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Let's have a good game!

kuroo/kenma, exhibitionism

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 12:20 pm (UTC)(link)
kuroo gets himself off while kenma watches. maybe kenma was too engrossed in his game so kuroo's handling things himself, but kenma's paying more attention than kuroo thought...
dearestastronaut: (Default)

FILL:"Boredom" (Kuroo/Kenma, masturbation, exhibitionism)

[personal profile] dearestastronaut 2015-08-26 09:21 am (UTC)(link)
Not gonna lie, it has been a while since I wrote anything smutty so sorry if it sucks :/ also sorry if this isn't really want the anon wanted lol

Kuroo Tetsurou gracelessly tumbled down on top of Kozume Kenma, making sure to keep his upper body braced on his forearms to keep from completely crushing the other. The smaller boy was sprawled across his bed, laying on his stomach with his elbows propped up to make sure a clear view of the screen that was held mere inches from his face. Kuroo nuzzled his face into the blonde and black locks of his boyfriend, only to have the second year attempt to shake him off. Not one to give up so easily, Kuroo latched on to the smaller boy even tighter. Sighing deeply, Kenma barely suppressed the urge to tap Kuroo, none too lightly, on the head with the PSP that was grasped between his palms.

“Not now, Kuroo.”

“Come on, Kenma! You’ve been playing that game for hours! I know something that would feel way better in your hands than that brink of wires.” Kuroo finally placed his full weight on top of the boy, making sure he rubbed his not so secret erection along the soft curve of Kenma’s butt. “See, at least someone else agrees with me.” Kenma just simply paused his game, rolled on to his back and out from underneath the other boy, all while keeping his finger wrapped around his PSP. He scooted to the edge of the bed and left his head dangle from it.

“When I finish level, okay?”

“You said that five levels ago.” Kuroo huffed out under his breath.

“What was that, Kuroo?”

“I said I’ll just handle thing myself.” With that, Kuroo pulled himself up and out of the bed. Kenma stared at him curiously, believing that the older boy might actually get up and go home. His curiosity peaked even more when Kuroo grabbed the rolling chair from his desk and push it over to the head of the bed, dangerously close to Kenma’s head. After getting the chair into place, he plopped down on the cushion with a sigh. “Just go back to your game, Kenma. Don’t worry about me.”

Listening to Kuroo’s request, Kenma resumed his game. He had just beaten a small villain when the soft moan reached his ears. Suddenly intrigued, he look up from where he was resting. There, in all his glory, was Kuroo. Fist tight around his stilling growing erection, moving at a rapid pace. Due to Kuroo’s placement of the rolling chair, Kuroo’s member was bouncing inches above his face and now, without his PSP blocking his view, the obscene sight was occurring practically on top of his own face. Kenma tried to pull his eyes away from the sight, tried to immerse himself back into his game, but he couldn’t. He heard the tell-tale signs of his character dying, but he was unable to care because the sight he had laid out before him beat anything he had ever seen on any screen. Kenma could feel his own arousal fighting against the soft fabric of his sleep pants. Slowly and carefully, to make sure the Kuroo was not made aware of the his movements, Kenma slid his hand down and lightly pressed against the bulge that was forming between his thighs. Biting the inside of his cheek, he was able to successfully cut off the small, needy whimper that was sure to come out. He continued to slowly rub his growing arousal, scared that the other boy would notice that he had an audience if he did anything further.

Kuroo’s hand continued to move at a steady pace, the older boy unaware that he was being watched by the previously occupied boy. A partial moan slipped out before he was able to stop it. He pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth, trying to capture any other rogue moans. He pumped his member a couple more times before moving his right hand up to rub over tip. His left hand slide down and began fondling his balls. With each swap over the slit, he could feel his orgasm approaching.
Kenma knew Kuroo was close the second he saw the boy’s left hand creeping down. Whenever Kenma was giving him a hand job or blow job, the extra stimulation on the other’s balls is what always sent him over the edge. He pressed against his own erection with slightly more pressure and almost released a moan of his own, barely managing to stifle it in time. The small crater in his cheek becoming larger and larger each time he bit it to keep from screaming out. Kuroo’s hand began to speed up. Kenma arched his head back, already predicting exactly where the boy’s cum will land. He closed his eyes and waited, his own hand still teasing his own bulge.

“Ah! Kenma! I’m going to-”

“Do it.” Kenma’s soft whisper sent the boy over the edge. His cum squirted out in ribbons, all of it landing upon Kenma’s awaiting face. Feeling the hot fluid running down his face, along with the pressure of his palm, brought Kenma to the brink. The second year let out a sharp hiss as he painted the inside of his pajamas bottoms with cum. They both remained there, coming down from their respective highs. Kenma sprawled out and boneless on the bed while Kuroo stayed slumped down in the rolling chair trying to catch his breath. After a few seconds, Kuroo reached out and grabbed a tissue from the other boy’s dresser. Wordlessly, he began cleaning his own mess off of Kenma’s face.

“How long were you watching?” He asked after a seemingly endless pause.

“...almost the whole time.”

“Did you cum from it?”

“...shut up, Kuroo.” Kenma rolled over, PSP still in hand and restarted the level, doing his best to ignore the now drying cum residing in his pants.
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lev/yaku, date fluff

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 12:33 pm (UTC)(link)
WHAT DO LEV AND YAKU EVEN DO ON A DATE. I WANT TO KNOW. does yaku even know they're ON a date? probably not

FILL: Nice (Haiba Lev/Yaku Morisuke)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-09 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
SWAG2016 participant #47

The cat cafe is small and cosy, with wooden tables and comfortable chairs. Yaku isn't entirely sure why Lev has brought him here, but so far, nothing has gone terribly wrong, so he isn't complaining. Lev is even being―nice, even if he's a little overenthusiastic about it. He keeps hanging back, giving Yaku a smile and an after you, as they got on the train, as they walked into the cafe.

They walk to a table and Lev pulls a chair out, blinking when Yaku sits across from him. "What are you doing?"

Yaku raises an eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

"I was…" Lev looks down at the chair, blinking. "I thought I'd pull your chair out for you. That's nice, right?"

Yaku narrows his eyes suspiciously. "…Nice."

Lev smiles at him, sitting in the chair he's pulled out instead. The chair is a good size for Yaku but it looks comically small for Lev, who leans forward, resting his chin in his hand. He's watching Yaku closely and it's a little unnerving. Yaku is about to comment on it, but then a waitress comes along with menus, and tells them that she'll be back in a bit so they can order.

"I've never been here before," Yaku says, as he flicks through the menu. The food sounds nice enough, but it means that he can't decide.

"Neither have I," Lev replies, smiling. "I thought it'd be nice though. The cats looked pretty friendly when I had a look on the website."

Yaku glances over at the counter, where there are three cats sprawled out, napping. There are two others walking through the cafe, winding through the tables and chairs. They look cute, Yaku supposes. He likes cats well enough and the thought of sitting in a cafe surrounded by cats actually seem pretty pleasant.

By the time the waitress comes back, Yaku's decided on coffee. Lev orders the same, smiling at the waitress when she tells them that they're welcome to wander around the cafe and pat the cats.

"Do you want to?" Yaku asks, the moment the waitress walks away. Lev is looking around the cafe eagerly and it's… nice. Cute.


"Yeah," Lev grins. "Do you want to come with me?"

"I'll watch," Yaku decides, staying where he is as Lev gets up, wandering over to the nearest cat and picking it up. It makes a soft sound of surprise and Yaku watches with concern, worried that it'll scratch him.

It calms down though, when Lev settles the cat into his arms, rocking it gently and stroking its back and cooing at it.

Yaku wants to cover his face with his hands because all he can think of is how cute this is.

"I've decided," Lev announces, as he sits back down, still holding onto the cat. "You see those two cats piled up on top of each other in that corner there?"

Yaku looks, at the black cat curled around a tabby, their faces pressed together.

"That's Kuroo and Kenma," Lev says, and Yaku laughs quietly.

They spend the rest of their time at the cafe finding other cats to associate with the rest of their teammates. There's a vocal one that they decide is Yamamoto, and an incredibly friendly one that they decide is Inuoka.

It's fun, Yaku thinks to himself. He honestly never thought he would enjoy spending so long in Lev's company, but he's being pleasantly proved wrong.

"So," Lev smiles at him nervously, as they walk out of the cafe later. "Was that an okay first date? Should the next one be better, or―"

"Wait," Yaku interrupts. "What?"

Lev's smile falters. "Um…"

"I mean," Yaku says quickly. "Yeah. It was a good date. How about―how about I organise the next one?"

Lev smiles brightly. "Sure."

Yaku's heart is pounding in his chest as he thinks back to their time in the cafe. Did Lev mention that it was a date? Did Yaku somehow miss that?

Either way, he supposes, he supposes it's not such a bad thing.

He'll have to pick a good place to go to for their next date.

Re: FILL: Nice (Haiba Lev/Yaku Morisuke)

(Anonymous) - 2016-01-20 15:58 (UTC) - Expand

Re: FILL: Nice (Haiba Lev/Yaku Morisuke)

(Anonymous) - 2016-01-30 06:30 (UTC) - Expand

tsukkiyama, bloodplay

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 06:45 pm (UTC)(link)
im just interested in bloodplay in general, but it might as well be for the ultimate firmament duo. whether it also involves knifeplay or external sources for blood; anything's welcomed.

FILL: "Blood and freckles" (Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, biting, bloodplay, handjob) (Violence I guess?)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-15 06:59 am (UTC)(link)
(I am so proud that the first fanfic I have ever written in my life is over two thousand two hundred words of weird fetish porn told from the point of view of a character I don't even like. This was so much more important than starting to study for my final that's the day after tomorrow. I was going to make this the second time that they had tried this so that they'd kind of know what they were doing and it would be really intense, but I needed Tsukishima to be uncomfortable. If OP comes back to check, I hope they enjoy Tsukishima getting in over his head with Yamacutie.)

As Yamaguchi's fingers twisted in Tsukishima's bedsheets, Tsukishima smirked.

Most of their peers saw Yamaguchi as a rather quiet, unassuming high school boy--the type to fret over his sub-par volleyball skills or dissolve into a panic upon seeing his teammates face down Oikawa's killer serves. He was certainly the gentler member of their partnership, and Tsukishima had occasionally faced accusations of corrupting that gentle nature with his admittedly frequent coarseness. Even though Yamaguchi sometimes tried to temper some of Tsukishima's blunt remarks, he would just as often join in riling up his teammates for no good reason so long as he was standing next to Tsukishima. So when Tsukishima started to introduce a little touching, a little kissing, a little groping in the club room after practice, a big part of him had expected his friend to simply bend to Tsukishima's growing adolescent desires.

