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Prompt Post #1 [OPEN]

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Let's have a good game!

iwaoi, nipple play

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 07:22 pm (UTC)(link)
iwaizumi finding out oikawa's actually super-sensitive, probably exploiting this mercilessly to make him shut up.

FILL: "it's too early for this" (iwaizumi/oikawa, nipple play)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-30 08:13 am (UTC)(link)
I'm so sorry OP, I tripped over the second part (they were also supposed to fuck in a bathroom stall at the next station........) but hopefully this is okay!


"Ahhhh, but Iwa-chan~ you said last night that—" Oikawa’s voice is too loud, the careless tone lifting it above the quiet murmur of the crowded morning train before Iwaizumi is fast enough to clamp a hand over his mouth. Iwaizumi’s brow is drawn into an all-too-familiar scowl as he glares at Oikawa, who only widens his eyes as if to protest his innocence. A short-lived effort, because Iwaizumi suddenly feels a tongue pushing wetly along the seam of his fingers and he doesn’t quite see as much as he feels Oikawa’s mouth curve into an insufferable smile against the palm of his hand. A growl sits low in the back of Iwaizumi’s throat as he wrenches his hand away, and it escapes his lips with a harsh “Shut up, dumbass!”

Iwaizumi’s back is pressed against the doors, and Oikawa’s height shields them from the other passengers, but Iwaizumi’s fingers nevertheless curl reflexively into fists at his side as he feels something hot creep up his spine; it’s the familiar undercurrent of irritation, but more and more these days it’s taken on a different insistence, and he never knows for sure until after the fact. Oikawa’s eyes narrow as he takes in the slight flush of Iwaizumi’s cheeks, and there’s an elegant, almost imperceptible shift in posture as he closes the small gap between them, slips his hands over Iwaizumi’s clenched fists and fingers rub smoothly over fingers. There’s another smile; it has the hint of teeth. “You wouldn’t hit such a pretty face would you, Iwa-chan?”

Iwaizumi would. He can’t help the small noise of rage as he pulls back to take a swing at Oikawa, makes sure there’s some weight in it so it’ll hurt really good, but Oikawa’s grip over his hands stops him short. Iwaizumi’s knuckles brush roughly across Oikawa’s chest instead, and Oikawa suddenly snaps straight up, back rigid, a soft wordless exclamation pushed from his lips before they can press together in his surprise.

"I said shut up, dumbass!" Iwaizumi flattens his palms against Oikawa’s chest, eyes narrowed in warning as he shoves none too gently, and as he keeps pressing, Iwaizumi can see the pink rise to Oikawa’s face as another soft sound escapes his lips. Under his hands, he can feel Oikawa’s nipples harden under the thin cotton of his shirt and and suddenly he feels hot, wants to shut up Oikawa with a certain satisfaction.

“Iwa-chan, if you talk like that, everybody is going to think you’re--” and it’s the smug, insincere concern that has Iwaizumi viciously shift the palm of his hand so a thumb runs over the hard nipple, gets rewarded with Oikawa biting down hard and fast on his bottom lip to swallow back a small moan, suddenly staring intently over Iwaizumi’s shoulder at the moving cityscape, like he isn’t flushed by the mere contact against his nipples, like Iwaizumi can’t see the bulge of Oikawa’s now half hard cock pressing insistently against the front of his slacks.

The train comes to a stop at a station, and somebody accidentally jostles Oikawa aside to exit, pressing his now painfully sensitive nipples into Iwaizumi’s hands, and Iwaizumi takes the opportunity to gently circle them with his thumbs, applying a bit more pressure as he watches Oikawa’s head slowly drop, control slipping as his breathing gets faster and more desperate, small strained breaths huffed through the nose and clenched teeth that only Iwaizumi can hear. “What did I tell you, you asshole” Iwaizumi grumbles, as he pinches one hard nub, a steady pressure without mercy, and the flush that deepens on Oikawa’s cheeks is irritatingly pretty. Iwaizumi circles around the other nipple gently, never touching the actual nub, and Oikawa whines high at the back of his throat as he tries to press himself harder against Iwaizumi’s hands, more. Iwaizumi drags his thumb across the nipple before palming Oikawa's chest roughly with the whole of his hand and suddenly the train stops again, and Oikawa is leaning against Iwaizumi, panting softly in his ear, and Iwaizumi can feel the full hardness of his cock as Oikawa rubs himself against Iwaizumi’s thigh.

“Guess this is our stop, Oikawa.”

Re: FILL: "it's too early for this" (iwaizumi/oikawa, nipple play)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-30 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
“You wouldn’t hit such a pretty face would you, Iwa-chan?”

ohhhhhhhhh fuck and oikawa licked his palm. i love your iwa-chan so much i love everything i love oikawa's nipples i love

Re: FILL: "it's too early for this" (iwaizumi/oikawa, nipple play)

(Anonymous) 2015-12-07 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
omfg i love this

FILL: Movies (Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, nipple play)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-05 10:13 am (UTC)(link)
SWAG2016 participant #47

They're sitting on Oikawa's couch with the place to themselves for the whole night because his parents are visiting family a city over, bickering over what movie they want to watch. Iwaizumi wants to watch a kaiju movie, but Oikawa is insisting that they watch something in space, and none of their suggestions seem to overlap.

