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This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 4/?

(Anonymous) 2016-04-12 12:50 pm (UTC)(link)
A/N: whoa, I saw the two comments and I want to first, and foremost, apologize for not having a warning. I really apologize for the anons who read it and I'm sorry if it bothered you guys!

Before I get started I want to make this clear – I'm use to a broader kink meme where the warnings are in the prompt. I'm more use to kink memes being a more open space(I haven't written on one since the DRRR!! kink meme in 2012, you do the math/research) I try to fill the prompt by detail of what is asked and dubcon is asked of me. That's your warning and I'm sorry if that bothers others, and if the mods want to delete my thread I will reupload with warnings.

But I'm slightly flabbergasted the first comment I get is 'this needs a warning' when dubcon is in the request.

Kinkmemes sure have changed and gotten a lot more eggshells since the last time I wrote in them! No wonder a lot of things aren't filled. Anyways, I'll continue regardless until I run out of steam or its finished.

Once again, I'm sorry for no warning. For now on (though the noncon is over), I'll put warnings in bold before I begin or if my title is short, in the title like it's supposed to be.

- - - -
W: past noncon mention
- - - -

Ushijima had very little memory of his rut, but what he did remember, he knew he had behaved like a illbred pup. As much as it was embarrassing, it was now turning into a frustration as he couldn't get in contact with Oikawa. Oikawa, who he had marked. Oikawa, who had looked at him with hate in his eyes. It had pricked at him as the rut slowly left him, but now it was a constant thought and throb. He had made his bed and he would have to lie in it, but the fact Oikawa hadn't contacted him at all was a little disturbing, only for the fact he was sure the man would have been right in his face after.

He glanced at his phone, contemplating contacting him on his own rather than waiting for Oikawa to contact him.

His skin itched as he thumbed through his contacts, stopping at Oikawa's. He didn't have a mate bite from Oikawa, but the fact he had given him one, made his gut churn. Wasn't Oikawa in pain right now? Being away from your mate for an extended amount of time was something most omegas found unbearable. But Oikawa wasn't like most omegas, he was stronger than that. But physiologically, he was still the same. Ushijima tapped out a simple 'you okay?' text and awaited an answer.

He got one faster than he thought he would. Eyebrows raising he read the simple message 'are you serious?'

'Of course. I'm always serious'

'you are seriously asking me if i'm okay? After you practically raped me!'

Ushijima's brows furrowed, his fingers working out his text. 'rape? I thought we had an agreement of sexual relief with each other? I was in need.'

'you marked me when I told you not too!! marks like this can take years to go away! I can't even leave the house because people will know just by looking at me!!'

'Why are you so ashamed of getting claimed by an alpha?'

'I'm ashamed its YOU, stupid Ushiwaka!!'

Ushijima paused at that, he could always claim heat of the moment, because it truly had been. Rut did that to alphas, especially if they aren't mated. Mated alphas experience a rut that is pure pleasure and devoted to their omega. Unmated alphas have an excruciating rut that can, and does, turn them into animals. Some even have to be hospitalized to keep themselves, and omegas, safe. It was why Ushijima had wanted to mate with Oikawa if their little meetings would continue. He had thought Oikawa knew that, after all – Ushijima understood heats and understood omega tendencies, he had assumed Oikawa knew about alpha tendencies.

He blinked as his phone vibrated and a single line of 'we need to talk meet me here' followed by an address made him hopeful yet fill with dread. He wasn't sure what would happen, but he was sure he was about to get an earful and he deserved it.

Oikawa's location this time was outside a little cafe. He was seated on one of the chairs, dressed like he had been on their first meeting at a hotel. Ushijima approached, noticing Oikawa's annoyance right away.

Ushijima at the chair across from Oikawa, silence reigning as they studied each other. Oikawa licked his lips, eyes narrowing behind his glasses as he drew in a breath before beginning.

“First, I hate you. Second, I hate you-”

Ushijima's jaw worked. “I'm well aw-”

“You don't get to talk! This is my bitchfest and you have to deal with listening to it! Now where was? Oh yeah, I hate you – not just because of what you did that night. I've hated you for a long time, of course the sex was good. I had expected that given our mutual dislike and your body.”

“I don't dislike you.”