Yamaguchi's breath hitched and the many freckles dotting his shoulder blades trembled. His cock must have been digging against the mattress by now, trapped inside his boxers and jeans. Restlessly, he turned his face to the left, away from the pillow, to fix one wide eye on the blond boy straddling him. Tsukishima saw a desperate intensity in his gaze, an intensity that had surprised him by dragging its fingernails down his back, sinking its teeth into his neck and pulling him into club rooms, supply closets, even empty stairwells. It seemed that Tsukishima's few simple touches had roused a different side of his friend. True, this new Yamaguchi would still whimper, stutter, and cling to him like a frightened animal, but his friend's need seemed so fierce that his submissiveness sometimes approached dominance from the other side. And to boot, Yamaguchi was one kinky motherfucker.


"Hm? What is it?" asked Tsukishima, coolly.

"You're--ah--you're really gonna do it..."

"Do what?"

The boy made a strangled noise in his throat and cast his eye down for a moment before bringing his gaze back up to the object in his friend's left hand. As it rotated slightly between his fingers its edge caught the light from the window, turning the blade a bright white.

“Does it have something to do with what’s in my hand?”

Tsukishima felt his friend shudder against his crotch and watched as he turned his face back to moan a tiny “Mm-hmm” into the pillow. Tsukishima’s smirk widened. With several weeks of holidays before school began again, it would be a long time before Yamaguchi would be exposed to the innocently prying eyes of the locker room and he had begged Tsukishima to make the most of it.

“You want me to use this on you?”

Yamaguchi shifted restlessly beneath him, pressing up against him and turning his head to the side again. “Yes...” he whispered achingly, “Please make me feel really good, Tsukki.”

Being sure to place his left hand at a safe distance on the bed, Tsukishima leaned down so that his face was almost touching his friend’s cheek. His weight pressed down on Yamaguchi’s bare back. Seizing the soft brown hair with his right hand, Tsukishima yanked the boy’s head to the side to expose the side of his neck before biting down on the fragile skin. Not too hard yet--he had learned that Yamaguchi needed to warm up to pain for it to be pleasurable for him--but hard enough to draw a choked gasp from his friend, who couldn’t help but wriggle under his weight.

“I think I can manage that,” said Tsukishima, running his tongue along his friend’s ear as the boy shivered.

Tsukishima set to work. He began by trailing his tongue teasingly across the faint red mark his teeth had left on Yamaguchi’s neck. His lips travelled down to where the boy’s neck met his shoulder and he focused his attention here, knowing it was one of his friend’s most sensitive spots. As he licked, bit and sucked at the tender skin, he could feel Yamaguchi stirring more and more and hear his breathing start to pick up irregularly. Snickering a little in amusement, Tsukishima took that as encouragement to move lower, kissing his way down onto the back of his friend’s left shoulder. There, with sturdier muscles and tougher skin to work with, he could be as rough as Yamaguchi needed him to be. Using his lips and tongue to heighten the anticipation and soothe the pain between bites, Tsukishima began to draw out little gasps and whines of “Tsukki!” and “Oh God!” and “Please…” from his friend. Soon, both his face and Yamaguchi’s shoulders were slick with saliva and Yamaguchi’s mouth was gaping as he panted against the pillow.

“M--More...harder please,” gasped Yamaguchi, his eyes beginning to glaze over.

Instead, Tsukishima pressed his hands down on the mattress as he sat up again, surveying the red marks blooming across his friend’s back. Yamaguchi whimpered as his sore muscles bunched under his skin.

“Do you want it now?” asked Tsukishima, wiping his face with the collar of his white t-shirt and adjusting his glasses.

Yamaguchi’s eye rolled up for a moment before coming down and locking with Tsukishima’s questioning stare. He held up the razor blade again, and Yamaguchi’s eye darted to it and remained there with an indecipherable expression.

“Yes...I do. Please, Tsukki.” Yamaguchi’s eyes dropped again and his hands and feet shifted anxiously on the bed. “If...if it’s okay.”

“Of--Of course.” Tsukishima swallowed, an odd jumping sensation in his belly. Mentally, he shook himself. Frankly, though he was all for making Yamaguchi feel so good he could barely speak, now that they were here the thought of actually really injuring him made Tsukishima a little queasy. He knew that they both risked bruises and broken bones every time they leapt for an awkward toss or a tricky receive, but the deliberateness of what Yamaguchi had asked him to do felt totally different. He looked down at his friend, pressed into the bed underneath him, eagerly, shyly twisting the sheets in his fists. Damn it. What is wrong with this kid?

Tsukishima placed his right hand on the boy’s right shoulder blade, pressing on it slightly as he leaned forward. Yamaguchi drew in one slow breath that made his back rise gently, toward the blade Tsukishima was clutching about a foot above. The blond boy brought it down gingerly until one corner was just touching his friend’s back. The muscles underneath his skin were tense--Yamaguchi’s feet squirmed briefly against the mattress before his whole body went stock-still. Gritting his teeth, Tsukishima leaned down a little further, not too close to the blade, and tried to take a deep breath.

The corner of the blade bit into his friend’s skin, initially leaving no visible trace. Yamaguchi let out a tiny wail and pressed his forehead and arms into the mattress as though he was trying to curl away from the pain. His body jerked and Tsukishima tried his best to follow so that he wouldn’t lose control of the blade embedded in his friend’s shoulder. Yamaguchi was whimpering into the pillow again.

“Hey! Yamaguchi! Are you okay?” Both young men had broken into a sweat, and Tsukishima realized that even his breathing was picking up.

“Ah, Tsukki--Tsukki, keep going....” Yamaguchi’s voice had taken on an odd, strained quality, like his voice had gone hoarse from moaning.

Tsukishima steadied his nerves and dragged the razor blade slowly through the boy’s skin, not too deep. His friend couldn’t seem to decide whether to hold his breath or cry out against the pain, nor whether to flail his limbs or freeze up. He leaned back, pulling the blade out, and only then did he see a few beads of bright red blood springing up along the three-centimetre wound. He felt faint.

“Ah, Tsukki....”

“What?” Maybe if he said it abruptly enough his voice wouldn’t shake. Yamaguchi turned his head to look at him directly, his eyes looking dazed but somehow firm. He was smiling, but faintly.

“Touch me again...like before.”

His shoulders relaxing a little, Tsukishima put the razor blade down on his bedside table and laid down again on top of Yamaguchi, feeling his friend's body warmth seep into the front of his shirt. He resumed his licking and biting from before, noticing how some of the old marks had lightened while others were clearly on their way to becoming full-on bruises. As Yamaguchi gasped his name over and over, he also noticed how the drops of blood stood out starkly on his friend’s freckled skin.

“Ts--Tsukki,” moaned Yamaguchi desperately, “do it...do it where you hurt me....”

Tsukishima felt that strange jolt in his belly again. He could say no. He could admit that he was just too squeamish. Yamaguchi would have to put up with the fact that best friends don’t exist just to indulge each other's weird-ass masochistic fetishes. As he paused, Yamaguchi whined again and writhed under him, trying to grind his hard and probably leaking dick against the blankets.

Tsukki, do it now!

Shocked, Tsukishima looked up and met his friend’s ferocious gaze. His eyes were wide but the firmness he had seen before had hardened to the point that Tsukishima wondered whether his ordinary, passive Yamaguchi, the boy who worried over his serves and was prone to stage fright, was still in there somewhere. His mouth was open and he was panting like a wild animal. An exhilarating thought suddenly struck Tsukishima: I did this?

Grinning mischievously, Tsukishima complied, hearing his friend cry out as he scraped his teeth across the wound. He pulled back, licking the heavy, metallic taste of the Yamaguchi’s blood off of his teeth. It’s not really too bad. His friend was shaking and twitching under him and clawing the sheets. The cut was oozing more now that he had disturbed it, and the bright red line glistened as the boy’s chest heaved. Yamaguchi let out a noise that almost sounded like a sob.


“Oh God please, more! More!”

Tsukishima kept working him over for several minutes, listening to his friend’s breath catch and feeling him squirm every time he tasted the wound or if he took too long to come back to it. It didn’t take long before--

“Tsukki, another one....”

“Huh?” Tsukishima paused and looked up. Yamaguchi wasn’t looking back at him this time. His eyes were fixed on the wall and sweaty strands of hair were sticking to his temple.

“I want you to hurt me again. A...a few more times.”

This time, Tsukishima didn’t feel faint. Yamaguchi shuddered and wailed and kicked his feet but the blade moved through his skin almost too easily now and soon those shiny little dots of blood were blossoming from several more cuts on his shoulders. Tossing the stained blade away, Tsukishima pinned the gasping Yamaguchi down and made to abuse the new wounds too.

“Tsukki, stop!”

“What?! What is it?” Tsukishima was thrown. What if he had gone too far this time? A few red drops were trailing down the sides of his friend’s heaving chest, threatening to drip on Tsukishima’s sheets.



“I want--I want to come now. Please.”

Yamaguchi did look like he was close. His voice had taken on a broken, breathy quality but his body was tense and his bloodied shoulders rose and fell rapidly. Making a decision, Tsukishima shuffled backwards, then grabbed his friend’s shoulder and pulled him upright so that they were both kneeling with Yamaguchi’s back leaning limply against Tsukishima’s chest. Tsukishima made quick work of opening his friend’s zipper and pulling down his boxers, which had a large wet patch where Yamaguchi had soaked them through. Soon he had Yamaguchi’s dick in his hand, hot and red and hard for him. Yamaguchi groaned and let his head drop back onto his friend’s shoulder as Tsukishima squeezed and started to move.

“Oh! Oh God, Tsukki, I--I’ve never felt--Ah! Ah! Tsukki, I’m going to--”

“Get on with it then,” Tsukishima murmured, lips brushing his best friend’s ear, “Tadashi.

Tsukishima felt Yamaguchi’s cock twitch in his hand as the boy heard his first name. He was so close. As the boy neared his peak, Tsukishima decided to let him finish the way they had started. As Tsukishima bit into the side of his friend’s tender throat, he felt a frantic, garbled cry that sounded remarkably like “Tsukki!” vibrating under his teeth. Next, he saw Yamaguchi’s cum hit the boy’s freckled cheek, barely missing Tsukishima’s glasses, and watched as the next few spurts streaked his friend’s chest before the last drops fell on Tsukishima’s fist and finally his bed.

