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This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 3/?

(Anonymous) 2016-04-11 06:50 pm (UTC)(link)
- - - -
- - - -

“You smell... different.”

Oikawa clutched his coffee closer to him, looking up at Iwaizumi, who was giving him this odd look. Oikawa had thought that his best friend would be use to him smelling 'different' by now, seeing as he wasn't the least bit shy about sex, but perhaps his little liaisons with Ushijima were becoming less impromptu and more of a regular thing. Ushijima's smell lingered on his skin longer – the necking wasn't helping, although pleasant. The sensation of rubbing against one another in a primal way was exhilarating and made Oikawa ache more than he liked to admit.


“Mm? Sorry Iwa-chan, I was thinking of something.”

Iwaizumi eyed his friend, not blinking as he sipped his own drink. “Did you get an alpha...?”

“No!” said Oikawa quickly, feeling a flash of unwarranted panic. “No, of course I haven't.”

The last thing he wanted was Iwaizumi to think he was like every other omega and needed an alpha. He didn't need one, he could handle everything on his own. As a beta, Iwaizumi had no clue on how things actually worked for omegas or alphas. How much a pain in the ass an alpha like Ushijima could be. Iwaizumi set his cup back down and shrugged.

“It would be fine if you did, you know. Just be careful, there are a lot of bastards out there.”

Oh, he knew that – he had the king of bastards in his bed. “Please, Iwa-chan, who do you think you are talking to?”

Oikawa knew what Iwaizumi meant by the concern though. While Iwaizumi didn't understand the full details of omegas, he knew enough that when an omega is in heat, they were vulnerable and were willing for pretty much anyone, even if they normally would scorn whoever they bedded. Iwaizumi understood that Oikawa would be vulnerable – despite his bravado. It was nice, having someone worry about you despite the fact they couldn't do much about it.

Oikawa's phone buzzed, making him grimace. He looked at the phone and sighed.

“Alpha texting you?”

“I don't have an alpha, just a nuisance.”

Iwaizumi hummed, eyes staring straight at Oikawa. It was obvious he didn't believe him. Oikawa huffed, pushing himself out of his chair. “I should go or else he'll keep texting me.”

There was a small silence, one filled with a painful note to it, which made Oikawa hesitate. Iwaizumi didn't protest but he didn't encourage him to go either. The hesitance in it all tugged on Oikawa's conscience and his heart. “Iwa-chan....”

“Just be careful, okay?”


The walk to Ushijima's meeting place wasn't nearly as embarrassing as he thought it would be, possibly because they had met up already in the past or perhaps it was because Ushijima's smell was still on him, regardless, he was a little angry that it was Ushiwaka calling him out, not the other way around. It should be up to him when they fuck. He was the omega, he was the one who went into blistering heats and needed to mate, Ushijima just did.. what? Get turned on and knot him? That was it.

He knocked on the hotel room given to him, awaiting in irritation for Ushijima to open the door. He was about to give up when the door opened a sliver – revealing a rather disheveled looking Ushijima. Whoa... what happened to him?

“Ushiwaka-chan, I've arrived – lucky for you! I normally don't take bootycalls, but since you've been so kind to take mine, I thought I'd respond in ki-N aah!”

The door was flung open viciously and Oikawa was yanked in. The door slammed shut so fast that Oikawa thought he felt his head spin. His heart hammered in his chest as he stared at Ushijima who was giving him a look that could have easily meant 'murder' if not for the hard-on in his pants. Oikawa wet his lips and tried to conjure a sardonic smile, but felt it fall flat at the sight of Ushijima's fangs, elongated with desire, and his eyes flashing with lust. He looked... well, he looked hot, but he also looked insane.

“What is your deal?”

Ushijima growled, sounding more like a primal wolf than a human being. His nose pressed against Oikawa's neck, sniffing him in and licking at the skin where he could bite. Oikawa felt a ring of panic and Iwaizumi's face flash in his mind, jerking away. “No.”

Ushijima snarled.

Oikawa growled right back. “No marking, I told you. Stop this alpha bullshit, I thought you were better than this?”

He tried to mimic and mock Ushijima's usual manners, but it seemed to take no effect – as if it didn't register in Ushijima's brain at all. It made Oikawa's pulse stutter. Oikawa pushed away from Ushijima and stalked hesitantly towards the bed. “Let's get this over with, since you're so horny.”

“No.” came the bestial reply, guttural and absolutely wrecked sounding. Oikawa shuddered, looking over at Ushijima, who looked like he was going to attack at any given moment.

“No? Oh, okay, then I guess I'll just leave you and your alpha craziness alone.”

“No, you will not go. And no, it won't just 'get over with'. We're going to mate, properly.”

Oikawa's nose wrinkled, his own fangs flashing at Ushijima now. “We will never mate, we only fuck. You aren't my mate, you'll never be my mate, and the sooner you realize that, the more enjoyable of a time we'll have.”