Iwaizumi's annoyed, because he even brought his special edition of Godzilla over for this, because Oikawa promised they'd watch it together. He gives up arguing with Oikawa, pushing him aside and just getting to his feet instead, taking the DVD out of its case and putting it into the DVD player.

Oikawa is pouting when Iwaizumi sits back on the couch, and shoves him in retaliation. Iwaizumi grumbles, shoving Oikawa right back.

"I didn't say you could do that, Iwa-chan, you bully! This is my house!"

"Well, you weren't making a decision, were you?" Iwaizumi replies, as Oikawa climbs onto him, pushing at him even more. Iwaizumi frowns, getting is hands on Oikawa's chest to push him away. "Stop that!"

"Iwa-chan—" Oikawa's voice suddenly rises in pitch as Iwaizumi's hand brushes against the front of his shirt. Iwaizumi freezes, looking up at Oikawa, whose eyes have gone wide.

"Oikawa?" Iwaizumi asks, and he moves his hands a little, only to have Oikawa whimpering.

He realises exactly where his hands are as he feels Oikawa's nipples hardening against his fingers. Iwaizumi frowns, brushing his index over one experimentally, and Oikawa whimpers louder, pulling back.

"Is that…" Iwaizumi can feel his face heating, which is ridiculous. They've jerked each other off before. They really shouldn't be getting embarrassed over Iwaizumi touching his nipples. "You don't like that?"

If possible, Oikawa's face goes even redder. He hides his hands in his face and mumbles, "The opposite."

"Oh," Iwaizumi says slowly, as Oikawa gets off his lap and sits beside him on the couch again. "Okay."

Oikawa looks too embarrassed to say anything, so Iwaizumi just reaches for the remote and hits play to start the movie. At least that way, they have something else to keep them occupied.

Except they get about five minutes into the movie before Oikawa starts shifting on the couch, starting to complain about how he doesn't want to watch it any more, how it isn't as interesting as one of his space movies and really, Iwa-chan, can't they just—

Iwaizumi reaches out without a thought, brushing his fingers across Oikawa's chest. Oikawa's protests die out immediately with a soft whine.

"I can't believe it's this easy to shut you up," Iwaizumi murmurs. "You're really sensitive, huh?"

Oikawa pouts, but then Iwaizumi drags his finger across Oikawa's nipples with more pressure. Oikawa's entire body jerks and he bites his lip hard.

"Do you want me to stop?" Iwaizumi asks, because honestly, that's the only thing that would get him to stop right now. He's so curious, wanting to explore just how much Oikawa likes this.

He's glad when Oikawa shakes his head, still biting his lip. He turns away from the TV so he can face Oikawa, reaching out again and tracing a small circle around Oikawa's right nipple, before rubbing the pad of his index finger over it. Oikawa leans his head back against the couch, sucking in a deep breath. It comes stuttering out of him the next moment, when Iwaizumi gets the nipple between his thumb and index, pinching lightly through his shirt.

"Wow," Iwaizumi breathes, amazed by just how wrecked Oikawa looks already. His face is bright red and he's sweating from the temples, small strands of hair sticking to his face. He looks down, finding that Oikawa is hard too, straining against his pyjama pants.

"Iwa-chan," Oikawa pleads, and Iwaizumi nods, rubbing his thumb over Oikawa's nipple again. He uses his other hand too, stimulating both at once. They're peaking through the thin cotton of his shirt and Iwaizumi wants to pull Oikawa's shirt off, wants to see them, maybe get his mouth on them because if Oikawa's making these sorts of noises now, he's curious to see what other kind of noises he'll make.

He pulls his hands away, ignoring the whimper of protest he gets, reaching down to the hem of Oikawa's shirt and tugging.

Oikawa gets the message, tugging his shirt off and tossing it aside. Iwaizumi shifts closer, rubbing harder now, licking his lips as he looks at the pink nubs. He leans in, licking at one, and Oikawa shouts, jerking against Iwaizumi, pressing himself closer.

"Hajime," he sobs, his fingers in Iwaizumi's hair, pulling him closer, keeping him right where he is. "Please."

Iwaizumi opens his mouth, getting his lips around Oikawa's nipple and sucks hard. He hollows his cheeks out and Oikawa moans, squirming under him. Iwaizumi's hard, and he pushes Oikawa down so he's lying on the couch, then climbs on top of him, grinding against him slowly, sucking on Oikawa's other nipple this time.

"I'm gonna," Oikawa gasps, arching off the couch, his fingers digging into Iwaizumi's shoulders. "Hajime, I'm—"

They both end up coming in their pyjama pants, gasping for breath, heads resting against each other.

"We should go upstairs to my room and change," Oikawa murmurs.

They get upstairs and get naked, but they don't end up putting new pyjama pants down. They don't end up coming back downstairs to watch the rest of the movie either.