Still panting hard, Yamaguchi slumped forward and landed on his face again, completely limp, his back a mess of bruises, scratches and smeared blood. It was then that Tsukishima noticed his shirt.

“Oi, dumbass! What am I supposed to do about this? It looks like I fuckin’ murdered you.”

Yamaguchi let out a few puffs of exhausted laughter against the mattress. “Sorry Tsukki, I don’t know. I guess you really are a generous person.” Smiling, he picked himself up to sit on the edge of the bed and added, “How about we start by cleaning me up?”

iwaoi, nipple play

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 07:22 pm (UTC)(link)
iwaizumi finding out oikawa's actually super-sensitive, probably exploiting this mercilessly to make him shut up.

FILL: "it's too early for this" (iwaizumi/oikawa, nipple play)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-30 08:13 am (UTC)(link)
I'm so sorry OP, I tripped over the second part (they were also supposed to fuck in a bathroom stall at the next station........) but hopefully this is okay!


"Ahhhh, but Iwa-chan~ you said last night that—" Oikawa’s voice is too loud, the careless tone lifting it above the quiet murmur of the crowded morning train before Iwaizumi is fast enough to clamp a hand over his mouth. Iwaizumi’s brow is drawn into an all-too-familiar scowl as he glares at Oikawa, who only widens his eyes as if to protest his innocence. A short-lived effort, because Iwaizumi suddenly feels a tongue pushing wetly along the seam of his fingers and he doesn’t quite see as much as he feels Oikawa’s mouth curve into an insufferable smile against the palm of his hand. A growl sits low in the back of Iwaizumi’s throat as he wrenches his hand away, and it escapes his lips with a harsh “Shut up, dumbass!”

Iwaizumi’s back is pressed against the doors, and Oikawa’s height shields them from the other passengers, but Iwaizumi’s fingers nevertheless curl reflexively into fists at his side as he feels something hot creep up his spine; it’s the familiar undercurrent of irritation, but more and more these days it’s taken on a different insistence, and he never knows for sure until after the fact. Oikawa’s eyes narrow as he takes in the slight flush of Iwaizumi’s cheeks, and there’s an elegant, almost imperceptible shift in posture as he closes the small gap between them, slips his hands over Iwaizumi’s clenched fists and fingers rub smoothly over fingers. There’s another smile; it has the hint of teeth. “You wouldn’t hit such a pretty face would you, Iwa-chan?”

Iwaizumi would. He can’t help the small noise of rage as he pulls back to take a swing at Oikawa, makes sure there’s some weight in it so it’ll hurt really good, but Oikawa’s grip over his hands stops him short. Iwaizumi’s knuckles brush roughly across Oikawa’s chest instead, and Oikawa suddenly snaps straight up, back rigid, a soft wordless exclamation pushed from his lips before they can press together in his surprise.

"I said shut up, dumbass!" Iwaizumi flattens his palms against Oikawa’s chest, eyes narrowed in warning as he shoves none too gently, and as he keeps pressing, Iwaizumi can see the pink rise to Oikawa’s face as another soft sound escapes his lips. Under his hands, he can feel Oikawa’s nipples harden under the thin cotton of his shirt and and suddenly he feels hot, wants to shut up Oikawa with a certain satisfaction.

“Iwa-chan, if you talk like that, everybody is going to think you’re--” and it’s the smug, insincere concern that has Iwaizumi viciously shift the palm of his hand so a thumb runs over the hard nipple, gets rewarded with Oikawa biting down hard and fast on his bottom lip to swallow back a small moan, suddenly staring intently over Iwaizumi’s shoulder at the moving cityscape, like he isn’t flushed by the mere contact against his nipples, like Iwaizumi can’t see the bulge of Oikawa’s now half hard cock pressing insistently against the front of his slacks.

The train comes to a stop at a station, and somebody accidentally jostles Oikawa aside to exit, pressing his now painfully sensitive nipples into Iwaizumi’s hands, and Iwaizumi takes the opportunity to gently circle them with his thumbs, applying a bit more pressure as he watches Oikawa’s head slowly drop, control slipping as his breathing gets faster and more desperate, small strained breaths huffed through the nose and clenched teeth that only Iwaizumi can hear. “What did I tell you, you asshole” Iwaizumi grumbles, as he pinches one hard nub, a steady pressure without mercy, and the flush that deepens on Oikawa’s cheeks is irritatingly pretty. Iwaizumi circles around the other nipple gently, never touching the actual nub, and Oikawa whines high at the back of his throat as he tries to press himself harder against Iwaizumi’s hands, more. Iwaizumi drags his thumb across the nipple before palming Oikawa's chest roughly with the whole of his hand and suddenly the train stops again, and Oikawa is leaning against Iwaizumi, panting softly in his ear, and Iwaizumi can feel the full hardness of his cock as Oikawa rubs himself against Iwaizumi’s thigh.

“Guess this is our stop, Oikawa.”

(onesided) kageiwa + oikawa; voyeurism

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
kageyama acts on his huge crush on iwaizumi, knowing oikawa is watching.

FILL: "turnabout" (kageiwa+oikawa, underage, dubcon)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-21 08:49 am (UTC)(link)
(I'm so very sorry if this isn't exactly what you wanted, anon. I'm sorry in general for everything.)

Iwaizumi makes another choked off sound at the back of his throat and his whole body shudders so hard Kageyama can feel it in his lips, resonating through that single point of contact. It's probably Kageyama's name; he keeps trying to say Kageyama's name, but when he's actually managed (only twice) the final syllable tapered off into a breathless groan. It's kind of nice to hear it like that, though: kind of helpless and shaky, no lilting honourifics. Iwaizumi doesn't talk much at all and so far he doesn't touch back either, but he makes a lot more noise than Oikawa ever has.

Kageyama pulls back with a wet slurping noise, just far enough that a glistening string of spit still briefly links his chin with Iwaizumi's straining cock. "Senpai," he says slowly, lifting his eyes to Iwaizumi's dark flushed face. "It's fine, you can--"

Iwaizumi's eyelids snap open and his pupils contract with alarm, so Kageyama stops talking, just in case Iwaizumi tries to stop him again. Instead he licks his swollen lips and holds Iwaizumi's gaze while he slowly leans forward again, then presses the tip of his tongue to the head of Iwaizumi's cock, just a brief flicker of pressure against the bitter bead of moisture at his slit. Iwaizumi's mouth drops open, then closes again, his jaw working uselessly while his naked thighs shiver from the effort of holding himself back. He still looks a little lost, a permanent frown pinching his brow, like he can't piece together the sequence of events that lead him to this moment--but he likes it too much to stop. Kageyama knows he likes it because Kageyama's very, very good at this. He's learned his lessons well.

"Hmm," Kageyama hums in lieu of finishing his sentence, closing his wet mouth around Iwaizumi again while he watches his eyes squeezing shut. The vibration should feel very good, and it's important that Iwaizumi feels good. Iwaizumi is biting his lip so hard it's gone white between his teeth and Kageyama likes that, too. He likes the way Iwaizumi's cock is twitching in his mouth so he takes the whole thing in, pushes forward until his nose is buried in a curly thatch of hair and the back of his throat is fluttering a little desperately. His eyes begin to burn but he doesn't gag--he's good at this, he hardly gags at all anymore, not even when Iwaizumi's hips jerk forward hard enough to hurt. Kageyama rolls with it, hollows his cheeks and sucks until he can feel the moment Iwaizumi gives in, and then he takes Iwaizumi's clenched fist and places it on top of his own head, so Iwaizumi can pull on Kageyama's hair when he begins to thrust on instinct, blind and erratic, fucking into Kageyama's waiting mouth.

He could tell from the flustered protests that Iwaizumi's never done this before, never had this done to him before, that for whatever labyrinth of private reasons Oikawa's never dared to lay a finger on his precious Iwa-chan before--so it hardly takes any time at all before it's over. Iwaizumi's moan stutters and skips into a rising pitch and then his hands are suddenly too tight, he's pulling hard enough that Kageyama can't help but wince in pain, but it's fine because right after that he goes still and he comes in a hot rush into Kageyama's mouth.

Kageyama swallows it all and he doesn't even cough. Oikawa always hated it when he coughed. Afterward, when Iwaizumi is leaning back against the wall too limp and dazed to do anything about it, Kageyama licks his dick clean too, gently, mindful of its sensitivity. Iwaizumi's cheeks are red and his eyes are a little damp and he looks so much softer than he ever has at practice, sort of exposed and tender and unmoored, and Kageyama's the only one who's seen him like this, even Oikawa's never seen his eyes so dark and vulnerable like this.

Kageyama waits with his hands folded meekly in his lap while Iwaizumi tucks himself back into his pants with visibly trembling hands. Iwaizumi clearly has no idea what to do or say but it's fine. Kageyama's only half-hard and this wasn't about him, anyway. It's perfect because somewhere in the distance the bell begins to sound, so that Kageyama can stand up all in a rush and brush off his own slacks and bow. "I'm sorry!" he says, with carefully wide eyes, but the heat at his cheeks is real enough. "Iwaizumi-senpai! I'll be late to class--" and before Iwaizumi can even respond he's turned around and he's turned the corner and this is what Iwaizumi needs, so it's fine.

It's no surprise when he bumps into Oikawa. The surprise is that Oikawa doesn't say a word. Oikawa stares at him, first at his tingling mouth and then at his eyes and Kageyama can't even begin to decipher the flurry of expressions twitching across Oikawa's face, but he steels himself and doesn't look away. He stares right back into Oikawa's cold and narrow eyes until it's Oikawa who finally turns his head, and when Oikawa brushes past him, back toward tender flushed Iwaizumi, Oikawa's fists are spasming at his sides and his eyes are wet at the edges and Kageyama very nearly smiles.

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bokuto/anyone, sex over skype

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 08:04 pm (UTC)(link)
skype has a video function for a reason and it's definitely for getting your significant as horny as you are. probably a long-distance relationship deal, very serious when i say "anyone"

iwaoi ( + ushijima )

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
iwaizumi calls out ushiwaka's name during sex, oikawa has a hard time criticising him for it when he ends up doing the exact same thing later, and things end up being all around awkward.

kagehina, frot in the equipment shed

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
kageyama and hinata frot in the equipment storage closet after practice, don't care if it's an established relationship or an accidental first time as a result of some wrestling but it's rough and it's messy

Accidental (Kageyama/Hinata, biting, hairpulling, frot)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 09:17 pm (UTC)(link)
He's not sure how they ended up like this, Hinata sitting on his lap and rubbing them both through their clothes. He doesn't know how this happened, but he can't say he isn't enjoying it. The thin material of their shorts and their boxers are hardly enough to hide either one of their erections.

