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This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 1/?

(Anonymous) 2016-04-11 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
A/N: This will be continued and I'm sorry I didn't use the correct format for posting fills, but I like my title and it makes it too long and awkward for posting it that way :/ ANYWAYS I hope OP enjoys the first part of this, I plan on more, filling the marking and angst later 9u9

- - - -
- - - -

He was not supposed to meet him here. In fact, he was not supposed to meet him at all – ever. So why, of all times, did he have to run into the most insufferable alpha he has ever met – sans Tobio-chan. At least with Tobio-chan, he'd more than likely turn the other way in situations like this, but Ushiwaka-chan? No, of course not – their eyes had already locked and the behemoth was stalking ever so closer.

Oikawa's lower left eyelid twitched and the grip he had the medication he picked up tightened. Why, oh why, did Ushijima always find a way to get under his skin?

“Why, if it isn't Ushiwaka-chan, you've caught me at a bad time, so if you'll excuse me.”

“You're unmated.”

Oikawa's nose wrinkled at the rather blunt, and rather rude, statement. He hated this alpha so much. He had hated him in high school from the first time he had scented him – the overwhelming scent of 'alpha' was disdainful. The very least the other could do was calm his shit enough even in volleyball so betas and omegas wouldn't be intimidated as hell. Not that Oikawa had ever been intimidated by him, just annoyed and disgusted.

“I don't see a line of willing partners for you either.”

Oikawa shoved past Ushijima, holding up as much dignity as he could, despite his heat causing his lower abdominal muscles to clench and churn. He just wanted to take his suppressants and lay in bed for the rest of the day – he didn't want to deal with Ushijima who he hadn't seen for the past two years, which was a blessing, so why now? Why?

“You're resorting to suppressants? I thought you were stronger than that Oikawa.”

Oikawa's eyes narrowed, tossing a glare back at the alpha. That was really uncalled for, especially in a public place. They were in a konbini! The workers were staring. Partly because Oikawa was holding product and partly because of Ushijima's big mouth. Oikawa turned back around, stomping over to Ushijima, his lips curling in a cutthroat smile, eyes flashing like a blade as his gaze sliced over Ushijima.

“Are you offering?”

Ushijima stiffened slightly at that, his own eyes brightening with challenge. Oikawa snorted, turning away again, holding his head high. He may be an omega, but he wouldn't lower himself. “I'm not that desperate. I'll call you when I'm in the mood for something smaller than my toy, Ushiwaka-chan~”

That must have made the alpha back off, because Oikawa bought his suppressants and left the konbini without any further dealings with Ushijima. Relief settled over Oikawa as he headed to the train station. His adbomen churned, spiking his insides. He gritted his teeth, wincing as he felt a familiar wetness on his backside. Just great. Just what he needed. He'd have to sit on a train in mortification, hoping no dumbass alpha bothers him.

Unfortunately, luck decided to kick him in the balls and run. The next thing he knew, an elderly alpha was scoping him out – his cheeks flushed from either alcohol or interest – possibly both. The minute the train approached and Oikawa got up, the alpha made his move, moving to place a greedy hand over Oikawa's bottom. His hand never met as a fist met the pervert's face instead.
Oikawa's face soured. “Ushiwaka-chan.”

Ushijima stood up straight, knuckles stained a little red from the bloody nose he had created. He glanced at the now unconscious pervert before gazing at Oikaw, he said nothing but his nostrils flaring at the scent of Oikawa's heat.

“You're too late.”

Oikawa rolled his eyes, annoyed at Ushijima's assumption. “What do you know about heats? I'm perfectly fine, or I will be once you leave me alone and I get home.”

“You won't make it home.”

“Is that a threat?”

“No, it's a fact. You won't make it home before you crumple with need. Your need to mate will beat you home and by then, anyone will do. Choose me now and you won't have to embarrass yourself later.”

Oikawa scowled, his cheeks hot and pride trampled. He watched the train doors close, leaving without him as he sighed. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but Ushijima was... right. He was right, he could tell by how his body felt. He wouldn't make it far before his slick would really begin to smell and the smell would only spur on his heat and attract any willing alpha.

Oikawa reached forward, fingers digging into Ushijima's collar – proud of how he felt his fingernail clip at the skin at his throat in the process. “I still hate you, don't forget that.”

Ushijima said nothing as he guided Oikawa towards the station's little restroom. Oikawa sighed through his nose, eying the stalls. He'd had sex in more embarrassing places, so he couldn't say anything degrading about the location, but the distaste of who he was about to do this with... He glared at Ushijima who was unbuckling his pants.

“Rule no.1, no marking. You mark me and I'll rip your dick off with my ass muscles. And don't think I can't, because I can.”

Ushijima snorted, raising a petulant brow at him. “You won't.”

