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Let's have a good game!

Hinata+Inuoka/KageHina, Jealousy

(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so I love Inuoka and Hinata's relationship with all my tiny little heart. I like the idea that they develop a friendship that's so close no one really knows WHAT their relationship is. But they're super touchy-feely and always overly excited when they talk to each other and it just makes Kageyama mad.

I would love to see Kageyama getting jealous/discover his feelings for Hinata (whether they be romantic or very intensely platonic) and just in general being a confused, overprotective ball of high strung nerves.

Bonus if he has to ask for help from one of his many volleyball dads or even the managers for help because wtf is going on inside his chest.

FILL: Feelings (Hinata & Inuoka; Hinata/Kageyama)

(Anonymous) 2015-12-31 08:01 pm (UTC)(link)
SWAG2016 participant #11

Hinata and Inuoka are like…


Puppies, Kageyama thinks to himself, watching them clamber all over each other, yelling excitedly, directly into each other's faces, half their sentences constructed with made-up words that just make no sense to anyone else around them.

They act like middle-school kids, Kageyama thinks at them grumpily, like if he thinks the thought loud enough in their direction, they'll realise how embarrassing they're being.

Nekoma wins the practice match, because Kageyama is in a foul mood. When Hinata asks if there's something wrong, Kageyama snaps at him to go away. When Hinata does, walking over to the net to speak with Inuoka, Kageyama's mood just gets worse.

Hinata becomes their main method of communication with Nekoma, because he has Kenma's number, and Inuoka's number too. More than that, he becomes a steady stream of updates, telling the entire Karasuno team what game Kenma has bought, or what snack Inuoka's trying out this week, or what anime he's watching.

He talks about Inuoka a lot, always tacking something onto the end about how cool he is, or how awesome, or how he wishes that he was as tall as Inuoka. Kageyama grinds his teeth together, resisting the urge to point out that he's taller than Hinata too, who cares if Inuoka's five inches taller, Tsuikishima's taller than Inuoka is anyway.

It occurs to Kageyama that if he's ranking Tsukishima above Inuoka, that must mean that he really doesn't like Inuoka.

"I don't know what's going on between them," Daichi says to Suga, when they're visiting Tokyo for yet another practice match against Nekoma. Inuoka might not be a regular any more since Lev's replaced him, but he's still there on the bench and he and Hinata are just as excited to see each other.

Kageyama slows down, just behind the third years, and he's not eavesdropping. He just can't help it if he can hear what they're saying.

"Should I say something to Hinata about it?" Suga asks. "Help him figure it out?"

"Leave it," Daichi decides. "They could just be friends—I mean, they're both pretty excitable people anyway, right? Or maybe Hinata has a crush. We'll let him figure that out in his own time."

Maybe Hinata has a crush.

Maybe Hinata has a crush on Inuoka, Kageyama thinks, staring up at his ceiling that night, unable to sleep no matter what he tries.

He's too busy thinking of Hinata having crushes on people, having crushes on other people, having crushes on people who aren't Kageyama.

Oh, Kageyama thinks, a jolt of panic running through him.

Maybe Kageyama has a crush.

"Can I ask you a question?" Kageyama looks at Suga at lunch time, with nobody else around to overhear. "Setter to setter."

"Of course," Suga says with a smile. "What is it?"

"Say you have… a… feeling," Kageyama hedges. "What do you do about it?"

Suga blinks at him, clearly lost for a moment before his eyes widen with understanding. "Oh. Is that what this is about?"

Maybe too much understanding. Kageyama frowns. "What?"

"I've noticed that you've been a little off your game every time we have practice matches with Nekoma," Suga tells him. "Daichi has too, but he hasn't really figured out why just yet. Don't worry, I won't tell him."

"I have to… go buy milk," Kageyama says, then follows Suga's gaze down to the milk carton in his hand. "Another milk. Bye."

Hinata and Inuoka are whispering about something and Kageyama is trying not to grind his teeth, trying not to look in their direction and trying not to look in Suga's direction either, because he doesn't want to deal with any knowing looks right now.

They look excited, whatever it's about, and Kageyama is jealous, there, he admits it. He's jealous of Inuoka, of the way he can make Hinata smile so easily.

But at the end of their trip, Inuoka's pushing Hinata, like he's urging him on to do something, and Hinata is shaking his head in vehement refusal, until he finally caves in. Kageyama drags his gaze away and in the handful of seconds he's not watching, Hinata runs towards him, nearly knocking him over.

"Hey Kageyama," he says, and Kageyama can recognise the look in his eyes, the way he holds himself like he's electrified. It tells him that he's full of nervous excitement.

Hinata pulls Kageyama down and cups a hand to his mouth to whisper, "I like you."

Kageyama blinks. From across the gym, Inuoka gives him the most aggressively cheerful thumbs-up Kageyama has ever received.

Kageyama returns it as he whispers to Hinata: "Okay."

Maybe Inuoka isn't so bad after all.


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Re: FILL: Feelings (Hinata & Inuoka; Hinata/Kageyama)

(Anonymous) - 2016-03-03 19:48 (UTC) - Expand

KageSuga, bodyswap

(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 05:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Kageyama and Suga swap bodies! (explanation unnecessary, but go for it if you want.) Anything goes for ideas, whether it's trying to play volleyball as each other, secret meetings as they attempt to figure out how to switch back, or something else entirely as they learn more about each other through experience. nsfw is totally fine.

Kageyama/Suga or Kageyama/Kenma, mermaids

(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
They can both be mermaids or one is a mermaid, one is human. Fluff/worldbuilding/angst/smut/xeno anything is okay! Kagekensuga in any formation is also great :)

Oikawa/Hinata, possible dub-con.

(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 07:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Hinata has a blooming masochistic streak where he's been learning that he likes rough play. Oikawa, under his playful personality, has a sadistic side, and isn't afraid to push boundaries, even if the morals at play are a little questionable. They both have something that ties them together; something they have bottled frustrations over -- and that's Kageyama.

Kageyama is either straight/has zero interest in Hinata, but, Hinata still has an obvious crush on him. Maybe it's seen from everyone around them, and Kageyama is just oblivious, or perhaps Hinata confessed and was severely shot down, which was why he's gone to Oikawa. I'll leave the reasoning up to author!anon, but, this is not the first time Oikawa and Hinata have slept together. However, the exact reasons behind this time in particular will also be left up to author!anon.