But like hell he's about to let Hinata control their first time. Kageyama grips Hinata's shoulders and pushes him onto the floor, claiming the spot of in control.

"Hinata," he manages to growl out, annoyed at Hinata for the entire situation. Because of course it was Hinata's fault, how could it be anybody else's. He's the clumsy one who got them into this mess- sprawled out over the equipment shed floor, a few brooms knocked onto the ground with them.

"K-Kageyama," Hinata whines, reaching his hands up and tugging Kageyama's face closer to his. They manage a biting, bruising kiss before they pull away for air, and somehow Kageyama's hands have ended up in Hinata's hair, tangling in the soft strands and tugging his head back to expose the other's sensitive neck.

For a brief moment he considers not biting. It's not as though anybody knew they were a couple. It's only a brief moment, before the need to mark his boyfriend up overwhelms him. To hell with it, he thinks before he nips at the side of Hinata's neck and sucks, managing to draw a pleased groan out of Hinata. He doesn't stop moving his hips against the other's, muffling his moaning in Hinata's skin.

They're already doing this somewhere that anybody could potentially walk into. What's a bite mark really going to do? Other than potentially embarrassing Hinata, but he does that to himself enough that it probably doesn't matter.

"Gnn- Not fair, Kageyama-" he moans as Kageyama continues. And with that he bucks up against Kageyama, drawing out a low groan from the setter. In retaliation Kageyama bites down harder. "Quit it, you jerk!" With that insult, Kageyama lets go, glaring down at Hinata.

"We wouldn't be doing this if you weren't so clumsy, dumbass!" Kageyama pulls Hinata's hair and bites down on the other side of his neck, fully determined to leave another mark.

"Shut up, stupid! Don't call me a dumbass when we're doing this!" He growls, annoyed at having to take the blame for this. "You're the one that didn't get up!" He runs his hands through Kageyama's hair and pulls, trying to get the other to stop and instead evoking a low pleased moan from his setter. A broad smirk makes its way across Hinata's face before he tugs again, bucking up into Kageyama's warmth and is rewarded with Kageyama's moan, loud enough it barely even sounds muffled.

An annoyed and incredibly turned on Kageyama is one that doesn't have much mercy. Hinata watches his boyfriend's flushed face make his way down to Hinata's collar and bites down again, rubbing his length against Hinata's. "I bet I can make you come first."


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daisuga; first time

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 10:32 pm (UTC)(link)
i mean we know they're married but how did that first time go?!

FILL: Firsts (Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-10 01:57 am (UTC)(link)
SWAG2016 participant #47

Daichi is so nervous that his hands are shaking, that he can't even bring himself to look up and meet Suga's eyes.

It's a little ridiculous, he thinks. They've talked about this a lot—they've gotten themselves off just talking about it and imagining it and telling each other how they want it to go. He can't believe that he's this nervous about something that he knows they both want, especially when they've already told each other that it doesn't matter if it's awkward, doesn't matter if it's bad, because it's their first time and these sorts of things are difficult to get right on the first go. They can imagine it all they want, but it's still not going to mean anything when they actually get to it.

"Daichi," Suga says gently, kneeling between his legs. When Daichi finally looks up, Suga is wearing a small, reassuring smile, but there's nervousness behind it, Daichi can see that too, and it's a little comforting, knowing that he's not the only one. "We don't have to do this, you know. We can wait a little longer."

"I want to do this," Daichi tells him, and he's sure. He's been looking forward to this. He's been wanting it for so long. Besides, it's not like it's even the first time they've made each other come. He isn't embarrassed about that. They already got past that when they were grinding on his couch a few days ago. It's one of the reasons that Daichi wants this so badly now. Making Suga come like that was amazing enough. He wants to know what it'll be like to make Suga come like this.

"I'm ready," he says, a little more firmly, spreading his legs a little, nodding at Suga. "Come on. "

Suga adds a little more lube onto his fingers, just to be safe, and nudges Daichi's thighs apart gently.

"If you need me to slow down, or if you need me to stop, just let me know, okay?" Suga asks, kissing Daichi's lips briefly, and Daichi nods.

Suga is slow and careful, pushing the first finger into him. Daichi takes a deep breath, and figures it's not all that different to when he fingers himself. Suga is just a little slower, a little less familiar with Daichi's body and less confident for that reason.

Daichi lets his head fall back against the pillow beneath him, letting out a shaky breath. One day, he thinks, Suga is going to be so familiar with his body that he's going to be even better at fingering Daichi than he is himself. It's a nice thought, but he knows that he's getting ahead of himself. Right now, he just needs to relax, needs to adjust to Suga's first finger, and then his second as he adds that too.

"How are you going?" Suga asks, scissoring his fingers slowly, spreading Daichi open.

"Good," Daichi replies, his breath hitching, his voice sounding a little strained. "This is good."

Suga smiles, getting a third finger ready to push into Daichi, waiting for him to nod before proceeding.

The feeling of being stretched around three of Suga's fingers is—new, Daichi thinks. He's only ever worked himself open with two before and a third finger brings a bit more of a stretch. Daichi's breaths are shallow, he can hear them as he curls his fingers into the sheets, trying to relax.


"It's okay," Daichi says softly. "Just give me a bit."

Suga is patient, encouraging, stroking Daichi's thigh and watching him carefully.

"I need you to tell me how it feels," Suga says at length. "Does it hurt?"

"No," Daichi replies honestly. "It's just—weird. Different. It's fine."

"Okay," Suga murmurs, then adds, "I'll wait until you're ready."

It takes a while, before Daichi can take deep breaths again, before he stops being too nervous for more. He clears his throat quietly, shuffling a little on the bed. "More."

Suga thrusts his fingers forward a little, and Daichi moans. Suga pauses, but Daichi is shaking his head, urging him on.

"That was good," he pants. "Again."

Suga does, thrusting his three fingers into Daichi, stroking him with his free hand.

Daichi doesn't mean to come so quickly, but—well. Suga's fingers brush over a spot that makes Daichi's vision go blank, makes him moan loudly, shaking, coming immediately. He shudders through it and when he realises what's happened, he covers his face with an embarrassed groan.

"I'm sorry," he gasps out, as Suga withdraws his fingers.

"It's fine," Suga assures him, kissing his forehead. "All I wanted to do was make you come. I got to do that, didn't I?"

"I wanted—" Daichi buries his face in his hands again for a moment, waiting for the embarrassment to pass before he continues. "I wanted to come while you were inside me."

"Next time," Suga says, smiling. "Maybe I should blow you, to take the edge off a little before I prepare you."

Daichi shudders with pleasure at the very thought. "Yeah. We could do that. I could do that to you now, to make up for this."

"You have nothing to make up for," Suga tells him, as he settles against the wall and watches Daichi crawl closer, settling between his legs. "But I'm definitely not going to turn you down."

Re: FILL: Firsts (Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi)

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Tsukishima (Gen), friendly pestering, no warnings

(Anonymous) 2014-10-18 11:04 pm (UTC)(link)
I find it really funny when "cool" guys like Tsukishima get picked on! I like it when Tsukishima gets annoyed or embarrased and reflexively snaps back while awkwardly lacing his hands together. (laughs)

So, if you could write Bokuto and Kuroo (or anyone else really!) poking fun at him, I'd probably grin a lot.

If you wanted to include something romantic, I rather don't mind tsukkiyama, but it's not necessary! Thank you!

kiyoko/yachi, grocery shopping

(Anonymous) 2014-10-19 12:26 pm (UTC)(link)
it's a special occasion, and they're going to cook something fun

Yachi/Kiyoko, facesitting

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
kiyoko requests that yachi sits on her face, a wild ride ensues.

FILL: Try it! (Yachi/Kiyoko, facesitting, they are still co-managers)

(Anonymous) 2015-08-20 05:45 pm (UTC)(link)
It's not that weird, she told herself. It's really not! It's just an older, beautiful girl just asked her to do what again?

Oh yeah. Sit on her. On her face. That's not weird!

Yachi thought back to when she first met Kiyoko, who was very nice and very pretty and how the sight of the black haired beauty created butterflies in her stomach.

They had gotten along relatively quickly! They had common interests and enjoyed each other's company so naturally they became friends.

They told each other some secrets, like how Kiyoko wasn't really into boys and how Yachi had never been in a relationship and Kiyoko asked if she had been kissed and Yachi replied that no, she hadn't. So then Kiyoko asked if she would like to try and kiss her, and yes yes yes! Yachi would like to try! So they did.

And it was amazing.

They kissed a lot after that. Kissed and shared more secrets and sometimes touched, but rarely had they touched each other's skin and even more rarely had they removed clothes.

It was all a dream and it had all felt so good with Kiyoko, but sit on her face? Yachi wasn't sure, but she said yes anyway. She trusted Kiyoko, and if Kiyoko said it would feel good, then Yachi would try it.

"Remember," Kiyoko tells her carefully after a pretty long make-out session, that also involved Kiyoko teasing her through her underwear. "If anything feels weird, just tell me. I'll stop. I promise."

"Okay," Yachi answers, breathy and in a dream-like state. "It'll be just like when you touch me right?"

Kiyoko smiles at her as she goes to lie down on the bed. "Yes," she reaches out to grab Yachi's hand and uses it to touch the blond girl's area between her legs underneath her skirt. "Are you sure you want this?" Kiyoko asks again with worry.

"Yes," Yachi said with more confidence. She felt excited. She refrained from searching online what "sitting on someone's face" meant, like she had been doing whenever she heard weird terms being said by the older students around her in hushed voices, because Kiyoko said it would be a good surprise. A feel-good surprise. And knowing that it was going to (might) feel as good as Kiyoko touching her, was very exciting indeed. Yachi just wondered how it would work? What was Kiyoko going to use? There was nothing except her tongue that could move...


"Come on then," Kiyoko smiled at her gently and beckoned to her with her hand.

Yachi felt her stomach grown warm. "How..?"

"Climb on top of me," Kiyoko directed her. When Yachi did, she said "Now on your knees and move forward till I say stop."

Yachi stopped when she was told to and asked, "My clothes...?"

"You're fine. Sit."

Yachi took a deep breath and sat. It felt...warm and wierd. She could feel Kiyoko breathing underneath her, but Yachi's skirt had billowed out around her so she couldn't actually see her face. The thought of Kiyoko being beneath her, ready to do something (maybe with her tongue) was very...exciting. Kiyoko had excited her before, and now it was getting more exciting.