“Don't test me! Rule no.2 I'm on top.”

“I beg to differ, omega.”

Oikawa snarled, watching Ushijima's boxers be pulled off, revealing his wet cock, his knot already visible, only slightly. Oikawa glared up at him.

“You know what I meant, smartass. And Rule 3. No knotting, so put that thing away.”

Ushijima frowned. “But what's the point if you aren't knotted?”

“You aren't my mate, you neanderthal. Only my mate is allowed to knot my beautiful ass. Now, if you want to fuck me, I suggest you listen.”

“You're bossy, for an omega.”

“Stop calling me an omega like I'm beneath you! God, I hate you so much!”

“You are beneath me, you'll always be beneath me. The sooner you realize that, the easier this will be. You're an omega and I'm your alpha.”

Oikawa damn near howled in frustration. This is why he didn't want to and didn't like dealing with Ushijima. The guy was too blunt and aggravating. The man knew what Oikawa meant and knew what he was fucking talking about, but no, he had to be annoying on purpose. He was doing this shit on purpose!

“Just shut up and fuck me. No knotting.”

Ushijima said nothing now as Oikawa pushed him into a stall, watching the alpha sit down on the stool, watching Oikawa. A spark of arousal caused him to take off his shirt slowly, enjoying the look he received once he let it drop to the floor. He worked on his buckle, letting his pants drop, stepping out of the pooled material and over to Ushijima. He stretched his right leg over Ushijima's lap, reaching behind him to grasp Ushijima's cock, slipping a condom on as he stroked it lightly.

“Do you need to prep yourself?”

Oikawa panted as his hand moved rougher against Ushijima's prick, enjoying the feel of his precum dribbling onto his hand.

“Mm...no. I'm already wet enough.”

And only getting wetter, but he wouldn't admit to that. Instead, he took firm hold of Ushijima, steadying himself with his opposite hand on Ushijima's shoulder as he lowered himself down. His mouth fell open in relief and pleasure as the penetration filled a desperate feeling that had needed stroked. He moved slowly, lowering his hips and raising them back up in a familiar thrust. He moaned, his eyes flickering shut only to open slightly to glance at Ushijima through his lashes.

“Are you uncomfortable like that?”

“Just enjoy this, because this,” he lowered down, rotating his hips along the way. “won't be happening again.”

Ushijima groaned, his own hips raising to meet Oikawa's, his knot growing a little more with the excitement. Oikawa scowled, noting he wouldn't be able to take in all of Ushiwaka without getting knotted. He wondered if the man knew that, planned it that way. Oikawa jerked when he felt hands suddenly grip the back of his thighs, gravity shifting around him as he was suddenly pulled up, his hips lowering completely, sheathing Ushijima's cock completely.

“Haa – you asshole! I told you no knotti-INggh!”

Oikawa lost all words as Ushijima was now helping him bounce in his lap, their hips knocking together as they pounded against one and other. Oikawa panted frantically as his heat spiked and churned inside of him. He wanted Ushijima's knot, he needed it. Even though he also didn't want it, his body was betraying him as he kept his thrusts low, his hole clenching around the bulb, teasing it and coaxing it. Ushijima groaned as well, kissing the back of Oikawa's neck. Oikawa snarled and jerked his head away, tossing a glare over his shoulder.

Rule number one was the most important one.

Ushijima groaned as his hips pumped up, his knot growing now freely, filling to full size inside of Oikawa who chirped and yipped at the sensation, his body convulsing and ass squeezing. Slick dribbled out desperately as Oikawa's hole stretched for that knot until it popped inside, closing around it. Oikawa panted as he leaned forward, his head hitting the cold metal of the stall door as Ushijima's hands kneaded his hips. Both were still as Oikawa adjusted to being knotted.

“Can I move now?”

Oikawa heaved a breath before giving a curt nod, and then his whole world was rocked.

The knot pounded against his hole with every thrust – his opening unrelenting and not allowing it to escape, keeping them locked close, keeping Oikawa plugged in hopes of impregnation. Oikawa snorted mentally at the mere thought. But his mind was wiped blank when Ushijima kept thrusting just like that.

“Yes!!” yesyesyes The steady thrusts felt so good and the itch that had needed to be scratched was finally being treated, causing ripples of pleasure to course through him, his own body responding to each thrust with its own – the wet sounds of their sex ricocheting off the small stall, their heavy breaths joining the sounds. Oikawa growled as he rotated his hips.

“Come already!”

Ushijima's hands gripped against his hips harder, his hips slamming home as he came. The knot pulsated inside of Oikawa, making him yelp. The sensation of it shrinking made him shudder, his hole deflating along with it and finally, Ushijima slipped out of him. Oikawa swallowed around a gasp, his body moving on autopilot as he peeled himself off of Ushijima. His body trembled as he picked up his clothes.

