haikyuu!! kinkmeme
November 17th, 2015 
04:33 pm - Posting Guide
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New to dreamwidth? Here is a basic how-to guide for participating in this meme.

How to post a Prompt )

How to post a FILL )

Remember that after posting anonymously, you will not be able to edit or delete your posts! You will have to Ask a Mod for assistance.
04:35 pm - Ask A Mod
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Have any questions or concerns for the mods? Please ask here!

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Please read the rules before posting.

Posts which do not adhere to the rules will be given 24 hours to be edited/reposted.

Failure to comply will result in deletion. Please direct all questions/concerns to this mod post.

Please use standard subject lines:
Prompt subjects:
eg. Yachi/any, rimming

Fill subjects:
eg. FILL: "afternoon practice" (Kiyoko/Yachi, rimming)
Use "Gen" for no pairing, "Any" for wildcard pairings, and "Other" for non-canon characters.

  • Kink-shaming (or any other harassment) will not be tolerated.
  • One prompt per comment.
  • Please do not "claim" prompts. Multiple fills for a single prompt are welcome.
  • Media fills (eg. fanart) must be posted as links, not embeds.
  • For WIPs or fills spanning more than one comment: please thread all following parts as a reply to the first comment containing your fill.
  • The following warnings are required in the subject line of prompts/fills: character death, dub-con/non-con/rape, graphic violence, underage (for our purposes, sexual content involving: characters 14 or younger; characters under 18 paired with an adult)
  • Spoiler warnings are optional.

Let's have a good game!

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