Oikawa, besides all of his typical frustrations with Kageyama, also has a possessive side of wanting to take things away from Kageyama, and sees his relation with Hinata as a thing he's "stealing" from Kageyama. Hinata and Oikawa's relationship is purely to let out steam. Lovey-dovey actions, softness, and kissing are rarities to them, but sometimes they show through. [Again, if author!anon feels better about throwing in some softness afterward to counterbalance the roughness, I leave it up to them.]


- Oikawa uses Hinata's crush on Kageyama during sex to not only have physical power, but mental/emotional, as well.
- Lots of mention to how small Hinata is in comparison to him/how easy it is for Oikawa to throw him around.
- If they've decided on a safe-word from their past escapades, Oikawa must concede to it.


- Hinata murmuring Kageyama's name at one point, which infuriates Oikawa.
- Doggy-style with Hinata's arms twisted back behind him. A++++
- Hinata crying at some point, and Oikawa being pretty into it, but doesn't stop unless the safe-word is used.

Re: Oikawa/Hinata, possible dub-con.

(Anonymous) 2016-04-04 02:09 pm (UTC)(link)

established Kuroo/Kenma, voyeurism, body worship

(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 07:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Kenma's and Kuroo's apartment(s) before have had windows with a good view so Kuroo hadn't been able to really hang out at home like he'd really want to; wearing extremely little amount of clothes or nothing at all. So when they buy their own house he notices it has hedgerow/walls/something else practically everywhere blocking the view from outside, meaning lots of naked time. Kenma likes to just look at his body a lot when he's wearing just briefs or on rare occasions, nothing, so it's all fine.

So on one summer day it's extremely hot and work has been awful and Kuroo is just a puddle of sweaty mess on a sofa or something and Kenma gets aroused by his body because the sweat defines the shapes even more.
I'd love to see Kenma touching him and Kuroo doing practically nothing because he's just too tired for sex but giving him a handjob so that Kenma can use his both hands for touching.


(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 07:59 pm (UTC)(link)
I hope my English is good enough on the prompt as I'm not a native English speaker.

Tanaka/Tsukishima/Nishinoya, cute date

(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)
I want Tanaka and noya dragging Tsukki on a cute date going to the zoo or something, just somewhere they can have fun.

Bonus points if Tsukki isn't quite sure whether tananoya meant a date date (they did) and keeps getting distracted trying to work that out

Kageyama/Kenma, drinking together in college (alcohol mention)

(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 09:38 pm (UTC)(link)
I really want to see Kageyama and Kenma getting progressively more drunk together at a college party as they try to deal with how awkward they feel in large groups. And around each other.

Bonus options:
-it's the first time they've seen each other since high school but they don't know anyone else at the party
-one of them has a really c/rude sense of humor while drunk
-one of them tries to be each other's wingman as they talk to new people. this doesn't work very well.
-whether it turns into something more (drunken makeouts, leaving early to hook up) is optional but also welcomed!

Kageyama/Kenma (alcohol mention)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-05 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Filled by: 7

The house party was something neither of them had wanted to attend. They were there for their own reasons, but both of them were expecting to thoroughly dislike the evening.

Kageyama stood against the faded wallpaper of the living room, like he could blend into it if he was still for long enough. The idea of dancing seemed terrible, but so did standing in that shadowed corner for the rest of the night. He looked out for a familiar face in the crowd, hoping to see a flash of silver, maybe, if he was lucky.

Instead he spotted Kozume Kenma, curled up on the corner of the ragged couch in the corner of the low-lit room. His head was leaned on the armrest and he looked safe and bubbled in his own small world, like he’d blocked out the sounds of thrumming bass and chatter and stomping, rhythmic feet as his thumbs tapped away at some game. Kageyama watched him for a while.

He was surprised to see him there. Kageyama didn’t know him too well, aside from what he gathered from Hinata’s incessant chattering about him. He was a good setter, but Kageyama hadn’t had much luck befriending him in high school. Unsurprising. He was wondering if he should try to say hello, when Kenma lifted his head in order to take a sip of his drink and he looked annoyed that he’d had to move. With his eyes torn away from the game, he noticed Kageyama staring.

Frozen, scrambling for a way to look away that would seem polite, Kageyama didn’t notice a girl walking up to him.

“Do you want to dance?” she said, her face flushed with dancing and nerves. Kageyama slid his terrified gaze from Kenma to her, and then back to Kenma, who was still staring at him, the corner of his mouth pulled up.

“I was…” he started, not sure where he was going to go from there, but she followed his line of sight.

“Oh, i’m sorry, you were on your way to your friend?”

No, he thought. “Yes,” he said.

“Oh, sorry, then!” She smiled and stepped out of his way.

It had been a solid excuse she’d handed him, but now that he’d taken it, he had to actually follow through. He moved his feet, a deliberate, straight, non-embarrassing step at a time. He avoided looking at Kenma, even as he flopped down on the couch. He wished he had a drink to make his hands look busy.

Kageyama waited for Kenma to make fun of him for his lack of game, but he stayed quiet.

Kageyama turned his head to see Kenma looking at him, his lips pursed and light pink against the rim of his glass, which was almost empty. His eyes were burning golden brown, and Kageyama had never noticed that when they’d played matches against each other before. His hair was almost totally natural for the first time since Kageyama had known him, too. He had it pulled back in a ponytail, only the last inch and a half or so was bleached the remnants of high school, of the last time they’d seen each other.

“Oh. “ Kenma said. “Hi.”

Kageyama tensed. He wasn’t sure what came next. He had been to 2 other parties in his college career, but they’d both ended in awkward exits without anyone noticing or missing him.

They stared each other down for a moment before Kenma settled into a newer, more upright position. He lowered his phone into his lap for a minute and darted his eyes around the room. “You want to pretend we’re talking for a bit?”

Kageyama frowned. “We are talking.

Kenma’s eyes shifted, taking that information in. “Okay, true. Want to pretend like it matters? I’m trying to survive this, and my battery is getting low.” He tapped his fingernail on his phone’s screen.

Kageyama would have balked at the implication that he was being used in any other circumstance, but here, he wanted desperately to be seen having a good time, and if making small talk with a kid from an ex-rival team did the trick, then so be it.

He nodded.


Kenma cleared his throat and curled his body toward Kageyama, while still keeping a respectable distance. “Good. So. As long as we’re pretending to care about this together, you could at least grab me another drink, right?”

He waited for the wrinkle in Kageyama’s forehead to unfold, and when it did, he added “get one for yourself, too. Holding two drinks makes it look like you’ve got a friend here.”