That... had been better than he expected. A whole lot better.

Perhaps Ushijima was good for something. He picked up Ushijma's pants, rooting through the pocket for his cell, sending a text message to himself for Ushijima's number. Ushijima merely watched him, saying nothing as he pulled off the condom and trashed it before taking his pants and cell from Oikawa. The two of them stared at each other for a moment longer before Oikawa pulled on his clothes and caught the next train home.

As he sat on the train, he felt for his phone in his pocket, pulling it out and gazing at the number on the text he had sent. He saved the contact under 'Ushiwaka'. He eyed the name, nose wrinkling in disgust at what had just transpired. Oh well, at least he had a back up to his knotting toys now. Though he doubt he'd get that desperate again. It wasn't like he unleashed something inside of him by doing this.

Yeah right.

This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 2/?

(Anonymous) 2016-04-11 03:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Ushijima hadn't been expecting any contact from Oikawa after their little tryst, so when he saw he had a text message from the other, it was a little surprising. Mostly because he knew that Oikawa hated him. No love was lost on Ushijima's side either – though he could admit he didn't hate Oikawa, he mostly just felt disappointed in Oikawa's rather wasted potential. The man could have been on his team in high school, but he didn't. He could be so much more, but he just wouldn't. Ushijima was sure Oikawa would eventually also settle for some unworthy alpha and produce mediocre pups.

When really Oikawa could always do so much better.

Which perhaps Oikawa contacting him was a way the man was realizing he could at least do better than toys or some unworthy alpha.

The text was simple, a place and time. Nothing eloquent or anything of the sort. Ushijima can deal with simple. But he also knew Oikawa was anything but simple. But as his alpha, Ushijima felt he needed to comply with those needy demands – even though Oikawa still believed he wasn't his omega.

He was wrong and Ushijima was going to prove it.

The place was pretty nondescript. A regular hotel, businesses could be made here or seedy dealings, one would never know by looking at the patrons and that was the point, Ushijima supposed. He took a seat at one of the chairs in the lobby and waited for Oikawa to arrive. It didn't take long. The omega came in, dressed in a coat and hat – even wearing his glasses. He didn't want people to know him, even though they were in a part of the city that Ushijima was certain no one knew either of them, at least not personally. Oikawa spotted him immediately and looked freaked out for a moment, stomping over.

“You call this 'dressed discreetly!?'

Ushijima frowned, raising a brow. “I didn't see the point in it.”

“The point is not to be seen together.”

“Why? It's not like anyone would care that an omega was using his alpha accordingly.”

“You're not my alpha, you bastard!” seethed Oikawa, glaring at him over the rim of his glasses. “You're my past-time pleasure and nothing more. Ah, whatever. Go to the receptionist. I put the room under your name. You're paying too.”

Ushijima didn't argue, just did as he was told. Mostly because he could smell not only the sweet scent of omega slick coming from Oikawa, but the scent of stress. As much as he liked bating Oikawa to a degree, he was still an alpha and alpha didn't want to stress out their omegas, they wanted to sate them. He got the roomkey and returned to Oikawa, who looked like he was ready to bolt.

“Come with me.”

Oikawa scowled at him, but did as told as they both walked to the elevators. They stood awkwardly, not speaking or looking at one another. Even once inside the elevator, silence rained. It didn't really bother Ushijima as silence was something he felt comfortable with, but Oikawa appeared to be uncomfortable. The two made it to the 4th floor and exited the elevator, making way to their room. Ushijima looked around it, nodding to himself. It was a fine room, normal with one bed. He looked over at Oikawa who was hanging his coat and hat up. Ushijima took of his shoes, lining them neatly before striding into towards the bed.

“Should we order food first?”

Oikawa snorted. “No, we're getting down to business and getting it over with.”

“I paid for the whole night, you aren't expecting just to fuck and go, are you?”


Ushijima's brows raised but he said nothing as Oikawa began taking off his shirt, folding it neatly and placing it on the dresser. As he removed the rest of his clothes, Ushijima started on his own. He'd rather treat Oikawa first, but he didn't feel like arguing with the omega. Once he was completely naked, he glanced at Oikawa, noticing the omega's hard-on, oozing with precum, and the glimpse of wetness on the back of his inner thighs.

“Are your suppressants not enough anymore?”

“Shut up! You did this, you knotted me when I told you no.”

“You're body wanted it, despite what you said. You're body would not have been satisfied otherwise.”

Oikawa's brow crinkled, even as he rubbed himself, his cock quivering in his hand. Ushijima parroted the motion, rubbing over his dick, teasing the base of his knot. Oikawa licked his lips, glaring at Ushijima as he let his hands drop, moving closer to the alpha. The bed creaked as Oikawa pushed Ushijima down, straddling him.