"You're muscles are twitching. How eager," Kiyoko said, muffled.

Yachi had no time to be embarrassed since as soon as she said that, Kiyoko licked. Yachi tensed, but she focused on the sensation that Kiyoko's tongue brought and before the sixth lick, she was moaning.

"Oh... oh..."

Kiyoko licked at the outside of Yachi's underwear, from where she assumed the entire labia to be to her area of Yachi's clitoris. She mouthed at it, sucking it gently and pressing her tongue against it. Once Yatchi seemed comfortable enough, she moved the underwear aside, and finally pressed her tongue against the soft pink flesh of the inner labia. She swirled her tongue around, gently using it to flick at the clitoris, slowly dragged it back down to tease at the entrance of her vagina.

"A-ah!...more, please."

With each tease, lick, suck, Yachi unconsciously spread her legs wider. She had already lifter her skirt so she could maybe see Kiyoko better, but the pleasure was so good, she couldn't keep her eyes open. As the pleasure built up, Kiyoko's pace was too slow for her so she began to grind a little on Kiyoko's face, trying her best to get some friction against her vagina entrance and her clitoris.

"More, please!" she begged.

Yachi's muscles had gotten so relaxed that it was no surprise when Kiyoko's tongue slipped in easily into her vagina's entrance.

"Oh! Oh my gosh, yes! Yes yes yes!"

Yachi leaned forward and brought her palms down to the bed, moving her hips back and forth trying to fuck herself as best as she could on Kiyoko's tongue. "Yes! Oh! It's so good! Kiyoko, it's so good!"

Knowing that her tongue might not be enough, Kiyoko brought up two fingers, nails perfectly trimmed for this occasion, and inserted one where her tongue had been. Yachi froze, but only a little until she kept going, harder. Kiyoko's finger had plenty of room around it, so she added another. That made Yachi mewl and arch her back, with a loud cry of "Oh God!"

Kiyoko brought her mouth back up to Yachi's clitoris and sucked as her fingers moved up to enter Yachi just as she was coming down on them.

"Ooh... Something... Numb... Kiyoko! I feel it! Ah...Ahh..! Kiyoko!" She screamed as she finally came.

Both girls panted as they lay on the bed.

"How was your first time?"

"I still feel like I'm going to spasm. Let me do you next time, okay?"

"Sure." Kiyoko smiled and reached to hold Yachi's hand with her clean hand.

tsukkiyama, rimming

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
tsukki eats out yamaguchi, yamaguchi is probably really drooly and really loud

iwaoi, spitting

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 04:49 am (UTC)(link)
It can be as filthy as you like (oh god please be really filthy.......) but Oikawa spits in Iwaizumi's mouth. It's a good time.

FILL: "Alternative Kissing Methods" (Oikawa/Iwaizumi, spitting, nosebleed)

[personal profile] pastatrap 2014-10-20 07:38 am (UTC)(link)
Iwa-chan is on his back and his eyes are screwed up tight with his forearm mashed against his eyelids, mouth open so he can breathe loud and heavy as Oikawa works three fingers inside of him. Oikawa eyes his mouth thoughtfully as he rubs at Iwa-chan’s slick insides with the pads of his fingers. He decides he isn’t really the type of person to pass up on opportunities when they’re sitting in his lap like this, and he leans forward until his mouth is hovering somewhere over Iwa-chan’s as he withdraws his fingers. He presses in again immediately until Iwa-chan has taken him to the knuckle. Iwaizumi pants loud and squeezes around the base of his fingers in response, clearly too preoccupied to pay attention to any sudden breath on his face or where other parts of Oikawa might be.

Oikawa furrows his eyebrows in thought as he tries to calculate how far forward his head should be so he can get the trajectory right, and he smiles as he pushes a line of spit past his lips. It hits the corner of Iwa-chan’s mouth before it spills down past the corner of his lips. Oikawa imagines he can see it rolling down the back of his tongue and hitting his throat while it’s still warm.

Iwa-chan wrenches his arm away from his eyes and closes his mouth almost immediately, blinking at Oikawa in confusion. Without thinking, he swallows. Oikawa’s eyes narrow in delight, and Iwa-chan takes note of his shiny bottom lip and puts two and two together.

“Did you… did you just spit in my mouth,” he asks, monotone, and he doesn’t wait for Oikawa to answer before he surges upwards, attempting to break Oikawa’s nose with his forehead, and Oikawa topples backwards with a shout and Iwaizumi follows after him. His chin smashes painfully into Oikawa’s chest and they both cough in pain as Oikawa yanks his fingers out of Iwa-chan roughly to cradle his nose.

“Iwa-chan, what’s your problem?!” Oikawa’s voice is muffled behind his hand, and he looks a lot angrier than someone who just spit in someone else’s mouth has any right to be. Iwa-chan’s eyes go wide in rage.

“You. Spit. In. My. Mouth,” he grinds out, slowly, and Oikawa actually has the audacity to click his tongue and sigh at him in response.

“Think of it as a kiss without lips or tongues or faces involved,” he says flippantly, pulling his hand away from his nose to check for blood. His fingers are still shiny with lube.

Iwa-chan stares him furiously in his face and sees blood pooling in the dip above Oikawa’s upper lip but feels no guilt; he can’t actually remember the last time Oikawa fucked him without dried blood on his face, anyways.

If Iwaizumi wasn’t painfully hard and naked from the waist down, and if Oikawa hadn’t already spread him so thoroughly he had lube dripping down the inside of his thighs, he would have leapt up so he could beat the shit out of Oikawa properly.

But he’s stretched and empty and needy and everything feels hot, both from anger and from the way his dick is leaking onto Oikawa’s t-shirt from where he lay on his stomach, so he settles for smashing his fists into Oikawa’s chest when he grabs him by the shirt and hisses, “Hurry up and fuck me so I can kill you.”

Oikawa looks like he wants to argue as he sits up, but Iwaizumi falls back to the bed still looking murderous with a wet spot on both of their shirts where his cock leaked between them, and Oikawa decides they can bicker later.


When he’s balls-deep in Iwa-chan and he’s holding his legs apart by the bend of his knees as he fucks him, Oikawa’s nose starts to ache. The blood dried on face is annoying and his nose hurts, and Iwa-chan is leaking on himself like crazy today without a care in the world. Oikawa huffs to himself, and the thrust of his hips is absolutely petulant in the way it slows and shallows. Iwaizumi slits his eyes open to stare at him accusatorily. Oikawa actually sighs.

Before Iwa-chan can speak, and the way his eyes open fully and his eyebrows raise suggest he certainly has words for Oikawa right now, Oikawa raises himself up on his knees. He bends over Iwa-chan until their faces are parallel, and his grip on Iwa-chan’s legs is firm and demanding as he pushes his knees towards his shoulders until Iwa-chan is almost folded in half.

His dick is pressed heavy inside of Iwaizumi and it’s hard for him to breathe like this, but he doesn’t drop his leg when Oikawa slides one of his hands from behind his knees so he can grip Iwa-chan’s jaw tightly.

Oikawa’s face is a demanding leer as he hisses, “Open your mouth, Iwa-chan.”

He prepares himself for Iwaizumi to raise his hands from where they’re fisted in the sheets by his sides so he can push Oikawa’s face away as he hollers, “Idiot! Idiot Oikawa!”.

He isn’t prepared, however, for when Iwa-chan’s jaw clenches briefly under his fingers before he opens his mouth, his eyebrows pressed together angrily but face pink.

Oikawa smothers his delighted surprise before it can show on his face, and the smile on his face as he pulls his tongue towards the back of his mouth so spit wells up behind his bottom teeth is affectionate. When he lets the spit dribble out of his mouth this time, he pushes his lips forward as if he were kissing the air, and Iwa-chan closes his eyes tightly in embarrassment when Oikawa’s spit rolls down the roof of his mouth, warm and wet. He swallows.
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takeda/ukai, drunken sloppy blowjobs, bottom ukai

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
ukai is a virgin. takeda is definitely not a virgin. takeda is a little bit drunk and very, very good at oral

wine & dine | 1/?

(Anonymous) 2014-11-10 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
ohhh god i basically started shipping ukai/takeda as soon as they interacted but this is the first time i've written anything for haikyuu. i've written a bit of the second part, but feedback is gr8! hope OP and others enjoy. :)

When he suggested drinks, he didn't mean for the actual drinking to take place in school. Takeda was the one who'd found the beer in the back of his personal minifridge, which filled up every time one of them went on a snack run. When it got late and they still had plays and video footage to run through, it was that minifridge that they would turn to for sustenance.

Admittedly, he was the one who brought the beer earlier in the evening. It doesn't really matter now, because Takeda said, "We can't let the kids see this!" ("this" being the cans of alcohol in the fridge), and somehow, that led to cracking open beer after beer as they reviewed taped Seijou matches.

Ukai knows he can hold his alcohol, but he's not so sure about Takeda. Still, the man's more than old enough to pace himself—or so he thinks. He pauses the tape to make a note, glances up to ask Takeda if he can schedule an extra practice in next week for the team, and is met by the teacher's flushed face and slightly glassy gaze.

(His cheeks are pink. It shouldn't be that cute. It shouldn't be cute at all, on second thought—God, what is he thinking about right now?)

"...oi," he says after a second, deciding to ignore it. "Can you let them know we'll be having a late practice Thursday?"

"Of course, Ukai-kun." He's not that drunk, then, Ukai decides, as Takeda pulls out the club calendar to write on without hesitation. They work in silence for a few minutes; Ukai redraws the play diagram while Takeda writes a note in neat script on the correct day.


He looks up. "Yeah?"

"Do you think we could take a break for a little while? I'm a bit tired." Takeda gives him an apologetic smile. Checking the wall clock, Ukai lets out a sigh. They've been at it for a while, it's true.

"Sure. You wanna stretch your legs?"

"No, that's okay. We could just talk about something else." Adjusting his glasses, Takeda's smile turns brighter. A little too bright, maybe. "Like you, Ukai-kun! Do you have a girlfriend right now?"

"I—" —what? He almost drops his pen before catching himself. It's... it's not that weird of a question, right? They've spent plenty of time together, and Ukai for one knows Takeda doesn't have a girlfriend, himself—though that's partially due to the oblivious, somewhat insensitive questions from the volleyball team.

Takeda's still looking at him, eyes wide and expectant behind his glasses.

"I, uh... no. Actually, I've never really..." He cuts himself off there and reaches for a beer.

"Never what?"