The space between his eyebrows pulled tighter. “I do have a friend here.”

Kenma didn’t bother wasting a smile on him. “I know. And he’s thirsty.” He nudged him with his foot, and turned back to his game, “I’ve got to save this before the battery dies. I’ll keep your seat.”

When Kageyama stood up, straight and tall, Kenma stretched his legs out on the couch behind him, curling his toes against the fabric.

Kageyama showed back up with two cans of beer, hoping that would be adequate. Kenma didn’t seem especially pleased, but he did take the can from him and drink for a solid 10 seconds before pulling back, shuddering briefly, and then burping. It was kind of cute, but Kageyama didn’t think Kenma would take kindly to that being pointed out to him, so he didn’t say anything.

He opened his own can and sipped it steadily, looking out into the writhing mass of dancing bodies and flashing lights.

“Why’d you bother coming, if you weren’t going to dance?” Kenma asked.

Kageyama frowned “It’s not all about that.”


Kageyama tried to keep his gaze onto the floor, to not betray his inclinations with eye contact. He knew, from years of experience, that people can read that sort of thing, and he knows Kenma is probably better than most at that. Still, he’d blushed, and there's no amount of staring at the floor that can hide that.

"There's someone here you want to see." Kemna said it like it was a fact, which it was.

Kageyama considered his options. He could be cagey, hide his intentions, but then the conversational thread might peter out, and he didn't want to end up having to find someone else to talk to. That'd be worse than coming clean. So he nodded.

"Thought so."

Kenma didn't seem smug about it. just like he was confirming something, which Kageyama appreciated. They were quiet for a moment, while Kageyama picked at a hangnail and Kenma looked calmly out into the crowd.

"It's Sugawara, isn't it?"

Kageyama frowned. He knew Kenma was observant, but that was too quick. The blush threatened to take over his whole damn face. Still, there was no point denying it. "How did you know?" he demanded.

Kenma shrugged. "You run a long game. I figured it wouldn't be anyone new. And of our high school friends here, he's probably the one you'd be into. He's a setter, like us, but more smooth. And he is very pretty."

Kageyama frowned harder at that, and Kenma's mouth quirked up at the corner.

"Don't worry, I won't steal him from you."


Part of Kageyama wanted him to ask another question, to push it further. All the words Kageyama had never spoken aloud were pushing at the backs of his teeth. But another part of him wanted Kenma to draw it out of him with his cunning, quiet, pretty voice. Everything was weird. He drained his beer.

“It's your turn to get some, this time.” Kageyama said, an edge of challenge to his voice, just in case. Kenma sighed, but he stood up, and inched along the wall toward the kitchen, strategically avoiding the steady pulse of sound and grinding from the middle of the living room.

When he returned, it was with a whole bottle of sake. “If we’re going to do this, we might as well do it efficiently, right?” he said, flopping back down onto the couch, his thigh up against Kageyama’s. “I’m not going back in there, anyway.”

They passed the bottle between them for a while, the pulse of the bass thumping in their veins, running thin and woozy with the swish of alcohol. Kageyama shifted, letting his knee settle on top of Kenma’s. It was thrillingly comfortable, as if that was a thing that made sense.

"Do you want to go talk to him?" Kenma said, after a while.

Kageyama's face was a painting of horror, and Kenma laughed, a small, wrinkled-nose smile and tiny huff of air.

“I couldn’t do that.”

“He’d probably be glad to see you.” Kenma leaned further toward him. "Do you want to be with him?"

Kagayema turned to face him, trying to keep his expression calm "You never talked this much before."

"That was high school,” Kenma shrugged. “And talking to you means not having to find someone else to talk to."

Kagayema pulled back, gathering his legs up against himself in offense. "That's rude." He’d thought the same thing, but he’d not said it aloud, He knew that much party etiquette, at least.

Kenma shrugged. "And true."

Kageyama was tired of this interrogation. "Why are you here, then? Who are you here for?"

Kenma's face was calm and even. "I came with Kuroo."

Kageyama looked out onto the dance floor, trying to pick him out of the crowd. The sea of bodies was a lot to parse, though, and his eyes shook with the stimulation. The soft vibration of Kenma's laugh next to him shook his side. "Don't bother looking for him. He's fine. He'll find me when it is time to leave."

He seemed content with that, which felt strange. "And you're okay with that?"

Kenma shrugged. "He can do whatever he wants. He just likes having me here, and I don’t mind, as long as have a game to play to kill time til then."

"Except when your battery dies."

"Lucky for me you decided to show up, then." Kenma turned when he said it, facing Kageyama, tucking his feet back under him. It was frustratingly warm and familiar and forward in a way Kageyama felt like he should be more frustrated with. Kenma took a swig and passed him the bottle.

Drinking deep, he took a minute to think. He wasn't sure how to respond, since it wasn’t a direct question, so he settled for a grunt.

They leaned against separate sides of the couch for a minute. Kageyama saw Suga, finally, and frowned. He was on the edge of the dancing, laughing at something some boy said, throwing his head back and grabbing the other boy's forearm with his pretty hands. Kageyama frowned deeper.

"I think you could get him." Kenma's whisper barely carried to Kageyama over the sound in the room.

Kageyama's lip curled up over his teeth, a sound of disdain and embarrassment hissed from him.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” Kenma asked, his voice quiet.

That seemed like a good idea, but he took another swig of the bottle to be sure. He stood up, wobbling only a little on his way up. Kenma followed suit, tugging once on Kageyama’s sleeve. “Follow me.”

Re: Kageyama/Kenma (alcohol mention)

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OP Re: Kageyama/Kenma (alcohol mention)

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Bokuto/Kuroo, loving foreplay

(Anonymous) 2015-11-18 11:21 pm (UTC)(link)
these two doting on each other so hard they get too distracted with kissing and other foreplay to actually have sex

FILL: Next Time (Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou)

(Anonymous) 2016-01-02 05:22 am (UTC)(link)
SWAG2016 participant #11

Kuroo likes having sex with Bokuto, because it's fine. He likes pressing Bokuto against the bed, and kissing him hard. He loves the way that Bokuto's mouth tastes, loves the slide of Bokuto's tongue against his, the way their arms wind around each other and they kiss until they have to pull away for breath.

"So fucking hard," Kuroo murmurs, grinding against Bokuto. "I'm gonna fuck you so good. Gonna have you begging for it."