The sound that came out of Ushijima's throat was not human and it scared Oikawa. Before he could escape, Ushijima had him pinned on the floor, by the foot of the bed. Oikawa clawed at the carpet for purchase, but felt Ushijima rip his pants off, the button on his jeans popping as he did. He wanted to cry out and to tell him no, but he suddenly smelled strong alpha pheromones. Strong commanding ones that shouted 'obey me!', and Oikawa's omega tendencies could do nothing but listen. He whimpered as he felt his legs widen on their own, his hips lifted in the air.

Terror trembled down his spine, mingling with a thread of desire as he heard Ushijima remove his pants. “C-Condom” said Oikawa feasibly, pleading him. He was unsure if Ushijima would be able to see past the cloud of desire, but luckily he did for at least that.

“You're lucky I'm a good alpha.”

“No you aren't, you dick, you're forcing me.”

“Your body says otherwise.”

“Fuck my body! Listen to my mouth.”

Ushijima's fangs flashed, a carnal smile on his face – one that scared Oikawa more than anything. “Oh, I will. I'll thoroughly fuck this body.”

“Now wait a min-AH!”

Ushijima speared him in a single thrust, snarling as he began thrusting viciously into that pliant hole, slick oozing around his prick, helping him in his thrusts. Oikawa yelped, grabbing for the bed to help steady him – it squeaked with each thrusts and his knees rubbed against the carpet unpleasantly. He moaned at the familiar feeling of Ushijima's cock burrowing into him, pressing against his insides in just the right places. He glanced over his shoulder to notice Ushijima's face – the wild look of arousal in his eyes and the way his fangs bared with exertion... ah, Ushijima was in rut... Oikawa knew about rut, but as an omega, he never really thought about it much. It was his first time experiencing one, feeling his heat line up with this alpha's rut was painful, but the feeling of being filled was exquisite.

“Oh fuck.... right there.”


Oikawa rolled his hips back, moaning as Ushijima thrust forward, grinding against his opening. The had never done it in this position and this new position made it easier for Ushijima to go deep, so deep – it felt all too good.

“Oh god, I'm going to come.”

“Then come, we've got all night. And we will be doing this. All night. No running.”

Oikawa's heart hammered in his chest, crying out as he came for the first time that night. He pounded his hips back encouraging Ushijima to fuck him harder, wanting him to come to. But instead Ushijima suddenly had a vice grip on his shoulders. Oikawa blinked in sated confusion until he felt the piercing of skin. He howled in fear and betrayal as Ushijima bit into the back of his neck in time with his knot growing. Ushijima's hips flexed and pulsed as he thrust his knot further into Oikawa's bowls, his jaw locked on Oikawa's neck as he knotted him. His tongue worked on the flesh in his mouth, mingling his saliva into the bite, marking Oikawa permanently.

Oikawa sobbed, his hips pushing back against Ushijima's. He hadn't wanted to be marked, to be mated. He hadn't wanted this! But now that it was happening, he had no choice. All choices were revoked as Ushijima claimed him, mating him in ways that were indefinite. He breathed in a shaky breath to try and steady himself as Ushijima finally released his hold on his neck, saliva and blood dripping from his fangs. Ushijima snarled in pleasure at the sight of his work before thrusting home inside of Oikawa.

Oikawa yipped as that bulbous knot pounded into him, pressing and pressing – knocking on his hole. His spine curved as pleasure pulsated through him ten times more than normal – the mate mark making him feel more than normal. He cried out 'yesyesys' and 'moremoremore', all shame was hidden behind the resounding pleasure and the feeling of mating. He wanted to be pupped. He needed his alpha's pups. He cried out as he came again, feeling Ushijima push deep into him, emptying out as well. Oikawa trembled, waiting for that knot to go back down, but it didn't. Fear lanced through Oikawa as Ushijima suddenly picked him up, still knotted within him, and brought him on the bed.

“Now, we will make love like mates.”

“I'm not your mate.” It sounded weak, even to Oikawa. Ushijima snorted, some of the rut had left him, his eyes clearer now.

“You are my mate.”

Oikawa's lip curled, frustration building on his face, even as Ushijima kissed him. Oh, how he hated this man – he hated him for doing this to him, marking and mating him! This wasn't how it was supposed to be, this wasn't how things were supposed to go! But no, here he was, having Ushijima mark him and was now fucking him sweetly. The slow push and pull was making Oikawa moan, his body trembling – a little sore but still pliant and willing for more.

They fucked slowly, the knot tapping gently against his insides. Oikawa had never felt more vulnerable than he did right now. His whole body ached for this insufferable alpha, his whole body was responding to the last alpha he wanted it to respond to, and he hated it. He hated what Ushijima did to him, he hated him.

But most of all, he hated himself for letting this happen, even as they kissed so sweetly and Ushijima treated him with the utmost care. He hated this.

Ushiwaka would pay for this.

Re: This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 3/?

(Anonymous) 2016-04-12 05:19 am (UTC)(link)

Re: This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 3/?

(Anonymous) 2016-04-12 11:29 am (UTC)(link)
I agree, however, there is dubcon in the prompt? (though let's be real, that's a soft word for noncon) The warning is in the prompt.

so really - it should be expected.

what bothers me, is that the comment hasn't collapsed, you think it would by now :(