Someone wrote in [community profile] hqkink 2016-05-07 11:26 pm (UTC)

Bottom Kuroo and/or Bokuto (kurotsuki/bokuaka/kurotsukibokuaka)

I always see Bokuto and Kuroo topping and I would absolutely kill for them to be total bottoms. Whether they kind of have to be talked into it (and then REALLY enjoy it) or if they're just total power bottoms at heart -- I'm up for anything !!

It can be either Kuroo or Bokuto or both of them honestly whatever you feel like !!

Bonus points for:
+ barebacking
+ general cumplay (I fucking LOVE snowballing lol, uhm eating it out just.... Cumplay......)
+ D/S undertones
+ spitting in mouthes
+ asphyxiation lol......
+ sloppy make outs

I really like consent like anything non con freaks me out so none of that please... Maybe light dub con but all around I just want everyone to have a good time lol...

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