How can he ask these things without flinching? Ukai chances a look at him, but Takeda's expression hasn't changed. It's just as earnest as before, and... well, it's not like Takeda would ever tell anyone.

"Never really... done it with a girl before."


Just that. Just that little sound of acknowledgement is enough to set Ukai off on an explanation. "It's not like—I've had girlfriends before! But we just, uh, never really got around to... to anything. We just, um. I just haven't. Okay?"

There's no response. Ukai dreads looking up; he never really mentions this to people. It's not exactly a cool thing to admit, after all, and he doesn't want to see Takeda look disappointed, or confused, or God forbid, pitying.

Takeda ends up saying something to him before Ukai works up the courage to lift his head. "I understand, Ukai-kun. Sometimes things just work out that way. I know."

"Uh." Articulate, yeah, but it's a far better response than he was expecting. "Yeah... thanks. For understanding. Wait, have you never..?"

Takeda laughs, but it's sort of a soft chuckle, the same sound of amusement that bubbles out of him when Hinata and Kageyama say something weird or Tanaka and Nishinoya needle confidence into Asahi aggressively. Ukai realizes that his face is warm, and resists pressing the cool metal of the can against his cheek to try and counteract it.

"Oh, no. Far from it, actually." He's still smiling at him, and Ukai feels his heart beat a little faster. Far from it? So he's had sex with a girl. Multiple girls, maybe, and he's still smiling at him with that sweet little curl to his lips and nothing but gentleness in his eyes. That, or the buzz that comes from alcohol. Either way, Ukai's still sitting when Takeda gets out of his chair and closes the distance between them in a few steps.

"You know what, let me show you how it feels," he says, and gets to his knees. His hands are brushing over the front of Ukai's jeans, fingers fumbling a little, and why is this happening.

"Wait! Hey, you can't just—we're in school," he finishes in a low hiss, looking around quickly.

"No one else is here," Takeda says calmly. He's already undoing the flies of his jeans. "We're the only ones still here, Ukai-kun. Don't worry about it."

God, he went to school here. This is the club room. The volleyball club supervisor is on his knees between his legs and about to give him a blowjob.

Ukai swallows heavily. He doesn't want Takeda to stop now.

Re: wine & dine | 1/?

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Re: wine & dine | 1/?

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fill: hint of a spark (takeuka, blowjob)

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(no subject)

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Re: fill: hint of a spark (takeuka, blowjob)

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Re: fill: hint of a spark (takeuka, blowjob)

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tsukkiyama, crossdressing

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 04:56 am (UTC)(link)
yamaguchi in a skirt and thigh highs and a tsukishima barely able to keep his cool (p.s: he doesn't) and just very intense thrusting with cum stained skirt and just. p le a se

FILL: art fill (tsukkiyama, crossdressing)

(Anonymous) 2014-11-02 10:23 am (UTC)(link)
*prays nobody will recognize my art style* get ready for some yamaguchi dingaling

(idk how to make tsukishima seem cool during sex im sorry)

bonus: https://33.media.tumblr.com/3ef5419fad5cd6b1116fb0800f39d5cc/tumblr_neepb1fUuc1srsvkuo2_1280.png


Re: FILL: art fill (tsukkiyama, crossdressing)

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Re: FILL: art fill (tsukkiyama, crossdressing)

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Re: FILL: art fill (tsukkiyama, crossdressing)

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mob/tanaka, body worship

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
a super loving mob kisses tanaka on his buzzcut and takes care of him and tanaka has a BALL (maybe he even cries because it feels so good....??) mob members can be any actual characters or a bunch of randos, its up to you!!

FILL: "hard to do these things alone" (tanaka/all the second and third years, body worship)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-26 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
There’s currently a dick being rubbed against Tanaka’s cheek, leaving a shiny smear of precum near the side of his mouth, and he’s never been happier.

It’s Suga’s dick, so naturally it’s pretty nice-looking, and Suga is running his knuckles soothingly over the side of Tanaka’s face that he’s not resting his dick on, so that might have something to do with it, but honestly Tanaka is far gone enough by now that pretty much everything feels good.

He’s lost track of how long they’ve been at it, but all the second and third years are here. Ennoshita is working him open with slick fingers while Daichi watches, and Kinoshita and Narita are sucking red marks all over his neck and chest and the insides of his thighs. Finally, Asahi has a hand around his dick, receiving occasional input from Nishinoya on how he likes it.

“Mm,” says Suga as Tanaka opens up his mouth, guiding Suga’s dick to rest against his bottom lip. “Good.”

The praise makes Tanaka feel even hazier and more turned on than he is already. He takes in as much as he can and starts drooling almost immediately, spit running down his chin as Suga’s dick stretches his mouth out wide. He wants to look up and see Suga’s reactions, but his eyelids are so heavy, and they keep fluttering almost-closed without his permission.

It’s not very long until Suga’s low, soft noises are almost constant and he’s shoving himself a little further into Tanaka’s mouth with every jerk of his hips. Tanaka’s eyes are stinging and his throat feels raw, but he doesn’t want it to stop. He reaches out blindly until his hands are wrapped around Suga’s lean hips, pulling him in close as he sucks sloppily at his dick.

A few seconds later, Suga gasps and wrenches himself far enough away that he won’t be coming directly down Tanaka’s throat, which to Tanaka’s slightly addled mind feels like kind of a disappointment. Instead, Suga just shoots all over his mouth and chin, immediately dropping to his knees with a sated huff and grabbing Tanaka’s face so he can kiss him.

It’s wet and weird-tasting and a little gross but Tanaka loves it, grinding down on the two fingers Ennoshita has sunk inside him as Suga sucks his lower lip.

From his place between Tanaka’s spread legs, Ennoshita slowly pushes in another finger. Tanaka’s already been fucked once today, but it still takes him by surprise. His back arches up off the floor, dick twitching weakly in Asahi’s hand.

Immediately, there are hands all over him, palms rubbing circles over his heated skin and scruffing over his buzzcut. Kinoshita stops biting at one of his nipples and instead lays a kiss there, and Daichi tears his eyes away from where Ennoshita’s fingers are pushing in and out of Tanaka to look at his face.

“Doing okay?” he asks.

“Better once you fuck me,” Tanaka says, managing to grin even though he’s already hovering on the edge of his second orgasm in a relatively short period of time just from sucking some dick and he’s starting to wonder if it’s possible to die of horniness.

Daichi rolls his eyes fondly and motions for Ennoshita to keep going, which isn’t exactly what Tanaka was hoping for but still feels pretty fucking good, especially when Nishinoya leans in and drags his tongue roughly over the underside of Tanaka’s head.

Tanaka gives another full-body shudder and Narita flattens a hand out over his hip, steadying him.

“Ready?” asks Suga.

“Yeah, fuck yeah, obviously,” says Tanaka, squirming because he can’t decide whether to push his hips up toward Noya’s mouth or down toward Ennoshita’s fingers. Ennoshita solves this problem by taking the fingers out, moving aside so Daichi can settle in between his legs.

He’s practically dripping back there, because Ennoshita always errs on the side of caution when it comes to how much lube they should use, and Daichi had squeezed some out onto his cock too. Still, Tanaka can feel every inch as Daichi sinks inside, big hands holding tight to Tanaka’s hips.

“Holy shit,” says Tanaka, thighs shaking erratically as he reaches out for someone to hold onto. Narita grabs one of his hands right away.

Tanaka has to swat Noya and Asahi away from his dick with his free hand after a second, because it’s just too much to feel Daichi pushed up all the way in him while he’s still sensitive from Noya’s turn. He’s so close he could almost cry, and when Daichi pulls out a little only to push back in again, achingly slow, he realizes that he actually is crying.

Hot tears well up at the corners of his eyes, gradually spilling over and running toward his temples. It’s embarrassing as shit, but then Suga wipes at them with his thumbs and Nishinoya scrambles up the length of Tanaka’s body, leaving Asahi in charge of his dick so that he can kiss Tanaka’s neck and drag his teeth over the line of his shoulder, and it doesn’t seem so bad.

Daichi pulls out again and snaps his hips forward, forcing himself even deeper inside and brushing up against something that feels so good Tanaka practically yells.

“C’mon,” says Asahi, sounding embarrassed but still encouraging as he jacks Tanaka’s dick a few more times, and that’s what does it.

Tanaka definitely yells when he comes, and he thinks he might possibly also black out for a few seconds. His friends are all around him the whole time, comforting and reassuring, and a few more tears leak out just because of that.

Daichi finishes inside him, once he stops shaking. It only takes a few more thrusts, way gentler than the last ones, and then Tanaka is being pulled upright to lean against someone’s chest while someone else cleans him off with wet-naps helpfully provided by Suga.

Tanaka feels fuzzy and sleepy and entirely self-satisfied, a feeling that only grows as each of his teammates plants a kiss on his cheek or his mouth or the top of his head and tells him how cool he was. After all, they’re right; he is pretty cool.

Akiteru/Small Giant, orgasm-denial

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 05:27 am (UTC)(link)
the small giant reaches for tsukishima-senpai, but tsukishima akiteru might not be as gentle looking as it seems

(akiteru denies, if you wanna add power play and angst for the whole "you're a regular and i'm not" thing, it's okay as it still stays porn i guess)

FILL: The Dark Side of The Moon (Akiteru/Small Giant, orgasm-denial) (no warnings)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-23 04:37 pm (UTC)(link)
oh god i.... this probably isn't what op wanted, but i wanted to write a darker side to akiteru and i don't know much about how to write power-play either but uhh... hope you enjoy i'm so sorry orz


The two of you are the only ones left in the locker rooms. Like always. Always the last two, you and Tsukishima-senpai, who stay behind later than everyone else to keep practicing. Though you thought you had more reason to, since you're a regular and Tsukishima-senpai not, you thought the way he worked hard to try and make it onto the team was admirable. Actually, a lot of things about him were admirable to you. He was tall, one of the tallest members in the club, he was friendly and charming, and helpful especially to his kouhai. His hair looked soft and fluffy, and his face was quite handsome...

A skipped beat of your heart and it suddenly just occurred to you how silent the locker room is.

But you know Tsukishima-senpai is still there. You could feel his presence. You glance over your shoulder to confirm that he was there. It was oddly silent. Maybe you were both so tense, since tomorrow would be the last game of Tsukishima-senpai's high school career. Not that he was actually playing, but you still knew it meant something to him. Meant a lot to him. Maybe you should say something.

You try to make conversation, but the words weren't coming. Then you hear Tsukishima-senpai laugh softly and you turn to see he was looking at his phone.

"What are you looking at?" You ask awkwardly.

