“I want--I want to come now. Please.”

Yamaguchi did look like he was close. His voice had taken on a broken, breathy quality but his body was tense and his bloodied shoulders rose and fell rapidly. Making a decision, Tsukishima shuffled backwards, then grabbed his friend’s shoulder and pulled him upright so that they were both kneeling with Yamaguchi’s back leaning limply against Tsukishima’s chest. Tsukishima made quick work of opening his friend’s zipper and pulling down his boxers, which had a large wet patch where Yamaguchi had soaked them through. Soon he had Yamaguchi’s dick in his hand, hot and red and hard for him. Yamaguchi groaned and let his head drop back onto his friend’s shoulder as Tsukishima squeezed and started to move.

“Oh! Oh God, Tsukki, I--I’ve never felt--Ah! Ah! Tsukki, I’m going to--”

“Get on with it then,” Tsukishima murmured, lips brushing his best friend’s ear, “Tadashi.

Tsukishima felt Yamaguchi’s cock twitch in his hand as the boy heard his first name. He was so close. As the boy neared his peak, Tsukishima decided to let him finish the way they had started. As Tsukishima bit into the side of his friend’s tender throat, he felt a frantic, garbled cry that sounded remarkably like “Tsukki!” vibrating under his teeth. Next, he saw Yamaguchi’s cum hit the boy’s freckled cheek, barely missing Tsukishima’s glasses, and watched as the next few spurts streaked his friend’s chest before the last drops fell on Tsukishima’s fist and finally his bed.

Still panting hard, Yamaguchi slumped forward and landed on his face again, completely limp, his back a mess of bruises, scratches and smeared blood. It was then that Tsukishima noticed his shirt.

“Oi, dumbass! What am I supposed to do about this? It looks like I fuckin’ murdered you.”

Yamaguchi let out a few puffs of exhausted laughter against the mattress. “Sorry Tsukki, I don’t know. I guess you really are a generous person.” Smiling, he picked himself up to sit on the edge of the bed and added, “How about we start by cleaning me up?”

Re: FILL: "Blood and freckles" (Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, biting, bloodplay, handjob) (Violence I guess?

(Anonymous) 2014-12-16 12:21 am (UTC)(link)
OP here and I just wanted to ask: are you single

no, but really, THIS WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED AND MORE. it's like you read my mind. and i appreciate a lot you made your first fanfic about my weird ass fetishes, even by neglecting your study time. IT WAS AMAZING AND I LOVED IT AND I'VE READ IT THREE TIMES. I MIGHT PRINT IT TO PUT IT IN MY GAY ASS NOTO

also i wonder if i know you. i have a somewhat founded suspicion, but i will not insist for the sake of anonomity. just now i love you lots. THANK YOU

Re: FILL: "Blood and freckles" (Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, biting, bloodplay, handjob) (Violence I guess?

(Anonymous) 2014-12-17 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
Bahahaha thanks man, I had fun writing it and I'm pretty sure I aced my exam anyway. You definitely don't know me unless you know me IRL.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Re: FILL: "Blood and freckles" (Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, biting, bloodplay, handjob) (Violence I guess?

(Anonymous) 2016-06-09 02:56 am (UTC)(link)
This is really truly lovely. Thank you for it.