“On top again?”

“On top anytime we do it.”

Ushijima didn't argue, but he wanted to. If he were on top, he'd be able to please Oikawa the way an omega should be pleased. He'd be able to penetrate him thoroughly and sate him completely. But Oikawa was a stubborn, disobedient omega that thought like an alpha, he wouldn't back down easy. But Ushijima refused just lie back this time. He reached behind Oikawa and ran a finger over his hole, causing the omega to jerk in surprise, but fall silent as Ushijima played with him.

The slick wasn't as copious this time, but still just as inviting.

Ushijima thought right – Oikawa needed prepped this time. He concentrated on his finger now, running it over Oikawa's pucker, teasing and coaxing the wet hole, making Oikawa shudder. He pressed against it, enjoying the way it opened for him and sucked him in. He moved his digit around gently, coaxing the ring to relax as he fit another finger inside. Oikawa grunted as Ushijima's fingers played inside of him, moving in and out, mocking sex as he tried to make him relax.

But then those fingers touched something inside of him that made him moan and slick spurt out of him, coating Ushijima's hand. The alpha narrowed his eyes and pounded unrelentingly on the source, feeling more and more slick dribble out. Oikawa yelped, his hips moving against those pleasing fingers, his body trembling.

“Stop! Stop! Nn...”

Ushijima did, pulling his now drenched hand away from the slick hole and replaced it with his cock, helping Oikawa ease down on it. Oikawa hummed, licking his upper lip as he sheathed Ushijima's cock in one deep thrust. He glared down at the alpha, pressing on his chest to make him lie down completely. Ushijima let the omega do as he pleased, watching intently as Oikawa began moving his hips sensually. It was a lot more provocative this time around and filled with much more confidence. The desperate mortification was gone and in its place was a confident and sexy Oikawa that knew what he wanted and was going to take it.

Ushijima massaged Oikawa's hips, raising his own to meet each thrust the omega gave him. He wanted to ride him harder, fuck him deep and knot him so deep that they'd be locked for hours, but he could tell Oikawa would have none of that, at least not yet. Oikawa's hips started losing their finesse as he moved harder and faster – chasing after that fleeting pleasure.

“Haa! Nn... c'mon!”

Ushijima panted as he worked to flex his hips up, pressing against Oikawa's eager bottom each time it lowered. He bared his fangs, elongated with passion as he suddenly sat up, making Oikawa chirp in surprise, arms wrapping around Ushijima's shoulders as the man pumped his hips hard against Oikawa now, his knot growing with each thrust. Oikawa panted in Ushijima's ear, his fingernails digging into Ushijma's back.

“Nn...so good!!”

The praise made Ushijima's chest rumble with a proud purr, his knot now grown to full mass inside of Oikawa. The pressure of Oikawa's tight hole around the base was amazing and he wanted nothing more than to rut deeply into Oikawa and fill him full of pups, claiming him more so than the measly bite. Which he also wanted to do. He rubbed his neck against Oikawa's, who stiffened. It wasn't as permanent as the bite or pups, but it was a temporary mark that surely Oikawa would allow.

When Oikawa didn't do anything, Ushijima did it again, rubbing his neck against Oikawa's, his head brushing against Oikawa's as he thrust gently into the other. Oikawa whimpered, hesitantly moving his own neck back in return, his hips gyrating against the knot inside of him. Ushijima felt pleased at Oikawa's acceptance, greedily necking with the omega now, growls and grunts leaving both of their throats as their hips knocked together slowly, intimately, as they necked, their scents mixing.

Oikawa's back seized up and he came against Ushijima's chest, his body trembling as it came down from ecstacy. Ushijima snarled as he pumped his hips harder, his seed flowing into the condom, wishing he hadn't wore one and would pup his omega. Once his knot was empty and back to normal, Oikawa quickly pulled off, shoving at Ushijima in the process.

“I said no marking.”

“Necking is pretty old fashioned, I didn't think it would count to you.”

“Marking is still marking. Pissing on each other is old fashioned too, and I swear to god if you piss on me I will rip your dick off.”

Ushijima merely stared at Oikawa, watching the omega walk into the bathroom, muttering curses along the way. Ushijima sat back up, looking down at his spent cock. Really, despite Oikawa's refusal to mark, he seemed to really be into it. It would take some time, but he was sure he'd be marking Oikawa truly soon enough.

He got up and padded into the bathroom to see Oikawa already dressed (when had he grabbed his clothes?) and working on his hair. Oikawa's eyes met Ushijima's in the mirror, his mouth working before a frown fell on his lips. “Yes?”

“You're leaving already?”