"Yeah?" Bokuto grins, wrapping his legs around Kuroo to grind against him even harder. They kiss again, nipping at each other's lips, and Kuroo takes hold of one of Bokuto's thighs, pulling him even closer as their hips rock against each other.

Kuroo kisses his way down to Bokuto's neck, biting it gently. Bokuto moans loudly, tipping his head back and Kuroo bites him again, hard enough to leave a mark, then licks over it, closing his lips around it to suck. He pulls away, admiring the hickey, then starts working on leaving another one beside it.

He's always careful to leave hickeys low enough to be covered by Bokuto's shirt collars, but Bokuto is a show off, always picks the shirts with the widest collars to make sure people can see every time. He even bought a v-neck for this very reason when Kuroo left bite marks all over his chest once. Kuroo's so fucking fond of his boyfriend that he wants to climb onto a rooftop and shout about it sometimes, wants to make sure the whole world knows. He settles for making sure that Bokuto knows, and sometimes just that feels like it's good enough.

"Tetsu," Bokuto breathes out sharply, rocking his hips against Kuroo a little harder.

"Yeah," Kuroo murmurs, crawling further down the bed. He rubs his tongue over one of Bokuto's nipples on the way past and the sharp gasp he gets in reply makes him want to wrap his lips around it and suck hard, so he does, until Bokuto's fingers are running through his hair, tugging gently on it. Kuroo alternates nipples, using his fingers to help, and Bokuto is arching off the bed and into the contact, panting, whining at the back of his throat. Kuroo licks his way down Bokuto's body, tracing his tongue over Bokuto's firm, defined abs. He wraps his hand around Bokuto's cock, hard and leaking against his belly, and strokes it slowly. He listens to Bokuto's shaky breaths above him, feels the way his precome drips all over Kuroo's fingers.

"You sound so good like this," Kuroo murmurs, sitting up, pressing their cocks against each other. "You're gonna sound even better when I'm fucking you."

"Yeah I am," Bokuto replies, stroking them both. "Gonna moan for you so nicely."

They rock their hips, fingers wrapping around their cocks, and Kuroo moans loudly, picking up his pace. Bokuto matches him, and they kiss messily, panting against each other's mouths until they're both coming against each other's stomachs, still kissing lazily as they come down from their high.

It's not until they're snuggling afterwards that Bokuto says, "Wait. I thought you were going to fuck me."

"Oh." Kuroo blinks, then kisses Bokuto's shoulder. "Next time."

"Yeah," Bokuto agrees, resting their heads against each other. "Next time."

Kageyama/Kageyama, selfcest

(Anonymous) 2015-11-19 05:28 am (UTC)(link)
Through magic, science, or time shenanigans, Kageyama meets another version (or multiple versions) of himself. Could be older, younger or same-age. I'm imagining some deep and potentially unsettling introspection in the form of conversation with himself taking place, but anything for this would be awesome. Going the nsfw route is a-ok (but only with a same-age or older version of himself, no nsfw with middle school Kageyama).

no tags, slight selfcesty thoughts

(Anonymous) 2016-01-09 05:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Anon # 7

The first time you see him, you are very small. Small enough to not recognize him. You're seven and he is twenty two, but everyone who is older than twelve seems to morph into a general grownup mass, something you're not particularly interested in.

You've just crashed your bike and you're sitting next to it on the ground, poking at the new scrape on your knee, and then you hear him. You aren't scared, because being scared is not something you do. You're angry, though, because your leg hurts and you are pretty sure that you had been alone in the yard until a minute ago, and so the fact that he's here now doesn't make sense. You don't like things that don't make sense.

You've been taught to not speak to strangers, which was a rule you've never had a problem following, before, because why would you want to? This man, though, looks familiar to you. You don't know it's future-you, of course. But there's something about him that grabs your attention, which is not something that normally happens.

He's wearing a bright red jersey with a 9 on it. His eyes are big and maybe a little sad, you think. You aren't very good at telling that sort of thing. He squats down next to you and places the ball he’d been holding onto the ground next to him.

"Are you okay?" he asks, and his voice is soft and deep.

You nod and stand up, stomping your hurt leg on the ground to prove it to him. "I'm fine."

"Not your bike, though," he says, pointing. and you look to your left, where the bent front wheel is still spinning a bit. Frustration hits you, then, because you hadn't noticed, and your face pinches up. You don't want to cry in front of him.

"Hey, look," he says, picking up the ball he’d put down before, and the angry pricks of tears behind your eyes fade, because you're curious. "Have you ever played volleyball?"

You shake your head.

He spins the ball in his hand, then he throws it up in the air, directly above himself, and when it starts falling back down, he jumps up to meet it, smacking it, wham, right into the side of the apartment building. It's the coolest thing you've ever seen. He turns back to you, and his face is serious when he says "Do you want to learn?"

"Yes." It wasn't something you've thought of, before, but you want it now, so badly.

"Step over here," he says, pointing to a spot a little closer to the wall. "Hold your right hand up, here."

You put your hand up, above your head, and he nods, continuing. "I'm going to toss for you, which means I'm going to throw you the ball, and when it gets to you, to right here where your hand is, I want you to hit it at the wall."

"Do I get to jump?"

"Next. Hit it standing, first. Then you can jump."

You frown. You want to jump so high and make the ball hit the wall so loud. "I want to jump like you did."

He sighs, and stares at you for a little bit. You stare back.

"Fine, jump."

You nod, happy, and he walks a few paces away.

The ball comes to you in a beautiful arc, and you're almost too enthralled by it to remember to act. You jump, and you miss it.

The second time, your fingers brush the ball, and the third time, you hit it, and hits the wall with the most satisfying thump you've ever heard. Your palm stings, your heart is racing.

“Do you think you can do the same for me? Get it to the perfect spot so I can hit it?”

You’re sure of it, and you tell him so.

The two of you take turns, again and again, until your hands hurt and you know you have to go home, but you've never wanted to skip dinner more in your whole life.

He eventually stops and walks over to you. You ask "What's your name?" because that is polite to do.

He doesn't answer for a minute, but then, "Tobio," he says, and your eyes grow wide.

You point at yourself, straight at your chest, "That's my name."

He nods. "I know." You're not sure what that means, but you like your name more, now, because of it.

"Nice to meet you, Tobio," he says, and he doesn't try to squeeze you into a hug or pinch your cheeks, like other grownups. He sticks his hand out to shake yours, and you take it. His smile, you think, is nice.

"Keep practicing Tobio," he says, and hands you the volleyball. You stare down at it, big in your hands. When you look up, he's gone.

