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Prompt Post #1 [OPEN]

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Let's have a good game!

Yachi/Kiyoko, facesitting

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
kiyoko requests that yachi sits on her face, a wild ride ensues.

FILL: Try it! (Yachi/Kiyoko, facesitting, they are still co-managers)

(Anonymous) 2015-08-20 05:45 pm (UTC)(link)
It's not that weird, she told herself. It's really not! It's just an older, beautiful girl just asked her to do what again?

Oh yeah. Sit on her. On her face. That's not weird!

Yachi thought back to when she first met Kiyoko, who was very nice and very pretty and how the sight of the black haired beauty created butterflies in her stomach.

They had gotten along relatively quickly! They had common interests and enjoyed each other's company so naturally they became friends.

They told each other some secrets, like how Kiyoko wasn't really into boys and how Yachi had never been in a relationship and Kiyoko asked if she had been kissed and Yachi replied that no, she hadn't. So then Kiyoko asked if she would like to try and kiss her, and yes yes yes! Yachi would like to try! So they did.

And it was amazing.

They kissed a lot after that. Kissed and shared more secrets and sometimes touched, but rarely had they touched each other's skin and even more rarely had they removed clothes.

It was all a dream and it had all felt so good with Kiyoko, but sit on her face? Yachi wasn't sure, but she said yes anyway. She trusted Kiyoko, and if Kiyoko said it would feel good, then Yachi would try it.

"Remember," Kiyoko tells her carefully after a pretty long make-out session, that also involved Kiyoko teasing her through her underwear. "If anything feels weird, just tell me. I'll stop. I promise."

"Okay," Yachi answers, breathy and in a dream-like state. "It'll be just like when you touch me right?"

Kiyoko smiles at her as she goes to lie down on the bed. "Yes," she reaches out to grab Yachi's hand and uses it to touch the blond girl's area between her legs underneath her skirt. "Are you sure you want this?" Kiyoko asks again with worry.

"Yes," Yachi said with more confidence. She felt excited. She refrained from searching online what "sitting on someone's face" meant, like she had been doing whenever she heard weird terms being said by the older students around her in hushed voices, because Kiyoko said it would be a good surprise. A feel-good surprise. And knowing that it was going to (might) feel as good as Kiyoko touching her, was very exciting indeed. Yachi just wondered how it would work? What was Kiyoko going to use? There was nothing except her tongue that could move...


"Come on then," Kiyoko smiled at her gently and beckoned to her with her hand.

Yachi felt her stomach grown warm. "How..?"

"Climb on top of me," Kiyoko directed her. When Yachi did, she said "Now on your knees and move forward till I say stop."

Yachi stopped when she was told to and asked, "My clothes...?"

"You're fine. Sit."

Yachi took a deep breath and sat. It felt...warm and wierd. She could feel Kiyoko breathing underneath her, but Yachi's skirt had billowed out around her so she couldn't actually see her face. The thought of Kiyoko being beneath her, ready to do something (maybe with her tongue) was very...exciting. Kiyoko had excited her before, and now it was getting more exciting.

"You're muscles are twitching. How eager," Kiyoko said, muffled.

Yachi had no time to be embarrassed since as soon as she said that, Kiyoko licked. Yachi tensed, but she focused on the sensation that Kiyoko's tongue brought and before the sixth lick, she was moaning.

"Oh... oh..."

Kiyoko licked at the outside of Yachi's underwear, from where she assumed the entire labia to be to her area of Yachi's clitoris. She mouthed at it, sucking it gently and pressing her tongue against it. Once Yatchi seemed comfortable enough, she moved the underwear aside, and finally pressed her tongue against the soft pink flesh of the inner labia. She swirled her tongue around, gently using it to flick at the clitoris, slowly dragged it back down to tease at the entrance of her vagina.

"A-ah!...more, please."

With each tease, lick, suck, Yachi unconsciously spread her legs wider. She had already lifter her skirt so she could maybe see Kiyoko better, but the pleasure was so good, she couldn't keep her eyes open. As the pleasure built up, Kiyoko's pace was too slow for her so she began to grind a little on Kiyoko's face, trying her best to get some friction against her vagina entrance and her clitoris.

"More, please!" she begged.

Yachi's muscles had gotten so relaxed that it was no surprise when Kiyoko's tongue slipped in easily into her vagina's entrance.

"Oh! Oh my gosh, yes! Yes yes yes!"

Yachi leaned forward and brought her palms down to the bed, moving her hips back and forth trying to fuck herself as best as she could on Kiyoko's tongue. "Yes! Oh! It's so good! Kiyoko, it's so good!"

Knowing that her tongue might not be enough, Kiyoko brought up two fingers, nails perfectly trimmed for this occasion, and inserted one where her tongue had been. Yachi froze, but only a little until she kept going, harder. Kiyoko's finger had plenty of room around it, so she added another. That made Yachi mewl and arch her back, with a loud cry of "Oh God!"

Kiyoko brought her mouth back up to Yachi's clitoris and sucked as her fingers moved up to enter Yachi just as she was coming down on them.

"Ooh... Something... Numb... Kiyoko! I feel it! Ah...Ahh..! Kiyoko!" She screamed as she finally came.

Both girls panted as they lay on the bed.

"How was your first time?"

"I still feel like I'm going to spasm. Let me do you next time, okay?"

"Sure." Kiyoko smiled and reached to hold Yachi's hand with her clean hand.