“I said I'm talking! Keep your little mouth closed, Ushiwaka-chan, and let me have my words. Despite what you may or may not think, I'm not uneducated about alpha bullshit. I know what ruts are and I know one when I see it. I understand what happened, I understand the sex part was something you had no mind to control. I actually enjoyed the sex part it was normal, it was something we were use to doing. But you crossed the line with marking me, that's where I'm pissed and hurt over!”

“...” Could he talk now? He wasn't sure. But when Oikawa's mouth opened again, he knew – no, he wasn't allowed yet.

“You marked me without my permission! We aren't in love, we are sex partners. Mating is for lovers, I thought you were well aware of my hatred, as you tried to say; but if that were true, you would have not marked me! Why were you so adamant about it anyways? What was the point other than to cater to your alpha shit?”

Ushijima licked over his teeth before opening his mouth. “It helps keep not only rut at bay but heat. We're both unmated, and those two things are unbearable. I don't see how mating with each other is such a bad thing.”

Oikawa's jaw worked, eyes narrowing at him. “Because I hate you!”

“You say that a lot, it almost feels like a defense rather than truth.”

Oikawa's mouth dropped, snapping shut as he snarled. “I can't believe you said that.”

Ushijima's brow raised. “You do say it a lot, as if you are hiding something. It's rather bothersome.”

“I am not hiding anything! Anyways, if you value your life, you'll go to the doctor with me in a week.”

Ushijima sniffed the air, tilting his head. “Do you think you are with pup?”

Oikawa blanched at him, reaching over to hit him upside the head. “No you moron, to see about healing the bite. There are plenty of doctors that can remove mate marks, but it take a little bit of therapy and medicine.”

Ushijima grew still at that. It was good for Oikawa, seeing as he obviously didn't want to be mated with him, but Ushijima was more old fashioned in the sense of the alpha made the calls and once mated, that was it. The prospect of removing the mate mark like it had been nothing was odd to him, but after his brutal rut, he felt obligated to play by Oikawa's game. He nodded, his eyes gazing at Oikawa.

“Very well, I will accompany you.”

“Good. It's much easier if the doctor's realize the mate mark is an unwanted thing between both alpha and omega.”

“It's not unwanted on my part though.”

Oikawa seethed. “Don't say that to the doctor though! I want it gone and you will cooperate with me on this, got it?”

“Of course, but I'm stating facts.”

Ushijima watched Oikawa convulse in anger. It was a little amusing, but Oikawa's reactions had always been amusing to him, even if his face betrayed his amusement. He stood from his chair, watching Oikawa do the same thing. He frowned, eying the other man. “Are we done?”

“Oh, I'd say we are, Ushiwaka-chan, in more ways than one. But there is one thing I need to do before we part for today.”

Ushijima was about to ask what when a fist collided with his jaw. He stumbled back, the sting on his jaw biting at his face and pride. He glanced over at Oikawa who was now shaking his fist, but his eyes were filled with pleasure. Oikawa sighed, grinning now. “I feel better now. See you around, Ushiwaka-chan~”

Ushijima watched as Oikawa flounced off as he rubbed his cheek. He deserved that, he knew that. He sighed as he turned to go back home, trying to think of a way to make it up to Oikawa and a way to show him the mate mark wasn't a bad thing, and he only had a week to do it.

OP here

(Anonymous) 2016-04-13 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
OOOOOHHHH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!! I was blushing like crazy in the second chapter. It's hitting all the marks that I like about a/b/o fics like with the old school alpha Ushi being like haha ok Oikawa I'll play your little game but really you're mine

I know I asked for angst but will it be resolved nicely? Like mutual marking or anything :') if not that's fine I'll still love to read future chapters!!!

I'm sorry about the response you got to the story. I really enjoyed reading this

Re: This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 4/?

(Anonymous) 2016-05-17 05:30 am (UTC)(link)
Kinkmemes sure have changed and gotten a lot more eggshells since the last time I wrote in them! No wonder a lot of things aren't filled.

I agree, I think this is one reason that in many fandoms like this one, kink memes never really take off. I'm sorry for the aggressive replies you've gotten to your fill, and I hope that you continue!

Re: This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 4/?

(Anonymous) 2016-05-17 11:11 am (UTC)(link)

Re: This Better Not Awaken Something In Me 4/?

(Anonymous) 2016-06-29 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
I am so fucking on board for this fill holy shit yes <3