You don't see him again until you're eight and he says he is nineteen. He explains it to you then. “You can’t control it,” he says, “but you’ll feel a pull in your guts, and that means it is about to happen. Things will move around in your eyes, and after a minute, you’ll be sometime else. ”

You are worried about that. “Can’t you just come to me every time?”

“I will, but also you will be me, another time, coming here to visit you.”

That doesn’t make sense, and you want to be done talking about it. As soon as you saw him, your muscles have been screaming at you to play more volleyball, to show him how much better you’ve gotten, practicing all by yourself. But he’s still talking. “You don’t need to be afraid, because you’ll always have a friend when you get there, the other you.”

You nod, because you can’t think of a reason you’d lie to yourself, and no other version of an explanation makes sense. “Okay,” you say. “I believe you. Can I toss to you, now?”

He stands up immediately, and it makes you happy. “Where’s the ball I gave you?”

You bolt off to go get it, and you don’t know if you’ve ever run faster.
The first time you feel the pull, the heavy weight in your belly that he told you about, you’re nine, and you’re so scared. What if you fall when you get there? What if it hurts? You try to grab your volleyball to bring it with you, but you don’t reach it in time.

You land on a floor, but there’s a rug, something soft, and it only hurts a bit. You open your eyes slowly, and when you do, he’s there. He’s sitting at a table, drinking something warm out of a mug. He’s wearing pajamas, and at thirty three, he’s the oldest you’ve seen him.

“Tobio!” he says, and his eyes go big. He stands up immediately and runs over to you. “This is the first, right?” He asks.

Standing up, you nod. You still feel a bit shaky. Looking around, you wonder if this is where he lives when he is grown up. It feels so weird here, but there are volleyball trophies, big ones, in a case, and you are about to go over to them when you hear another voice, and you freeze. There’s never been anyone else around, before, but another man walks around the corner of a hallway.

“Tobio,” the stranger says, and your heart is beating so fast. He’s wearing his pajamas, too, and he has soft, silver hair. “I was thinking, do you want to--” He sees you and he stops short, pulling a hand up to his mouth. “--Oh.” He says it so softly, so warm, and you are already less afraid, but only a little. He looks over at the other you, who nods at him.

“Hello,” he says to you, and his smile is kind. You wave, and he takes a half-step toward you. “I should…. I’ll leave you two to it. It’s nice to meet you, finally, Tobio.” And he’s gone, back down the hallway.

“You told people about me?” you ask. It had never occurred to you to share this thing you could do with anyone.

“Just him.” he says, and you almost ask who he is, but then he says “Do you want to play?” and all your curiosity is gone, because you remember, and it fills your body up with sadness. You don’t want to cry in front of him.

“I didn’t bring the volleyball you gave me.”

He laughs and says “Don’t worry. I have plenty.”

You’ve accepted this bizarre power as a thing that happens to you, but it doesn’t hit you as a visceral truth until you are thirteen, and he is fifteen.

You are sitting on your futon with your legs are tucked up under your chin and your arms are wrapped around your knees. You're busy thinking about how you hate everything and trying not to cry, so you don't even know he's there until he sits next to you, shifting your weight. This time his face is made up of softer versions of the same lines as in your memories of him, of you, when he was older. It's confusing.

He’s been close to your age, before. You were both nine once, and another time he was eleven and you were ten, but he was only a week ahead of you, your birthday in between you, and when you told him that barely counted, he told you no one got you any presents. You spent all week worrying about it, and you were so angry when it wasn’t true that you took it out on your younger self, the same way it had been taken out on you.

But this time is the first time you’ve been old enough to appreciate how you he is, and it hits you, hard, when you look up at him through your tears. He’s still taller, and stronger looking, and you feel your brain stretching uncomfortably to accommodate the information.

You figure you should explain your crying. Normally, whichever one of you is the traveler needs a minute to get his bearings, to figure out when and where he is, but you hope that he remembers this time from when he experienced it as you, because you aren't sure you have it in you to explain.

"Oh." He says. "This is about the 'King of the Court' thing." He says, his voice flippant and casual, like it isn't the worst moment of your whole life.

"It's not a thing." it boils in your guts. Your team hates you, Oikawa laughs at you behind your back and to your face, and all the things you worked on are unappreciated piles of dust in your hands. You thought he’d understand.

He shrugs next to you "You'll get past it."

That isn't reassuring or comforting. "Why are you here, now?" You spit out. "You're not helping."

"It's not like I wanted to be here. It just happens." He says, frowning, like you don't already know that. You're so tired.

You flop onto your side on the futon, your feet ending up in his lap. You restrain yourself from kicking him too hard.

"It's not so bad, later" he says. "You're going to go up against him, when you’re my age. You’ll like Karasuno more. I think we might win, this time. And there are more important things, anyway."

But you don't want to hear about that. Nothing is more important than it feels now. You kick him off the bed. He goes with it, tucking into himself and rolling off the futon like he expects it, which is even more infuriating. You hate him. You kick and pull the covers up over your head.

"Stop being so stupid he says, and his voice is deeper than yours, and his eyes are prettier, and you don't get why he's here, and why this isn't something that happens to anyone else.

"GET THE FUCK OUT," you say, and that's the first time you've ever said that word out loud. His eyebrows raise, and that just makes you angrier. "Leave me ALONE."

He looks up at you from the floor, just as angry. "I CAN'T." he screams back. "You know we can't control it.

The mention of we, like you're both dealing with the same weird convergence of self, together, just makes it worse. You pull your blanket over your head and wait until the noises of him breathing angrily go away. When they do, you lift the corner of the sheet, and he's gone. It feels like it should be a victory, but you start crying again, anyway. You pull the sheet up close to your neck and wait, half-hoping that your only friend will come back and tell you again that it'll be okay, but he doesn't. You teach yourself how to cry yourself to sleep, all on your own.


When you see him next, It’s been so long. You’d begun to think you’d made it all up, or that he was angry at you for yelling at him, and found a way to stop coming back. Waiting had hurt more than you had expected.

The two of you are alone on the outdoor practice court. You're older than you were last time, of course. But so is he. You feel the tight stretch in the broadness of your chest that you'd seen in his, before. You're in high school, now, with teammates who seem to trust you, a few you might call friends, and one, a few years older, that you wish you could call something more.

He looks like he's in university. Always one god damned step ahead.

You had wanted him to come back so badly, so you can show him what you've learned. You've forgiven him for before, and hoped he's done the same, but he doesn't mention it. He's wearing a long coat with a high collar, and you figure it must be winter, whenever he's coming from. It's summer, here, though.