"My little brother," he says, holding out the phone to you. The photo was of a little kid making a victory sign at the camera, probably 10 or 11 who had the same hair and eye colour as Tsukishima-senpai, except he wore square black-framed glasses and his hair was slightly messier and curlier.

"Cute kid," you say.

"Yeah. Did you know he believes I'm the ace?"

You're taken aback. What did he mean by that? The aces of Karasuno were a third year named Kawada-senpai, and yourself who they dubbed the "Small Super Ace."

"I mean, I don't blame him. I was the ace in middle school so it's only right for him to assume that I'll be one in high school? Right?"

Tsukishima-senpai had stood up now and was slowly walking towards you.

"So I lied, but I thought it wouldn't matter. That I'll be playing as a regular sooner rather than later so the lies would become true."

In all honesty he was starting to scare you. There was a dark tone to his voice and even though he was smiling, his eyes seemed dangerous.

"I worked hard. I worked so hard. But you," he's close enough now to slam his fist against the wall right above your head to the left. The sound made you jump. He towered over you and you felt your heart beat increase pace with how close he was.
"You... you work just as hard so why is it that you happen to show more result for it than me? Why?" You'd like to think he said all that with a vulnerable, whiney voice. Because that would have been better than the fearsome growling, a sense of rage underlying those words. "Why do you get to prove your efforts and not me? Why do you get to be above me?"

You didn't know how to answer. All you knew is that you wanted to play volleyball more than anything and would do anything so that you could. Tsukishima-senpai felt the same way. And, you admit, you found it slightly unfair... Tsukishima-senpai probably worked harder than anyone in the club, his passion for volleyball matching or even surpassing all those on the court. His talent, however, did not. And that was the fundamental, and unfair, difference between you and Tsukishima-senpai.

You looked him in the eye and your breath caught in your throat, your already fast-paced heartbeat picking up even more. His face was dangerous and serious and anger flickered in his eyes. You had never seen him like this before. He was always so nice and friendly, and you thought he was cool. But now he was frightening you.

Still, even like this you found him admirable. You found him fascinating and intriguing. Tsukishima-senpai always invoked a sense of curiosity within you because for how friendly and laid-back he could be, it was still hard to tell what he was thinking. It was like he had impenetrable walls that no one notices because they were covered in beautiful roses, but getting close meant to prick yourself on the thorns. It was like his smiles, friendliness and charm were all a defense mechanism to disallow anyone getting too close, by making them think they already were.

Not that you think Tsukishima-senpai isn't a good guy. He honestly was, and you don't think any of that is fake, but you could tell something lied beyond the rose-covered walls. You just wish you knew how to climb over. The dark side of the moon no one gets to see.

Are you seeing it now?

You open your mouth and close it again. He's still looking at you with those eyes but you don't think he's waiting for a proper answer. Maybe just a reaction. And react you did as your hands seemed to reach up to touch his face on their own accord and pull him in closer towards you until the gap is closed, his lips upon yours. They're slightly chapped, and so are yours but the kiss still felt soft. As he pulled away you felt yourself yearning for more and he must have noticed because he gives you a rather knowing smile.

"I knew it," he says.

"Wh-what?" You ask in bewilderment, your face flushed.

"I noticed the way you look at me," he brought his face close again, his lips ghosting your face. "It's almost the same way as my brother looks at me. Almost. There's something more different about you, though."

He moves his lips so they're hovering over your ear, his hot breath making you shiver. "I had to lie to get my brother's love. What did I do to get yours, I wonder?"

"I-" but then he starts nibbling on your ear and you gasp, gripping his shoulders tight. You weren't always this compliant, you're usually more loud and energetic. But Tsukishima-senpai has you trapped in a position where he seems to have the power and is using it to make you weak to your knees.

What surprised you the most though was his hand moving down and then tugging at the waistband of your pants. "Tsu-Tsukishima-senpai..." you breath and you gasp again, a little louder this time, a strained moan coming from the back of your throat when he puts his hand on the inside of your boxers and wraps it around your length.

"You're this hard already?" He says with a dark chuckle and you grit your teeth.
He starts planting kisses along your jaw, down your neck and then he bites, sucking the skin and that's gonna leave a mark for tomorrow. Tomorrow when you'll be playing, a kiss mark on your neck for everyone on the court to see. People might tease him, ask if it was from a girlfriend who gave him some "pre-game de-stress." And you'd deny it, but it's not like you could say it was from Tsukishima-senpai. And he knows this, because you can feel him smirking into your skin. He licks the red mark and continues to pump you as he then bites and sucks another spot on your neck.

You whine and whimper and call his name, involuntarily thrusting your hips into his hand, trying to increase the friction, the sensations. Tsukishima-senpai's other hand decides to creep up your shirt, pulling it up. His fingers find a nipple and he begins to rub, pinch and tweak, soliciting even more strange noises from you.

You feel like you can't do much but stand there and moan and thrust, wrapping your arms around Tsukishima-senpai's shoulders and pulling him close as he touched you in ways you had only fantasized about before. He seemed rather experienced, had Tsukishima-senpai done this sort of thing before...?

"Ah... Senpai, I'm..." you say, about to feel your release. Tsukishima-senpai hums.

"Is that so?"

He stops. He stops everything. Stops moving his hand and pulls it away, brings his other hand back from under your shirt and he takes a step back and smirks. You gasp, the strange sensation you can only describe as teetering off the edge of the cliff and someone grabs you and pulls you back before you fall. It was so much that it made your knees buckle and you slid against the wall to the floor.

Tsukishima-senpai laughs. "They call you the "Small Super Ace," don't they? Well you definitely look small from here."

You're breathing heavily, wanting to be touched again so you can feel release. You were so close and Tsukishima-senpai denied you. He crouches down and crawls towards you.

"Hmm, I'm feeling nice, so maybe we can go again?"

"P-Please... Senpai..." you sounded so desperate. You don't care at this point. You needed Senpai to touch you.

"Well, since you asked so nicely..."

He tugs at your waistband and pulls them down, taking the boxers with them too and you hiss at the sudden chill as you're exposed. Tsukishima-senpai hums as he gently touches the precum with his fingers, spreading it. Then he wraps his hand around you again and begins pumping once more.

"Ah, fuck-!" You clench your fists against the floor and begin thrusting again, extra sensitive this time around. Then Tsukishima-senpai begins changing his pace to agonizingly slow and you tilt your head back against the wall, feeling tears in the corner of your eyes. "F-Faster..."


And you want to curse out loud, flail about, shout and scream and beg and plead for Tsukishima-senpai to please go faster! But he's still going so painfully and tortuously slow and you're groaning into the back of your hand. You bring your other hand to Tsukishima-senpai's hand to try and guide it to a faster pace but he knocks it away.

"No. Sit there and be a good boy."

You let out a frustrating cry, thrusting up, trying to feel more because dammit, you need release now. You can feel it building up inside you, like a dam that Tsukishima-senpai wasn't letting open.

Dammit. Dammit. You've had enough with the teasing.

Tsukishima-senpai laughs again and it chimes in your ears, the kind of laugh you'd hear when he talk among the other senpai of the club, the kind that made your heart flutter.

"Look at you. What would people think of their "Super Ace" if they saw you like this?" He moves closer to you so his lips are barely inches away from yours and you want to kiss them, oh god do you want to kiss them but he was teasing you with this as well. "Do you really like me that much? Letting me do this to you."

You nod wordlessly. You wonder what this means for you both now. Did this mean you were together? That Tsukishima-senpai liked you back? Oh how you wish he liked you back. If he didn't he probably would have pushed you away when you kissed him instead of going this far.

But the dark nature of Tsukishima-senpai's behaviour casts doubt over every hope.

"Say," he says before kissing you. "What is it that you like about me?"

"Well I-" but before you could answer, Tsukishima-senpai moved his lips to your tip and kissed it, then began licking up all the leaked precum up and down your shaft. You hiss and moan and try to find your mind before talking again. "It's because... Tsukishima-senpai is really cool and tall. You work and train really hard, harder than anyone. You... ah... you're really passionate... fuck... about volleyball. I- oh god... I really admire you... Ah-!"

Tsukishima-senpai took you in his mouth completely and began to suck. The sensation was amazing, the wetness of his mouth feeling good, the way his tongue pressed against your length. Once again you throw your head back, hitting the wall hard, but you didn't care about the pain. Without thinking your hands move to entangle themselves in his hair and you were about to pull them away when you realized Senpai didn't make any indication he didn't want them there. His hair was soft, just like you imagined it to be.

You continue between gasps and pants and moans. "Y-You're really nice and helpful, and a lot of the other kouhai look up to you. You're reliable and kind, you're like a big brother figure to everyone-"

You're tensing up at this point and you can feel it. You're close to release again, and it's so close, so fucking close that you're twitching and writhing about, letting out choked up moans from the back of your throat. You've left your mouth hanging open for so long you started to drool. The tears that were forming in the corners of your eyes start to trickle down, towards the inside of your ears due to the angle of your head. Oh god you were gonna come any minute now, any second and it'd feel so good, it'd feel so amazing with Tsukishima-senpai being the one to make you come, just like the many wet dreams you've had of this.

"I just wish... I wish we could have played and official game together even just once...! Senpai..!" You call out for him, asking him to let you come. You honestly thought he'd show mercy this time.

But instead he lifts his head and the feeling of being pulled back from falling off the edge of the cliff was far worse this time and you let out a cry, whining. You're shuddering and the serious look Tsukishima-senpai gives you made you shiver even more.

"Wh-why? Why, I was so close..." You wanted to cry, you just needed to come. "Touch me again, senpai!"


He stands up and looks down at you and you finally understood why he did all this int he first place. Just once he wanted to surpass you. Just once he wanted to have one over you, something that can place him above you. Where you're the one cowering on the floor in sweat in tears, and he's the one with something to gain for once.

"Good luck for tomorrow," he says, grabbing his bag and shutting the door behind him.

And so he leaves you like that, still hard with your pants down as you sit on the floor and the humiliation of being left hanging and having to finish yourself off.