“Didn't we discuss this already? Fuck and leave, the end.”

“A love hotel would have been more efficient then.”

“Love hotels are tacky and gross.”

Ushijima said nothing because, well, it wasn't wrong, but the cost of a regular hotel compared to a love hotel was steep, especially if they were only using it for this short time.

“You can stay here for the night, Ushiwaka-chan, after all, you've already paid for it.”

Ushijima watched Oikawa flounce off, feeling the acid from those words pour over him. He glanced over the mess they made and then to the roomkey case – noting that Oikawa still had a key.

Perhaps he would stay for the night... relax and call for room service.

After all, Oikawa would be back.


(Anonymous) 2016-04-12 12:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry for not including warnings still now, this is my best way of fixing the problem for now.

This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 3/?

(Anonymous) 2016-04-11 06:50 pm (UTC)(link)
- - - -
- - - -

“You smell... different.”

Oikawa clutched his coffee closer to him, looking up at Iwaizumi, who was giving him this odd look. Oikawa had thought that his best friend would be use to him smelling 'different' by now, seeing as he wasn't the least bit shy about sex, but perhaps his little liaisons with Ushijima were becoming less impromptu and more of a regular thing. Ushijima's smell lingered on his skin longer – the necking wasn't helping, although pleasant. The sensation of rubbing against one another in a primal way was exhilarating and made Oikawa ache more than he liked to admit.


“Mm? Sorry Iwa-chan, I was thinking of something.”

Iwaizumi eyed his friend, not blinking as he sipped his own drink. “Did you get an alpha...?”

“No!” said Oikawa quickly, feeling a flash of unwarranted panic. “No, of course I haven't.”

The last thing he wanted was Iwaizumi to think he was like every other omega and needed an alpha. He didn't need one, he could handle everything on his own. As a beta, Iwaizumi had no clue on how things actually worked for omegas or alphas. How much a pain in the ass an alpha like Ushijima could be. Iwaizumi set his cup back down and shrugged.

“It would be fine if you did, you know. Just be careful, there are a lot of bastards out there.”

Oh, he knew that – he had the king of bastards in his bed. “Please, Iwa-chan, who do you think you are talking to?”

Oikawa knew what Iwaizumi meant by the concern though. While Iwaizumi didn't understand the full details of omegas, he knew enough that when an omega is in heat, they were vulnerable and were willing for pretty much anyone, even if they normally would scorn whoever they bedded. Iwaizumi understood that Oikawa would be vulnerable – despite his bravado. It was nice, having someone worry about you despite the fact they couldn't do much about it.

Oikawa's phone buzzed, making him grimace. He looked at the phone and sighed.

“Alpha texting you?”

“I don't have an alpha, just a nuisance.”

Iwaizumi hummed, eyes staring straight at Oikawa. It was obvious he didn't believe him. Oikawa huffed, pushing himself out of his chair. “I should go or else he'll keep texting me.”

There was a small silence, one filled with a painful note to it, which made Oikawa hesitate. Iwaizumi didn't protest but he didn't encourage him to go either. The hesitance in it all tugged on Oikawa's conscience and his heart. “Iwa-chan....”

“Just be careful, okay?”


The walk to Ushijima's meeting place wasn't nearly as embarrassing as he thought it would be, possibly because they had met up already in the past or perhaps it was because Ushijima's smell was still on him, regardless, he was a little angry that it was Ushiwaka calling him out, not the other way around. It should be up to him when they fuck. He was the omega, he was the one who went into blistering heats and needed to mate, Ushijima just did.. what? Get turned on and knot him? That was it.

He knocked on the hotel room given to him, awaiting in irritation for Ushijima to open the door. He was about to give up when the door opened a sliver – revealing a rather disheveled looking Ushijima. Whoa... what happened to him?

“Ushiwaka-chan, I've arrived – lucky for you! I normally don't take bootycalls, but since you've been so kind to take mine, I thought I'd respond in ki-N aah!”

The door was flung open viciously and Oikawa was yanked in. The door slammed shut so fast that Oikawa thought he felt his head spin. His heart hammered in his chest as he stared at Ushijima who was giving him a look that could have easily meant 'murder' if not for the hard-on in his pants. Oikawa wet his lips and tried to conjure a sardonic smile, but felt it fall flat at the sight of Ushijima's fangs, elongated with desire, and his eyes flashing with lust. He looked... well, he looked hot, but he also looked insane.

“What is your deal?”

Ushijima growled, sounding more like a primal wolf than a human being. His nose pressed against Oikawa's neck, sniffing him in and licking at the skin where he could bite. Oikawa felt a ring of panic and Iwaizumi's face flash in his mind, jerking away. “No.”

Ushijima snarled.

Oikawa growled right back. “No marking, I told you. Stop this alpha bullshit, I thought you were better than this?”