"Hey." you say, and he nods in kind. Your heart is beating fast, and you're not sure where to start. "Do you want to toss to me?" you try, because you know that, at least, will be common ground.

He pulls nervously at his coat buttons, and you have a moment where you think he might have grown out of volleyball and is afraid to show it to you. "Unless you don't want to?" It's a lead weight in your throat.

His gaze sharpens against you "No, I do." He takes his coat off, but his eyebrows are tight together and he is frowning and you think it means he’s nervous, but you’re still so bad at reading that sort of thing, even on yourself.

You take turns tossing to each other; a silent, solemn apology. You're used to trying to take note of your teammates by now, so looking at him closely is more natural. After a few traded sets, you notice the dark marks on his neck, and you can't bring yourself to focus on anything else. You drop the ball and walk over to him and press a finger against the purple mark just below his jaw. Your feet scuff on the pavement, and you feel small.

"What's this?" you ask, though you know what a hickey is. You're tired of him always being one step ahead, or a hundred.

He swallows, and your fingers feel the bob of his adam's apple. He doesn't answer, just stares back at you. You want to know who has done this to him, to you, and you think of a few possibilities. Your own neck tingles, and your eyelids flutter closed. You press your thumb into the bruise, because you know you'd like that, and you're rewarded with a strangled sound and a sharp intake of breath.

You think about soft, silver hair and sharp, smart smiles. You think about Suga pushing you against the gym wall and biting you from where he can reach. Then you picture it happening to the other you, and being him, or him being you, and it all gets confusing. Your knees shake, and he takes a step back. He must remember what you were thinking from when it was his brain doing it, and you're not sure if you want him to be disgusted or to confirm it.

He looks at your neck, and rubs his defensively. You know it is his thing to keep to himself, and it’ll be yours later, but you want it now, you want it, you want.


part 2 in next comment

Re: no tags, slight selfcesty thoughts

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Re: no tags, slight selfcesty thoughts

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Kuroo/Oikawa, cum fetish

(Anonymous) 2015-11-19 06:58 am (UTC)(link)
Kuroo has a kink for seeing his cum streaked all over Oikawa, anywhere on his body. On his stomach, back, ass, chest, and his favorite, facials. Kuroo just fucking loves marking him while Oikawa dirty talks him into doing it, begging for it like a slut.

kiyoyachi, but, in space

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
hello I know you're out there please write a story about kiyoko and yachi in space

Kiyoko/Yui, kiyoko is the girls' manager au

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 05:43 am (UTC)(link)
kiyoko is coach of the girls' volleyball team and kiyoyui are crushing on each other something fierce

whatever you want to do with those mutual crushes i'm happy with but i'd love it if they share their frustrations about how the team might be knocked out in the first round again
kiyala: TEAM ZONE GREATER ZONE (Aomine Zone)

FILL: The Future (Michimiya Yui/Shimizu Kiyoko)

[personal profile] kiyala 2016-01-01 06:03 am (UTC)(link)
Yui is strong on the court, strong in front of the team, but in times like these, when it's just her and Kiyoko, she lets her vulnerabilities show. It's small things, like the sag of her shoulders, the way her eyes are downcast, and Kiyoko fiercely thinks to herself that she would do anything she could to make Yui better, to make it so that she has every right to be just as confident, off-court and in private.

But, well, Kiyoko supposes that's the whole problem.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but Kiyoko can't help but feel disappointed with herself, with the entire team, even though she would never blame them for it and never hold it against them. The Interhigh is looming and all Kiyoko can think is that they should have practiced more.

It's written on Yui's face too, in the way her eyes move back and forth, like she's tracking her thoughts, the silence between them growing, even though it's as comfortable as ever.

"I think," Yui finally speaks up, "that there's not really any point in worrying about things we can't change, I guess. We made our priorities at the time, we did what we thought was right. It's pretty good that we've come this far."

Kiyoko hums in agreement. They're in the locker room alone and Kiyoko is sitting on one of the benches while Yui leans against the wall. Yui crosses the room, sitting down beside Kiyoko, their sides touching from shoulder to hip. "It would just be a shame, if…"

Yui doesn't say it. Kiyoko doesn't say it either, but they both know what they're talking about. They don't really stand a chance to progress anywhere beyond the first round of the Interhigh and it's a bitterly frustrating truth to have to accept.

"But still," Yui continues softly, "you've done so many things for the team, you've helped us grow a lot, we wouldn't even have gotten this far without you."

"Or you," Kiyoko replies, because it's just as true. Yui is a good captain, the most determined of all of them. Even when the others would skip practice, she would be there, asking Kiyoko to toss for her just so she could practice more spikes.

She's beautiful on the court, Kiyoko thinks to herself. It's going to be a shame if tomorrow is the last time Kiyoko will be able to see her play.

The thought has her balling her hands into fists in her lap and Yui notices, looking over at her, first at her fists, then at her face.

"You'll keep playing, won't you?" Kiyoko asks, not making eye contact with Yui. "You love volleyball. You enjoy volleyball. I think you should keep playing, even after the Interhigh, after high school."

"Will you toss for me then, too?" Yui smiles at Kiyoko. "Will you come and watch me play? Cheer me on from the sidelines?"

"I will," Kiyoko breathes, and she means it, as much as she's ever meant anything in her life. "Always."

Yui smiles, leaning into Kiyoko's side a little. They might not be able to change the past, but there's always the future.


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terushima yuuji, those piercings come on

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 05:43 am (UTC)(link)
this rude boy has two piercings, can we please talk about this. go gen and tell me how and why he got them, get filthy and tell me exactly what he does with them. or who enjoys them. did someone else pierce his tongue for him. restriction, tongue, lots of drool and a bit of blood, pain play. it's all good.

go mild, go wild, thank you.

Re: terushima yuuji, those piercings come on

(Anonymous) 2016-04-14 09:27 pm (UTC)(link)
My gosh, seconding this like hell!!

every girl, magical girl au

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
you can never have enough magical girl aus for these darlings!

any kind of magical girl au would be lovely, from ccs to madoka to precure to wixoss

if you manage to work the fukurodani managers yukie and kaori in i'd love it so so much!

ushijima &/ daichi, captains being teen boys

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 05:56 am (UTC)(link)
would love to see them just, hang out. we always see them as much older than they are, but how would these two teen boys who love volleyball spend a rare found moment of downtime. what are the kinda childish things they still like. (if it's really hot and their ice cream is melting whose dignity goes first???)

bokuto/akaashi, promposal

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 07:01 am (UTC)(link)
okay but has somebody asked for an elaborate bokuto promposal to akaashi yet.

