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8th-Sep-2015 01:17 am - Rules
hqkink_mod: hqkink mod (Default)
Please read the rules before posting.

Posts which do not adhere to the rules will be given 24 hours to be edited/reposted.

Failure to comply will result in deletion. Please direct all questions/concerns to this mod post.

Please use standard subject lines:

Prompt subjects: 
eg. Yachi/any, rimming

Fill subjects: 
eg. FILL: "afternoon practice" (Kiyoko/Yachi, rimming)

Use "Gen" for no pairing, "Any" for wildcard pairings, and "Other" for non-canon characters.

  • Kink-shaming (or any other harassment) will not be tolerated.
  • One prompt per comment.
  • Please do not "claim" prompts. Multiple fills for a single prompt are welcome.
  • Media fills (eg. fanart) must be posted as links, not embeds.
  • For WIPs or fills spanning more than one comment: please thread all following parts as a reply to the first comment containing your fill.
  • The following warnings are required in the subject line of prompts/fills:
    • character death
    • dub-con/non-con/rape
    • graphic violence
    • underage (for our purposes, sexual content involving: characters 14 or younger; characters under 18 paired with an adult)
These warning flags coincide with those on AO3. Other content warnings are encouraged, but not required. Please be considerate of your peers and warn for potentially triggering content.

If you feel a post has not tagged with adequate warnings, please report it to the mods.
  • Spoiler warnings are optional.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to this mod post!
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