He tried to mimic and mock Ushijima's usual manners, but it seemed to take no effect – as if it didn't register in Ushijima's brain at all. It made Oikawa's pulse stutter. Oikawa pushed away from Ushijima and stalked hesitantly towards the bed. “Let's get this over with, since you're so horny.”

“No.” came the bestial reply, guttural and absolutely wrecked sounding. Oikawa shuddered, looking over at Ushijima, who looked like he was going to attack at any given moment.

“No? Oh, okay, then I guess I'll just leave you and your alpha craziness alone.”

“No, you will not go. And no, it won't just 'get over with'. We're going to mate, properly.”

Oikawa's nose wrinkled, his own fangs flashing at Ushijima now. “We will never mate, we only fuck. You aren't my mate, you'll never be my mate, and the sooner you realize that, the more enjoyable of a time we'll have.”

The sound that came out of Ushijima's throat was not human and it scared Oikawa. Before he could escape, Ushijima had him pinned on the floor, by the foot of the bed. Oikawa clawed at the carpet for purchase, but felt Ushijima rip his pants off, the button on his jeans popping as he did. He wanted to cry out and to tell him no, but he suddenly smelled strong alpha pheromones. Strong commanding ones that shouted 'obey me!', and Oikawa's omega tendencies could do nothing but listen. He whimpered as he felt his legs widen on their own, his hips lifted in the air.

Terror trembled down his spine, mingling with a thread of desire as he heard Ushijima remove his pants. “C-Condom” said Oikawa feasibly, pleading him. He was unsure if Ushijima would be able to see past the cloud of desire, but luckily he did for at least that.

“You're lucky I'm a good alpha.”

“No you aren't, you dick, you're forcing me.”

“Your body says otherwise.”

“Fuck my body! Listen to my mouth.”

Ushijima's fangs flashed, a carnal smile on his face – one that scared Oikawa more than anything. “Oh, I will. I'll thoroughly fuck this body.”

“Now wait a min-AH!”

Ushijima speared him in a single thrust, snarling as he began thrusting viciously into that pliant hole, slick oozing around his prick, helping him in his thrusts. Oikawa yelped, grabbing for the bed to help steady him – it squeaked with each thrusts and his knees rubbed against the carpet unpleasantly. He moaned at the familiar feeling of Ushijima's cock burrowing into him, pressing against his insides in just the right places. He glanced over his shoulder to notice Ushijima's face – the wild look of arousal in his eyes and the way his fangs bared with exertion... ah, Ushijima was in rut... Oikawa knew about rut, but as an omega, he never really thought about it much. It was his first time experiencing one, feeling his heat line up with this alpha's rut was painful, but the feeling of being filled was exquisite.

“Oh fuck.... right there.”


Oikawa rolled his hips back, moaning as Ushijima thrust forward, grinding against his opening. The had never done it in this position and this new position made it easier for Ushijima to go deep, so deep – it felt all too good.

“Oh god, I'm going to come.”

“Then come, we've got all night. And we will be doing this. All night. No running.”

Oikawa's heart hammered in his chest, crying out as he came for the first time that night. He pounded his hips back encouraging Ushijima to fuck him harder, wanting him to come to. But instead Ushijima suddenly had a vice grip on his shoulders. Oikawa blinked in sated confusion until he felt the piercing of skin. He howled in fear and betrayal as Ushijima bit into the back of his neck in time with his knot growing. Ushijima's hips flexed and pulsed as he thrust his knot further into Oikawa's bowls, his jaw locked on Oikawa's neck as he knotted him. His tongue worked on the flesh in his mouth, mingling his saliva into the bite, marking Oikawa permanently.

Oikawa sobbed, his hips pushing back against Ushijima's. He hadn't wanted to be marked, to be mated. He hadn't wanted this! But now that it was happening, he had no choice. All choices were revoked as Ushijima claimed him, mating him in ways that were indefinite. He breathed in a shaky breath to try and steady himself as Ushijima finally released his hold on his neck, saliva and blood dripping from his fangs. Ushijima snarled in pleasure at the sight of his work before thrusting home inside of Oikawa.

Oikawa yipped as that bulbous knot pounded into him, pressing and pressing – knocking on his hole. His spine curved as pleasure pulsated through him ten times more than normal – the mate mark making him feel more than normal. He cried out 'yesyesys' and 'moremoremore', all shame was hidden behind the resounding pleasure and the feeling of mating. He wanted to be pupped. He needed his alpha's pups. He cried out as he came again, feeling Ushijima push deep into him, emptying out as well. Oikawa trembled, waiting for that knot to go back down, but it didn't. Fear lanced through Oikawa as Ushijima suddenly picked him up, still knotted within him, and brought him on the bed.