(I'm sorry akaashi)

oikawa/kagayema, olympics AU

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 07:09 am (UTC)(link)
will it be difficult, will it be filled with long days of stress and tears and frustration? yes, but what it eventually leads to the international stage, working against each other until they work together. tell me about this big, beautiful moment when they finally stand together as much better people for each other.

cw: aged up characters.

(Anonymous) 2016-01-10 11:34 am (UTC)(link)
i'm posting from my phone so i apologize for any weird formatting!

Oikawa is twenty-seven, and even after ten years, sometimes he thinks, I hate this guy.

But the thought loses the edge it would have had in high school, dulls as the distance between them closes with each successive practice. It's difficult to pin Tobio down as the threat that Oikawa had once seen him in high school because now, instead of being obstacles, they're standing in the same team, in the same side of the court, reaching for the same dream. That doesn't mean everything has been smooth-sailing since recruitment, though—four years of resentment are difficult to erase.

Tobio may not be the opponent anymore, but that doesn't mean Oikawa has to like him.

For one thing, Tobio is still a genius at twenty-five: prodigal plays, beautiful form, a lot of things that still fail to come easily to Oikawa. For another, Tobio looks at him with essentially the same eyes that chased him throughout middle school: longing and curious and timid. Everything remains irritating, and the thought of Tobio replacing him in national games is one that comes on occasion, but Oikawa blames it on over-exposure when he finds himself catching a feeling of fondness for Tobio. This is the physically closest they've ever been since middle school, day in and day out, so how can someone not get used to a person they spend so much time with?

But Tobio surprises him sometimes with the way he stops chasing, and it makes Oikawa also think, maybe it's not so bad, after all.

The uniform, fabric dark and heavy, practically burns into him, #1 reminding him of his place as captain. This is different from his high school days.

Oikawa is just stepping out of the locker room when he catches Tobio's gaze and the way his cheeks flush after. It makes Oikawa chuckle, how parts of Tobio's fifteen-year-old self stay the same, but he can tell what Tobio is thinking. He always could with the way that boy reads like an open book.

The same feeling lingers in Oikawa's stomach, too. This is one of the most important games of their lives.

Their eyes meet again, but Tobio immediately reverts his gaze. The way he twists his fingers into the edge of his jersey is more than enough for Oikawa to know. The gym just outside the door is wider and brighter than anything they've ever been in, and it reminds them both that this is no longer Japan. They've come a long way. Together.

"Come on, Tobio-chan," Oikawa says as he saunters up to a wide-eyed Tobio, clapping a hand onto his back. "You're going to help us win."

Re: cw: aged up characters.

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Re: cw: aged up characters.

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kageyama/kindaichi, one punch man AU / earnest kagebot

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 08:46 am (UTC)(link)
what it says on the tin!! kindaichi and saitama have the same voice actor, and so do kageyama and genos (THIS EARNEST CYBORG JUST WANTING TO BE GOOD AND DO GOOD!!) so please, please. write the thing. go as fun monster punching as you want, or just jump straight to all the weird logistics of robotfucking.

Ushijima / Oikawa, "like, ever"

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
"We are never ever ever getting back gonna play together"

Kyoutani / Yahaba, fistmas

(Anonymous) 2015-11-20 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
The holiday where you punch the ones you care about and say hi to dogs. How much punching, how many dogs??? Bring us this heartwarming holiday cheer.

(Or, you know, it can be the other kind of fistmas.)
kiyala: TEAM ZONE GREATER ZONE (Aomine Zone)

fistmas (Kyoutani/Yahaba, fisting)

[personal profile] kiyala 2015-12-27 12:36 pm (UTC)(link)

"This doesn't count as you landing a punch," Kyoutani mutters, and Yahaba nearly bursts out laughing.

"Don't," he warns. "I'm trying to be careful with you here. I don't actually want to hurt you."

Kyoutani licks his lips, resting his head back against his pillow and taking a deep breath. He's nervous, trying to play it off like it's no big deal. Yahaba lets him, stroking Kyoutani's thigh gently to help him relax.

He doesn't tell Kyoutani that he's doing well, because that's not going to mean anything just yet. Not when Yahaba has four fingers inside him and the tip of his thumb. Not until Kyoutani's taken his entire fist.

Instead, he says, "Take a deep breath for me."

Kyoutani does, and Yahaba watches his chest rise with it, then slowly fall again as he lets it out. Yahaba pushes his thumb forward until it's in to the last knuckle. Kyoutani's breath hitches, but he takes another deep breath before Yahaba can even remind him.

Yahaba reaches for the lube, pouring more of it onto his wrist, cold against his warm skin, letting it coat his hand. He pushes his hand forward, until Kyoutani is spread around his knuckles, exhaling shakily at the sight of it. Kyoutani whines softly, fingers curling into the sheets spread out beneath him.

"We're nearly there," Yahaba tells him, stroking his thigh again. "I'm going to pull my hand out, okay? I'm going to give you my fist."

Kyoutani nods, eager for it. Yahaba doesn't even attempt to hide his fond smile. He's slow and careful as he withdraws his hand, covering it with more lube before he presses his knuckles into Kyoutani. With another low whine, Kyoutani lets his legs fall to either side, giving Yahaba more space. Yahaba slides his fist in slowly, carefully, and they both exhale shakily once it's all the way inside. Kyoutani's muscles clench down around it, pulling it in to the wrist.

"You're so amazing," Yahaba murmurs breathlessly. "So good, Kentarou."

Kyoutani is hard, his cock leaking precome onto his stomach. Yahaba reaches for it with his free hand, stroking slowly. Kyoutani exhales shakily, looking like he wants to jerk into Yahaba's touch. Yahaba's glad he doesn't, stroking him firmly, pressing his knuckles into Kyoutani a little more.

"Fuck," Kyoutani says hoarsely, and he does jerk this time. His eyes are wide and he lifts his head, looking at Yahaba. He's trembling, his fingers curled into the bedsheets so tightly that his knuckles are going white. "Shigeru."

"Here?" Yahaba repeats the motion, pressing the knuckles of his index and middle fingers against the bud of nerves. Kyoutani moans loudly, his head falling back again. "Mm, that's a nice reaction. You're making the best face for me right now."