You come into your own hand, shuddering, then draw up your knees and bury your face in them wishing that you never peeked over those walls, that you never tried to take a peek at the dark side of the moon.

oikage, forced toothbrushing, dubcon/underage

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 05:32 am (UTC)(link)
Oikawa helps absentminded middle school Kageyama with brushing his teeth properly, but Oikawa is unnecessarily cruel and rough. Ideally with lots of drool, gagging, and tears of pain!

art fill: oikage, forced toothbrushing, dubcon/underage

(Anonymous) 2015-01-03 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
I filled this one on tumblr. :')


hinata/kageyama, masturbation

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 05:40 am (UTC)(link)
Kageyama's taking his turn in the bath when Hinata starts thinking about that stupid box of tissues on Kageyama's desk and why they're really there and if this is where Kageyama sits when he--

(Hinata is easily distracted and I want Kageyama to catch Hinata jerking off in his bedroom)

FILL: "caught in the act" (hinata/kageyama, masturbation)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-23 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
Hinata has never been the most patient person, and waiting has never been something he’s enjoyed. And so it’s utterly boring being alone and having to wait for Kageyama while it’s his turn in the bathroom, even though his shower will probably last as short a time as his own.

He tries to find anything and everything to keep himself occupied, too hyperactive to ever be able to sit still for too long. Nosy and meddlesome as he can be, he inspects his teammate’s belongings, wrinkles his nose in derision at the blank walls and the lack of much to keep himself entertained, and ends up finding himself flopped down onto the bed in reluctant acceptance of the situation minutes later.

He turns his head, peering at the desk adjacent to him and letting his gaze fall upon the box of tissues among the scattered stationary. It looks so strangely out of place, though, being a fellow curious teenager, Hinata can make a guess as to its purpose. One that’s uncalled for and admittedly embarrassing to think about, but a guess nonetheless.

With a grunt, he heaves himself back onto his feet and then takes a seat in the rolling chair, swivelling around to partially face the desk and continue his stare down with the tissue box.

He has one very conveniently near his best as well, and if the other male uses it for the same purpose as him then seated here, in this very same spot, one Kageyama Tobio, seeking a release of built tension, has reached down his pants - shorts, boxers, whatever he happens to be wearing at the time - and touched himself until satisfaction shoots through his veins and all over himself.

It’s a very dizzying thought that has Hinata feeling oddly warm, flush creeping up his neck and colouring the tips of his ears, and he licks his lips as if it’ll help the sudden dryness in his mouth or the sudeen increased beating of his heart. He takes a hurried glance toward the doorway and then his gaze lowers to his lap where his fingers fidget idly against his thighs.

Maybe it would be okay if he just... Just a little...

In retrospect, he probably shouldn’t be doing this. Kageyama probably takes very quick showers and could be back any second. He could probably catch him in the act and he’s sure the ensuing violence will include him getting hit over the head and thrown out of the house while he’s yelled at the entirety of the time.

Only with a twist of his wrist, small fingers curled tightly around the head of his cock as he does so, Hinata can hardly bring himself to think about those things when they it would mean stopping what he’s doing.

His head tips back, resting against the fabric as he groans, breaths coming in and out of him quickly through his nose as he worries at his lips and the insides of his cheeks with his teeth.

He’s helpless to his imagination, thoughts brought to life through picturing Kageyama’s larger hands, rough with calluses from years of volleyball, wrapped around his own swollen arousal, and he can’t help where that train of thought leads when he images those hands, the very same ones that give him the tosses he loves best, giving him the very same treatment.

Too lost in pleasure to care about the implications of those thoughts, Hinata quivers, writhes in the chair with bucks of his hips and twitches of his legs as his socked toes curl. His chest heaves with every breath, the heel of one palm massaging his balls while the other is busy stroking himself off with swift desire and desperation that heightens with every passing moment.

He pictures Kageyama’s black locks sweat-soaked and sticking to his forehead, his lips so commonly pulled down in a frown parted and gasping for air, those long, muscular and powerful legs spread wide with reckless abandon as he seeks release seated in this very same spot. He wants so very much to see it in person, wants to hear that voice call out-


The inquisitive call of his name so near in that low voice of Kageyama’s is so sudden of a surprise and it really isn’t fair how attractive it is or how much he had seemed to need to hear it at this very moment.

It’s too much and just enough at the same time, because the sound of his name has Hinata coming, coming harder than he ever has, spilling all over his stomach and hands and crying out his teammate’s name before he can manage to catch his lower lip between his teeth and stifle it. He trembles through the entirety of it, heavy lids hooded over his blurry, unfocused gaze.

Hinata is very much caught up in the high of his orgasm, collapsed bonelessly where he sits as he tries to catch his breath, and so his heart jumps into his throat when the chair is suddenly whipped around and he comes face to face with an angry-looking Kageyama.

Only his fright lasts for barely a moment when he soon notices the telltale flush in those cheeks and the dilation of his dark eyes as they stare intently into his own. He swallows and readies an apology that he doesn’t quite mean because he distinctly lacks any guilt whatsoever.

The words are caught in a clashing of lips and lost in the fray of gasps and urgent seeking touches, and Hinata soon learns that they’d been completely and utterly unnecessary.

(no subject)

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oikuroo, clothed sex

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
oikawa loses against kuroo in a practice match so kuroo makes him wear the girls uniform for him...also kuroo totally has a 'captain' kink

Re: oikuroo, clothed sex

(Anonymous) 2016-07-02 01:57 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know if OP still watches the meme but do they mean girl's school uniform or volleyball?

Re: oikuroo, clothed sex

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kuroken, foodplay

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 06:19 am (UTC)(link)
Kuroo is more than a little eager when he watches Kenma eat the food that Kuroo himself made, but one day when Kenma spills [whatever your choice!] over his shorts it all goes down to hell.

FILL: "sticky" (kuroken, no warnings)

(Anonymous) 2015-06-28 01:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Kuroo's no culinary genius, but he's picked up a few things here and there, and for the most part it's all trial and error anyway. He's had a lot of summers to experiment and he's mostly perfected the ratio of yoghurt to juice and how to stagger the process so the fruit settles with even distribution. The trick to popsicles, though, is that you have to freeze them twice: four to six hours in the mould, then an extra half hour out of it, carefully wrapped, so they'll hold their shape better when finally served.

"It's because you were impatient," Kuroo says, and watches with helpless fascination while the mess dribbles down Kenma's knuckles, one enterprising glob fast approaching a claim on his elbow. The shape of the popsicle's barely recognisable in Kenma's hands and Kenma is losing the race to lap up the melt before it all drips right off the stick. He's never been the type to bite in, either; he takes the slow sucking approach, the unintentionally erotic ingenue approach straight out of the movies--and it would be, except that he looks wholly disinterested the entire time his tongue twists slow circles around the tip, slides up the sides, sucks at the sticky residue left on his lips.

"It's hot," Kenma says, and his tongue darts a quick swipe between his spread fingers, but he's not fast enough to catch a new droplet of peach cream that lands, instead, on his tshirt.

"Gross," Kuroo agrees, and literally cannot look away from where it's seeping into the cotton over Kenma's clavicle, probably forming a stain.

Kenma's going to complain, because they're in public, insofar as Kenma's back garden veranda is public, but it really can't be helped. Kenma's making a small grunt of annoyance in the back of his throat but the popsicle's only half gone, and quite frankly the whole sordid affair is an assault on common decency.

"Let me get that," Kuroo offers, like a good citizen ought. Like a melting popsicle's too much luggage for Kenma to carry.

"What," Kenma says, at exactly the same time Kuroo catches his forearm and drags his tongue over one long sweet trail of residue down the pale inside of his wrist. Kenma squirms against the grip and more stickiness spills over to land on his stomach and lap, but Kuroo's not finished lapping into his palm where the peach flavour's tempered by salt. "I wasn't done," Kenma protests with what little half-assed outrage his body can muster, then adds, like an afterthought, "that's disgusting."

"You're disgusting," Kuroo replies, through his soft slurping noises. "Stop wiggling. I've got a hard-on."

Kenma freezes and says, "Why are you telling me that," and it's a good thing Kuroo happens to find deadpan resignation very appealing, because he's already on his knees and working his way down from Kenma's forearm to that seductive peach slime melting into Kenma's stomach. The cotton is rough under his tongue, a bit tart from the fruit, more damp now with his own spit than anything but probably too thick for Kenma too feel it on his skin as more than warm pressure. Kenma starts to shift around again and Kuroo can feel the abdominal muscles working under his mouth while he sucks at the fabric. It makes his own dick twitch a little in his pants, which is all pretty nice, but there's still a scatter of popsicle drops on Kenma's shorts, and Kuroo's thorough. It's one of his best qualities. With his hands on either side of Kenma's thighs he can hold his body still enough to get his tongue over the pinkish stain on Kenma's crotch.

Kenma drops the sad remnants of popsicle into the grass and makes a flustered little squawk, dirty hands hovering in the air near Kuroo's face like he's not sure what else to do with them. "The neighbours will see you," Kenma hisses, red-faced in the aftermath of his own involuntary noise. Kenma's scuffed knees are shaking a little, probably more from mortification than Kuroo's prowess, but it's all his own fault, Kuroo figures. He's been seduced.

"I am the neighbours," Kuroo points out, then starts mouthing the contours of Kenma's dick.

It could be vengeance or an unintended consequence that Kenma's sticky spitty hands both latch into Kuroo's hair, but it's not like he's having a good hair-day anyway. He hollows his cheeks and slurps hard at the last of the peach flavour, and cargo shorts are not a very good conductor for blowjob but Kenma's small hands are tight in his hair, alternately pushing him away and pulling him forward in fits. Kuroo slides his palms under Kenma's ass and laps at him, sloppily, a cheerful hum in the back of his throat.

"Kuro," Kenma finally snaps, so Kuroo pulls back a bit, rests his face on Kenma's skinny thigh and looks up from under his lashes. Kenma's lower lip is swollen from where he's bitten down too hard, and there's a flush high on his freckled cheeks, in his ears. It's such a good look on him that Kuroo spontaneously evolves a passionately dissenting opinion on the virtues of the twice-frozen popsicle.

"Didn't want to waste it," Kuroo says, smiling crooked. "Want to come inside?"

It's an inveterate charm point that even half-hard in spit-sogged shorts, Kenma completely ignores the double-entendre.

tsukkiyama, love confession, first time

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 06:24 am (UTC)(link)
yamaguchi decides he needs to show suki how much he tsukkis him

tsukishima brothers, akiteru massaging kei, (slight incest warning)

(Anonymous) 2014-10-20 10:14 am (UTC)(link)
tall teenage boys get bad growing pains apparently. cue a doting big brother who offers to massage kei's aching limbs. can lead to smut, author's choice. but mostly just want a compromised akiteru who's a little taken aback by just how much kei really has grown

kuroo/bokuto shower sex

(Anonymous) 2014-10-21 09:38 am (UTC)(link)
some casual shower fucking during training camp? just bros being brohohos

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