“Now, we will make love like mates.”

“I'm not your mate.” It sounded weak, even to Oikawa. Ushijima snorted, some of the rut had left him, his eyes clearer now.

“You are my mate.”

Oikawa's lip curled, frustration building on his face, even as Ushijima kissed him. Oh, how he hated this man – he hated him for doing this to him, marking and mating him! This wasn't how it was supposed to be, this wasn't how things were supposed to go! But no, here he was, having Ushijima mark him and was now fucking him sweetly. The slow push and pull was making Oikawa moan, his body trembling – a little sore but still pliant and willing for more.

They fucked slowly, the knot tapping gently against his insides. Oikawa had never felt more vulnerable than he did right now. His whole body ached for this insufferable alpha, his whole body was responding to the last alpha he wanted it to respond to, and he hated it. He hated what Ushijima did to him, he hated him.

But most of all, he hated himself for letting this happen, even as they kissed so sweetly and Ushijima treated him with the utmost care. He hated this.

Ushiwaka would pay for this.

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Re: This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 3/?

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I agree, however, there is dubcon in the prompt? (though let's be real, that's a soft word for noncon) The warning is in the prompt.

so really - it should be expected.

what bothers me, is that the comment hasn't collapsed, you think it would by now :(

This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 4/?

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A/N: whoa, I saw the two comments and I want to first, and foremost, apologize for not having a warning. I really apologize for the anons who read it and I'm sorry if it bothered you guys!

Before I get started I want to make this clear – I'm use to a broader kink meme where the warnings are in the prompt. I'm more use to kink memes being a more open space(I haven't written on one since the DRRR!! kink meme in 2012, you do the math/research) I try to fill the prompt by detail of what is asked and dubcon is asked of me. That's your warning and I'm sorry if that bothers others, and if the mods want to delete my thread I will reupload with warnings.

But I'm slightly flabbergasted the first comment I get is 'this needs a warning' when dubcon is in the request.

Kinkmemes sure have changed and gotten a lot more eggshells since the last time I wrote in them! No wonder a lot of things aren't filled. Anyways, I'll continue regardless until I run out of steam or its finished.

Once again, I'm sorry for no warning. For now on (though the noncon is over), I'll put warnings in bold before I begin or if my title is short, in the title like it's supposed to be.

- - - -
W: past noncon mention
- - - -

Ushijima had very little memory of his rut, but what he did remember, he knew he had behaved like a illbred pup. As much as it was embarrassing, it was now turning into a frustration as he couldn't get in contact with Oikawa. Oikawa, who he had marked. Oikawa, who had looked at him with hate in his eyes. It had pricked at him as the rut slowly left him, but now it was a constant thought and throb. He had made his bed and he would have to lie in it, but the fact Oikawa hadn't contacted him at all was a little disturbing, only for the fact he was sure the man would have been right in his face after.

He glanced at his phone, contemplating contacting him on his own rather than waiting for Oikawa to contact him.

His skin itched as he thumbed through his contacts, stopping at Oikawa's. He didn't have a mate bite from Oikawa, but the fact he had given him one, made his gut churn. Wasn't Oikawa in pain right now? Being away from your mate for an extended amount of time was something most omegas found unbearable. But Oikawa wasn't like most omegas, he was stronger than that. But physiologically, he was still the same. Ushijima tapped out a simple 'you okay?' text and awaited an answer.

He got one faster than he thought he would. Eyebrows raising he read the simple message 'are you serious?'

'Of course. I'm always serious'

'you are seriously asking me if i'm okay? After you practically raped me!'

Ushijima's brows furrowed, his fingers working out his text. 'rape? I thought we had an agreement of sexual relief with each other? I was in need.'

'you marked me when I told you not too!! marks like this can take years to go away! I can't even leave the house because people will know just by looking at me!!'

'Why are you so ashamed of getting claimed by an alpha?'

'I'm ashamed its YOU, stupid Ushiwaka!!'

Ushijima paused at that, he could always claim heat of the moment, because it truly had been. Rut did that to alphas, especially if they aren't mated. Mated alphas experience a rut that is pure pleasure and devoted to their omega. Unmated alphas have an excruciating rut that can, and does, turn them into animals. Some even have to be hospitalized to keep themselves, and omegas, safe. It was why Ushijima had wanted to mate with Oikawa if their little meetings would continue. He had thought Oikawa knew that, after all – Ushijima understood heats and understood omega tendencies, he had assumed Oikawa knew about alpha tendencies.

He blinked as his phone vibrated and a single line of 'we need to talk meet me here' followed by an address made him hopeful yet fill with dread. He wasn't sure what would happen, but he was sure he was about to get an earful and he deserved it.