Kyoutani can't even reply, panting as he bears down on Yahaba's fist. He doesn't need to say a word; Yahaba can tell how much he likes it. Yahaba starts to stroke him again, and Kyoutani bites his lip. It's not enough to muffle his whimper and Yahaba can't get enough of these sounds, can't get enough of Kyoutani coming apart in his hands. He strokes faster, nudging his knuckles against Kyoutani's prostate again until he comes, shaking and incoherent.

His orgasm is drawn out, and Yahaba strokes him through it, murmuring encouragement until Kyoutani's done, until he sinks back into the mattress, his gaze unfocused, his lips wet and shining.

"What a good boy," Yahaba murmurs, slowly pulling his fist out. He leans forward, pressing a kiss to Kyoutani's forehead, then his lips. "I'm gonna get you some water, okay? I'll be right back."

Kyoutani mumbles indistinctly. Yahaba kisses him again, getting out of bed to get a bottle of water and a damp towel. Kyoutani's still boneless when he gets back, but he does as he's told, letting Yahaba prop him up against the headboard, sipping from the bottle. Yahaba wipes him clean, marvelling at the mess between his thighs.

"Thanks," Kyoutani mumbles, once Yahaba's done. He's not talking about the clean-up, Yahaba knows, but he's not going to put it into words either.

Yahaba simply smiles, stroking his fingers through Kyoutani's hair and kissing him. "You're welcome."
Edited 2015-12-27 15:04 (UTC)

Kageyama/oikawa, hinata/oikawa, slight non-con (?)

(Anonymous) 2015-11-23 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
I read something similar to a doujinshi, but kageyama keeps on meeting oikawa secretly after practice to fuck because if kageyama doesnt come, oikawa said he would put his hands of hinata. one day hinata gets suspisious and finds out the truth and tells oikawa that he will take kageyamas place. And kageyama finds hinata and oikawa fucking kyaa im such trash

UshiOi aliens

(Anonymous) 2015-11-24 04:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Anything where Oikawa believes that Ushijima is an actual alien. That's definitely the reason he's so fixated on him. He needs more evidence to prove his conspiracy theory.
kiyala: TEAM ZONE GREATER ZONE (Aomine Zone)

FILL: Belief (Oikawa Tooru/Ushijima Wakatoshi)

[personal profile] kiyala 2015-12-30 02:11 pm (UTC)(link)
"For the last time," Iwaizumi says, for what is definitely not the last time. "Ushiwaka is not an alien."

"Yes he is," Oikawa says, with the same steady belief he has in his team, in the rising and setting of the sun. "He is most definitely an alien, Iwa-chan, how else do you explain those starry eyes of his? He comes from outer space. No human could possibly be so…"

"So?" Iwaizumi prompts, raising an eyebrow.

"So… Ushiwaka." Oikawa scrunches his nose up. "It's disgusting. I can't look away."

"There's probably a really simple explanation for that, you know," Iwaizumi says slowly. "I mean. Really simple. And I'm here for you to talk about it if you want. Not that you have to. It's just. You've been fixating on Ushiwaka for a while and you keep talking about his face and his shoulders, and I think you need to—"

"Oh my god," Oikawa gasps. "I can't believe it took me this long to realise."

Iwaizumi waits, feeling a little smug. He's ready for this. He's prepared. He's even got a bookmarked page in his internet browser titled How To Be Supportive Of Your Gay Best Friend. Because when he typed, what the fuck do I do about my friend being into ushiwaka and when is he going to a) realise b) shut up, he didn't come up with any results.

"I have to get closer to him," Oikawa whispers and, okay, Iwaizumi supposes. That's one way of putting it. "If I somehow find a way to get into the tiny group of friends he maybe has, then I can observe him from closer. I can find proof."

"What," Iwaizumi says, because.


"You're right, Iwa-chan, it is really simple." Oikawa pats him on the shoulder. "I can't stop thinking about him because I don't know anything about the kind of alien he is. Maybe if I pretend to be good friends with him, he'll drop some hints without realising."

"Uh." Iwaizumi considers his options. Oikawa isn't going to listen to him, he doesn't even know why he assumed that might be the case. At least this way, he'll end up actually talking to Ushiwaka. He might even end up realising his feelings that way. Maybe. Hopefully.

"So," Oikawa says, giving Iwaizumi a conspiratorial grin. "I'm dating Ushiwaka."

Iwaizumi blinks at him. "What."

"I'm going to lull him into a false sense of security. I'm going to be the best boyfriend ever and he isn't going to suspect a thing. I'm going to uncover all his secrets. I'm going to stop the alien invasion before it can happen. I'm going to be a hero."

Iwaizumi opens his mouth, then shuts it again. He frowns. "Oikawa, it's been a week since you decided you were going to be friends with him."

"This was easier," Oikawa says dismissively. "He asked me to have coffee with him and he paid. This is going to be the easiest investigation ever."

"Uh huh," Iwaizumi says. "Good luck with that."

"You know what," Oikawa says, five years later, when he and Ushiwaka are sitting in a restaurant together. He turns to Ushiwaka. "I'm starting to think that maybe you're not an alien, but that's okay. I like you anyway."

Ushiwaka blinks, not looking the slightest bit phased by this. "Okay. I'm glad. I like you too."

Iwaizumi buries his face in his hands.

Re: FILL: Belief (Oikawa Tooru/Ushijima Wakatoshi)

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Re: FILL: Belief (Oikawa Tooru/Ushijima Wakatoshi)

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Kageyama/Sugawara, canon divergence AU

(Anonymous) 2015-11-24 05:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Kageyama's team loses the first-years match, so he forfeits the option of playing setter for the year. Instead he becomes the wing spiker to Suga's setter, and he and Suga get closer as they work together to come up with a strategy that makes use of Hinata's and the rest of the team's skills. Any moments along this alternate timeline would be awesome!

Yes I've prompted this before in namespace, too, lol.

oikage or kamafuta (any?), "gentle persuasion"

(Anonymous) 2015-11-24 05:40 pm (UTC)(link)

gestures at your ship, so which one is gently persuading and which one is being gently persuaded

oikage or kamafuta preferred, but if you have another ship that you want to work this with, go for it

"""gently""" """"persuaded""""" lmao

a pretty setter, lap dance

(Anonymous) 2015-11-25 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Pick a pretty setter of your choice. Then have them give someone a lap dance. Circumstances are up to you.

I'm fine with any pairing, really. I just want some nice mental images. If you want to add a little stripping I won't say no!