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Posting Guide

New to dreamwidth? Here is a basic how-to guide for participating in this meme.

How to Post a PROMPT

Post a prompt by clicking "Post a new comment" at the top or bottom of the Prompt Post.

The "Flat" link will show you the prompt post without threading.
"Top-Level Comments Only" will show you only prompts and no replies/fills.

If you are on the main Dreamwidth page, post a prompt by clicking "Reply" under the Prompt Post.

Please note that subject formatting rules apply to prompts as well as fills. Your prompt must have a subject with appropriate tags.

All top-level comments on the prompt post should be prompts!
This means please never post feedback or fills by clicking these links (instead use "Reply to this"; see below).

How to Post a FILL

To post a FILL (or to post feedback to any other comment) click "Reply to this" under their comment on the Prompt Post.

(Note that "link" will provide you a permanent url if you would like to announce your fills elsewhere.)

This is what the post page will look like after you click "Reply to this":

Hopefully it's fairly self-explanatory! You'll know you're replying to the correct prompt if the initial subject Re: matches the prompt's subject. However, please remember to read the formatting rules and change the subject; if your fill lacks adequate warnings/labels you WILL be asked to fix it, and if you fail to comply in a reasonable amount of time your post will be deleted. (You do not need to change the subject if you are just posting feedback to a prompt or a fill--which, by the way, is welcome and appreciated!).

Your final post should look something like this, just before you submit it:

Just click the "Post Comment" button and you're done!
(unless you fail the CAPTCHA because your favourite colour is horse).

Remember that after posting anonymously, you will not be able to edit or delete your posts! You will have to Ask a Mod for assistance.