Oikawa's location this time was outside a little cafe. He was seated on one of the chairs, dressed like he had been on their first meeting at a hotel. Ushijima approached, noticing Oikawa's annoyance right away.

Ushijima at the chair across from Oikawa, silence reigning as they studied each other. Oikawa licked his lips, eyes narrowing behind his glasses as he drew in a breath before beginning.

“First, I hate you. Second, I hate you-”

Ushijima's jaw worked. “I'm well aw-”

“You don't get to talk! This is my bitchfest and you have to deal with listening to it! Now where was? Oh yeah, I hate you – not just because of what you did that night. I've hated you for a long time, of course the sex was good. I had expected that given our mutual dislike and your body.”

“I don't dislike you.”

“I said I'm talking! Keep your little mouth closed, Ushiwaka-chan, and let me have my words. Despite what you may or may not think, I'm not uneducated about alpha bullshit. I know what ruts are and I know one when I see it. I understand what happened, I understand the sex part was something you had no mind to control. I actually enjoyed the sex part it was normal, it was something we were use to doing. But you crossed the line with marking me, that's where I'm pissed and hurt over!”

“...” Could he talk now? He wasn't sure. But when Oikawa's mouth opened again, he knew – no, he wasn't allowed yet.

“You marked me without my permission! We aren't in love, we are sex partners. Mating is for lovers, I thought you were well aware of my hatred, as you tried to say; but if that were true, you would have not marked me! Why were you so adamant about it anyways? What was the point other than to cater to your alpha shit?”

Ushijima licked over his teeth before opening his mouth. “It helps keep not only rut at bay but heat. We're both unmated, and those two things are unbearable. I don't see how mating with each other is such a bad thing.”

Oikawa's jaw worked, eyes narrowing at him. “Because I hate you!”

“You say that a lot, it almost feels like a defense rather than truth.”

Oikawa's mouth dropped, snapping shut as he snarled. “I can't believe you said that.”

Ushijima's brow raised. “You do say it a lot, as if you are hiding something. It's rather bothersome.”

“I am not hiding anything! Anyways, if you value your life, you'll go to the doctor with me in a week.”

Ushijima sniffed the air, tilting his head. “Do you think you are with pup?”

Oikawa blanched at him, reaching over to hit him upside the head. “No you moron, to see about healing the bite. There are plenty of doctors that can remove mate marks, but it take a little bit of therapy and medicine.”

Ushijima grew still at that. It was good for Oikawa, seeing as he obviously didn't want to be mated with him, but Ushijima was more old fashioned in the sense of the alpha made the calls and once mated, that was it. The prospect of removing the mate mark like it had been nothing was odd to him, but after his brutal rut, he felt obligated to play by Oikawa's game. He nodded, his eyes gazing at Oikawa.

“Very well, I will accompany you.”

“Good. It's much easier if the doctor's realize the mate mark is an unwanted thing between both alpha and omega.”

“It's not unwanted on my part though.”

Oikawa seethed. “Don't say that to the doctor though! I want it gone and you will cooperate with me on this, got it?”

“Of course, but I'm stating facts.”

Ushijima watched Oikawa convulse in anger. It was a little amusing, but Oikawa's reactions had always been amusing to him, even if his face betrayed his amusement. He stood from his chair, watching Oikawa do the same thing. He frowned, eying the other man. “Are we done?”

“Oh, I'd say we are, Ushiwaka-chan, in more ways than one. But there is one thing I need to do before we part for today.”

Ushijima was about to ask what when a fist collided with his jaw. He stumbled back, the sting on his jaw biting at his face and pride. He glanced over at Oikawa who was now shaking his fist, but his eyes were filled with pleasure. Oikawa sighed, grinning now. “I feel better now. See you around, Ushiwaka-chan~”

Ushijima watched as Oikawa flounced off as he rubbed his cheek. He deserved that, he knew that. He sighed as he turned to go back home, trying to think of a way to make it up to Oikawa and a way to show him the mate mark wasn't a bad thing, and he only had a week to do it.

OP here

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OOOOOHHHH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!! I was blushing like crazy in the second chapter. It's hitting all the marks that I like about a/b/o fics like with the old school alpha Ushi being like haha ok Oikawa I'll play your little game but really you're mine

I know I asked for angst but will it be resolved nicely? Like mutual marking or anything :') if not that's fine I'll still love to read future chapters!!!

I'm sorry about the response you got to the story. I really enjoyed reading this

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Kinkmemes sure have changed and gotten a lot more eggshells since the last time I wrote in them! No wonder a lot of things aren't filled.

I agree, I think this is one reason that in many fandoms like this one, kink memes never really take off. I'm sorry for the aggressive replies you've gotten to your fill, and I hope that you continue!

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I am so fucking on board for this fill holy shit yes <3